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Welcome to project Skittles, a GG painting saga!


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Hello and Welcome to Project Skittles*!

After GW painfull removal of High Elves (😡), i decided to actually get an army painted before cancelation. Failed with Tomb Kings and HighElves , so eighter third time is the charm or Gloomspite is beeing discontinued (sorry everyone).

So, no more beeing nice, uniform or filling models with details! Oh noooo, no more Mr nice guy!

So here are the rules about project Skittles:

1 - Lots and lots of colors! Distract the enemy with preties while you stabba der backz! Everyone and every thing in the army will be filled with random colors!

2 - if da bad moon cant see it, so cant i. This is a tabletop project, i dont expect to win any contests, just have fun and field a painted army. No more no less. So no painting on those hard to see nasty spots. 

3 - Gotta go fast! No fancy stuff! Black primer will hide the uglies! A wash and/or a drybrush is enough! If you see painting flaws you are too close!  SHOO, STAY BACK!

My initial intention was to go full Squig but the post office went on a Strike and none of then boinged to my home yet, but i found a box of Grotts i bought a decade ago! Perfect subjec...err i mean pioneers!



* this log is in no way shape or form connected to Skittles(tm). If you represent Skittles and wanna sponsor me, send me a message (or skittles, your pick really)

Ps: this is meant to be a place for me to share what i am up to, and have some fun. It can also serve as an inspiration of what to NOT do with your models. Or if you paint as bad as i do it might encourage you to show your little guys!



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This one have a interesting story, the leader models was painted by me about 15+ years ago. Removed him from his square base, placed on a step closer to da Bad Moon and used blood for the blood god on his weapon, after all he is da bozz.

Should be receiving other miniatures soon( possibly this week!) Will try and get the other guys from this unit ready to go!

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