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The Darkest Dark - Death Plog


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Why hello there stranger.

Welcome, please, come sit with me a while, let me tell you about what will become an interesting (I hope) surmise of my modelling/painting/battling and other incoherent babbling to do with my (somewhat middle-aged) journey through Age of Sigmar.

But before I begin I think it's right you should know a little more about me?

My love affair with Warhammer started about 20 years ago when I first stepped into a Games Workshop at 11 years of age. Like many of you I'm sure; I was immediately hooked by the battles unfurling before me on teeny tiny battlefields in my local (and incredibly small) GW shop in The Lanes, Brighton.

I was drawn initially to Warhammer Fantasy (as it was known then) not because of the system or models but because I had up to that point been an avid reader of fantasy since as long as I could, and, I'm not ashamed to admit I liked swords and boards more than lasers and robots. Now? - I quite like both. 😁

My first purchase was actually a box of static posed wood elves, and I painted them as close to the box art as I possibly could. I couldn't do eyes however so I painted big black stripes horizontally across their face and said they were "wearing masks to conceal their identity". Ingenious, I thought. 🙈

After flip-flopping around buying bits and bobs of whatever I fancied I started to "get into it" and decided I needed to pick and army and stick with it. I knew I wanted something of Elvish decent, but with a twist. So, I went for Dark Elves. With my goal set I went about slowly saving money, doing chores and working towards a playable and painted army.

I had a somewhat chequered set of results with my Dark Elves, I mostly lost ( but that could be because I took as many assassins as humanly possible and stuffed them, hidden into blocks of spear men) but I had fun, I always relished revealing them to my enemy upon receiving a charge from their cavalry. Die scum! If there's one thing I learnt is that its worth sometimes just having fun. That, and well... don't put all your points in characters.

I then quit as I progressed into my teenage years and got more engrossed in video games. I always still kept a inquisitive eye on the place though.

Fast forward 15 years and here I am - 31, a father of one, soon to be two children... foolish Took. Now living at the other end of the country and with a plethora of adult-type stuff going on (read: adulting is boring) and I'm coming back, I want to get involved and play some more games. I still love games.

So thats my first post - I think that will do for now, I'm looking forward to hanging out here and meeting the people. 👋

All the best.


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