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  1. I'm excited for the new Cities of Order tome. Free peoples, aelves who aren't snakes or fish, and dwarves who aren't in the air or on fire have long been featured in AoS's lore and stories, but mostly to be slaughtered and otherwise suffer horrible fates. It's about time the 'normal' inhabitants of the mortal realms got a battletome that will update them to be a proper fighting force so they aren't just a punchline or a way to show that some other model range is really good at killing folks. I've been modeling my Wanderers to be from Ghur anyway, so if I can add centaur elves and wild dudes into the mix, I'm all in.
  2. Whoever it ends up being, the voice sounds a lot like Jim Cummings doing his Razoul the Head Guard voice from Aladdin.
  3. let's also keep in mind that with the new scenery rules, there is a 0% chance you'd be able to throw down a full 6-part woods in matched play. there's no point in seeking advantage in this case - though the new models have a slightly smaller footprint, which in the new rules is actually better overall.
  4. Build 10 spite-revs and take those kurnoth and make them scythes, so you have the option of fielding them in a group of 6. For the Arch-Rev, I lean towards keeping the bug friend separate, so you can remove it from the model should you need to sacrifice it, though it's worth noting that there's a notch on the model to fit the bug into, so if you want to model it on a separate base or something you'd need to cover up that spot on the main model.
  5. I assembled my treelords in non-standard ways, mostly by mixing and matching the joint pieces to get the arms and legs into different positions. You've got a lot of leeway with how you do it, especially because you get so many options in the box that aren't used in the presented 3 assemblies. My treelord is raising his vine-shooting arm above his head, for instance, which was very easy to accomplish, while my TLA's claw-hand is alternately placed, and the SoD is pretty much standard. Your best bet would be to assemble the upper and lower legs and and arms, and then play with the joint pieces you use to find a pose you think is really cool. Also, don't blue your leg assembly until you try it on the base, or the hip joints and ankle joints will be all awkward and terrible. 😛
  6. Oh, I've used them to great effect before, and they are supremely good at their job, but if I'm not trying to build a solid wall, I usually leave them at home. They are good enough, and cheap enough, that I should try to bring them in more often, though, especially with how often I'm fielding SotT now...
  7. The critical downside of a horde-based army is that you get in your own way - your units are so large that they prevent your army from having any real mobility unless your models can Fly. You'll note that, for instance, Nagash and his Morghasts can fly, so he can happily carpet the field with skeletons. Since mobility is such a huge deal in AoS, with a horde-based army you can very easily shoot yourself in the foot, being utterly unable to move properly, and exposing yourself to getting pinned into combat from the sides or back in extremely unfavorable ways. Elite armies, or at least those with lower model counts, end up with a lot more movement freedom.
  8. I honestly carry my whole army in two lunchbox-sized soft cooler containers - the kind you can promotionally buy 6-packs of beer in during the summer (one of them is, in fact, Kirin). They are padded, just the right size for my treemen and kurnoth, and I can insulate them with bubblewrap to keep things safe. I created some internal scaffolding for the other box, and it holds all 40 of my dryads, 20 spite-revs, and 10 tree-revs, and Alarielle when I field her. I honestly just stuff her big beetle into my backpack at the moment, wrapped in bubblewrap, because nothing hurts The Tank. This is probably the cheapest ever way to carry models, but it's compact and convenient, and when you have to travel on the subway for 45 minutes in infernal heat to get to your FLGS, that matters a lot. The Wyldwoods are the new 'Citadel Wood' terrain piece it seems - so if you are just trying to put some woods on the board, that's what they count as - in the same way that lots of tables have Citadel Woods now that aren't Wyldwoods.
  9. So, in a game like this it's almost always better to just bring more dudes - you cover larger areas, which is really good for covering objectives, and while you present a large target, you present a very tough target with lots of wounds. Meanwhile, elite forces concentrate their power in small numbers of units, which allows you to concentrate all your attacks on them and kill them, or zone them out with a wall of bodies. It was the same way in WHF - having a unit of like 60 models with trash offensive and defensive power was better than everything else in most cases, because it was so resilient, never ran, and was impossible to kill through. Hordes are also not zoned out of movement the same way that larger models are - they can move through small spaces, which huge models might find themselves essentially zoned out by terrain. They've got a lot of things going for them! That said, there are spells and abilities that specifically hose them, and if they are common in your meta, you should avail yourself of them and, frankly, abuse them until people cut that garbage out.
  10. I think I might have just been reading them wrong forever because I am bad, really. 😛 Anyway, they are pretty good anyway, but I think moving forward I'll bring them in one big block of 20 and a block of at least 20 GG, since they both do different, good things. They are still fantastic, but I'll have to rely more heavily on getting favorable WWR charges to deal with mean things. GG are pretty trash in terms of damage output but they are mobile whilst losing nothing and since they don't do much after their initial volley offensively I have no problem using them to eat charges, block positions, and otherwise expend their lives heroicly for the good of the team. I would hate to do that with pretty much any other unit in the roster, outside of EG, who are purpose-built for chump-blocking, but have the offensive potential of pocket lint. Of the two, I'd much rather use GG.
  11. word, i was using the old warscroll from the GW website, I guess... anyway, good to know!
  12. So, did you know that Sisters of the Watch no longer have -1 rend? Because they no longer have -1 rend. It makes them a lot less good than they used to be (or at least changes what they prefer to shoot at), and makes Glade Guard with a one-time -3 rend a more interesting choice.
  13. I use my old Wardancers as WWR and the Waywatchers as SotW. They both have models that properly reflect what they do, after all! I'm mostly bummed that I missed the opportunity to field mounted Glade Lords with actually good stats - I had been planning to make a giant wolf riding hero for a long while, but presently I can't even ally one in and maintain a Wanderers allegiance, which is super sad! I'm hoping once elves get a faction book the option will return, personally.
  14. Fantasy had the additional problem that many people had been in the hobby for years and had huge armies already, and weren't buying new models. It also required so many boxes for each unit that it's price was astronomical just based on quantity needed. At least AoS doesn't require huge model counts like fantasy did. That said, it does suck to make the buy-in to start playing higher, and it's going to dissuade people from jumping in. It's really great that there are Meeting Engagements now, they're great for people who are just starting.
  15. These guys look super rad! I might snag a box of lion rangers to use the same purpose, they're exactly in the right theme for my beast realm wanderers!
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