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  1. If they gain the CoS keyword, they should be able to be, yeah. There are a few good candidates, but considering you can't ward the wounds away now, there's not much advantage to bringing really beefy units as your bodyguards, you'd rather have like 20 mooks instead
  2. I mean, yes? If you painted your dudes as a specific faction, there is a reasonable expectation that those dudes are from that faction, especially if you're got a whole force painted that way. If you're not intending to (for a variety of reasons, like you bought some of them second-hand and they came that way and you've not repainted them yet, or even that you're borrowing them from a friend to try a list, or whatever), then that's something we can talk about before the game. In most every case, this won't honestly be a problem for either party - unless you're at a tournament, where there are indeed rules about the presentation of your army. The proxy thing is a bit of a question, because while there's a big difference between "these orc models are actually idoneth deepkin, their bases are the same size" and "I've got old metal waywatchers that I use as Shadow Warriors". At the same point, if I were going to a major regional tournament, I'd ask the organizers about their rulings for the venue they are running, and if they said 'nah, you have to bring actual Shadow Warriors models', then I'd not argue the point, because it's their venue. With that said, outside tournament play, it's largely a non-issue, especially if you're just playing with friends, or at a FLGS. If GW stores start being real sticklers about it people will just stop playing there (though from what I've seen most GW stores don't have space to play anyway!). tl;dr - as long as you discuss things with people and you agree, those suggestions don't matter. If we take the FAQ as GW's official stance on the issue, then you probably shouldn't proxy one model for another or paint your dudes as one faction and play them as another faction in their stores or at their events.
  3. I know it's in vogue to be extremely upset about the supposed intentions and inneptitudes of GW as if they are a single person who is being a big meanie, but it seems like you're choosing an interperetation of the FAQ in the way that makes you saltiest, which is not the healthiest tack, or the most accurate reading of what's written.
  4. @Alpidur What sort of battalions and artefacts are you bringing? You should work that out as well, it will help you determine what's best to bring and help define your strategic possiblities. Also, it's been my experience that Drycha is almost always worth taking, she's very strong and versatile.
  5. I don't honestly believe that the painting-as-proxy rule is a 'paint and model your collection exactly this way, with no modifications, or don't play the game' rule, it's more an 'if you paint your models to be this faction, don't call it another faction' situation. Like, if you do paint your army a specific sub-faction color scheme, then you should play them that way. That's how it works in 40k as far as I know - you can't paint Ultramarines with decals and all that and then call them another faction. The solution is what it's always been - never paint your army in an official color scheme for a specific faction if you don't want to run them in that faction all the time. Similarly, there's a difference between customizing your models with bits and greenstuff and fielding 3rd-party or entirely 3d-printed models, or fielding one model and saying it's a completely different model. Also, if it really becomes a problem where a given GW store won't let people play with their collections at their stores? Stop going to that store, organize with your friends, and play elsewhere, maybe at home or at another location.
  6. @Zeblasky The list does a good job of making use of lots of hero/monsters and the city command ability, but you're basically roasted if any melee gets to you, since you're relying utterly on ranged dps and, i'd assume, ambushing from the table edges. You're also going to have to kill off anything on objectives rather than contesting them with bodies, but you're in a good position to do that. I do think bringing some dryads in instead of the treelord might be prudent, just so you have units to contest objectives, chaff, speedbump, or even hold your own side of the field while the rest of your army rushes their side. I'd say if you have the models on hand to run such a list, you might as well try it out and see how it goes!
  7. The funniest thing is that 3E really pushes many armies into a 'minimal core, min/max the most potent units' strategy, though with coherency and unit sizes it will mean lots of smaller units, which don't hit as hard, fighting other smaller units, which don't hit so hard, all over the table, which in turn will make the activation wars, positioning, and cunning use of phase-dependant command points really key. If there's any faction that is positioned to do well in terms of mobility, positioning, and messing with activation timing, it's sylvaneth. Kurnoth are very good elite units, but they didn't stack up to huge blocks of other elites - but now those huge blocks aren't going to be present. Our monsters are mostly heroes too, which means we get the best of both the hero rules and the monster rules to play with - and they all enforce strikes-last on a 4+ except Drycha, who is too busy killing hero models with a swarm of bees to care, and Alarielle, who will be regrowing like crabgrass along with the rest of the army and doing all manner of other absolutely outrageous things every hero phase (if, you know, anyone can fit her into a list without it being her and some dryads). Oh! And we can actually bring our endless spells now that battalions cost nothing, so I can actually use my snekky boy and skelly tree! Lots of folks are fretting big time but i'm excited as all get out to play this edition.
  8. As I asked earlier in the thread, it seems that groups of Kurnoth broadcast the TLA's command ability (amongst others), which means if you've got groups of 3s around the board, that you could concievably give most, if not your whole army re-roll 1s on saves, for a single command point. Does any other faction have that capacity? Seems pretty strong to me. That might be part of the reason there's a premium on them now, along with the fact that they can reroll saves naturally, swords have MW generation, and ranged attacks are more expensive overall. Scythe Kurnoth being cheaper is a bit of a mystery, but it's probably because rend isn't as valued as MW generation, nor is random damage, and also because GW knows that people run them in groups of 6 thanks to their reach.
  9. It occurs to me that with most units being base sized, 10 sentinels will actually chew up most base-sized things in the game - and 20 of them certainly will. I think a lot of people are underestimating the difference smaller unit sizes and coherency rules are going to make - sentinels with 3" reach guaranteeing they all get to attack, even in a block of 20, and most things won't be able to guarantee that kind of frontage or attacks back. The rest of our elite infantry also benefit from new coherency rules since it means they won't be facing large blocks of dudes on huge bases all getting into combat together unless they're a block of 3 or they have reach. I am enjoying how much of a boogyman sentinels are for everyone, though - seems like many people are upset they didn't go up to 200 for 10! I think with a smaller board it wouldn't be prudent to rely on them as heavily, though they will still be very strong for picking off heroes and the like. I'm not seeing the same doom and gloom as you guys are, everyone has to rewrite their lists and relearn the rules and the new tricks and tactics made possible by them.
  10. Since we're discussing command abilities and the like with kurnoth - would a unit of kurnoth 'broadcast' the TLA's command ability to everyone around them, in addition to the TLA themselves? the 'Envoys of the Everqueen' ability seems to work that way.
  11. They probably will for casual gaming or smaller local tournaments at clubs, to ensure that people can get their games in. Just because your experience says everyone will play 2k only doesn't mean it's a universal fact.
  12. Could be, but Alarielle is 740 points in the Kragnos campaign book and I don't see her going up in points from that (since that price is up 140 points from her previous price). There's a chance you could field Teclis in a 1500 point game still - but if they put him up to 760 he'd be the same price as Kragnos himself.
  13. Dude, you should never trust randos on 4chan /tg, unless there's pics it didn't happen.
  14. It should be possible to field Wild Riders in such a way that their spears will be in range but they can maintain coherency, it might be something like staggering their position to make triangles between the first and second rank so they can all get in on the charge (after that, they just die, so that initial combat is what matters imo). If not, fielding them in two groups of 5 is actually fine, since they'd be able to help fill in battalion slots and get you more goodies to play with, and still be effective!
  15. My CoS Living City force looks like it's getting some leg-ups with the decreased unit sizes overall, the additional command points to use, and the MSU style I tend to favor with the army. Also, the new edition being based largely in Ghur is great because that's where I've based my Wanderers anyway! I look forward to having my Rangers be great monster hunters. Also, the smaller board might actually help me out, since ambushing from the sides of a smaller board is overall stronger! So good stuff there, also. Also, I really like the new Core Battalions, it means I'll be able to reap maximum benefit from having so many drops by fielding multiple battalions with special abilities and other such! My Sylvaneth are gonna have a field day because I play Dreadwood monster mash and my list seems to be in line with how GW seems to want you to build lists - big monsters, smaller groups of elites and core units. It's gonna be fun, and since I was a smarty and built 6 Scythe Kurnoth, I don't even have to change that! Also, looking forward to using the new Wyldwood rules and improved Alarielle, who won't see play below 1500 (edit: at 740 she's just under the limit, so I might end up wrapping some lists around her!) but should be great fun to play with! I haven't even build my Lumineth yet but they seem like they'll be just fine for the new edition, given they were written with 3.0 in mind. I'm looking forward to building lists and building them up (though I need to buy thesecond round of models anyway). In all, it's looking pretty good and I'm excited to play the new edition once my club opens up again!
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