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  1. I do hope there are a few more unit types going on for the light elves, since a great deal was made for their elemental affinities, but so far most of the units we've seen are earth-element aligned (all the dudes with water buffalo horns). Hopefully there will be a few more heroes to go into the mix - I envision something like what the Idoneth have, with lots of heroes. With that said, I should also hope that those heroes will be more functional and useful than the Idoneth infantry heroes ended up being.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if the Idoneth predate the light elves out of pure spite, being as the Lumineth are basically what the Idoneth could have been if Teclis hadn't created them with broken souls. Also, hammers are a fine weapon for elves, especially given all the heavy armor that Chaos factions wear. Might as well just crump them instead of trying to slide a bendy sword between their armor plates.
  3. If you're low on casting otherwise, especially in low-points games, I'd consider it for your Nomad Prince. He can take Ironoak Skin to bolster his personal guard (or himself!), or Cage of Thorns as you say, since he'll likely be close to combat. edit - Also, don't forget that instead of a bow, the Nomad Prince carries his Annoying Bird to really mess with enemy heroes. It's a really strong support ability! Casters hate him!
  4. I think that since the game is governed by d6 rolls, if there was only one 'strike' roll or something, it would mean that most profiles would be functionally exactly the same (3s or 4s), and there would only be one roll that could be modified to affect the attacker. I'd think in that situation you'd end up with a lot of 2+ to 'strike' situations, even with only a +1. More rolls give more opportunity to add situational modifiers and buffs/debuffs to affect play, and also gives unit profiles an additional way to differentiate themselves from each other. AoS is already pretty close to having everything be a +3/+3 anyway, so it's actually good to have more modifiers, not less. If the game were more simple and there were fewer rolls, there'd be less room to add factions that are functionally different from what's currently available.
  5. Lisa Frank. I too had a rad space dolphin binder in 2nd grade.
  6. new rumor engine looks to be a base decoration for something large in the Lumineth faction! https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/02/11/the-rumour-engine-february-11th-2020/
  7. it's really a combination of currency exchange rates and the absolutely savage import/export costs, since Australia is super far away from pretty much everything. That said, the prices for things in Australia are likely also artificially high, considering that if they don't have any option but to buy at the price they are offered, so greed (and simply knowing that your market has no option but to get gouged) probably also plays a part.
  8. @elfhead I think they are doing a really good job with unifying the range with the plant basing as well as the aesthetic touches on the armor and weapons. it's really cohesive.
  9. I just had a 1k tournament today, I ran a Dreadwood glade with Drycha (her spell was Regrowth), a TLA (general with required artefact and command trait, his spell was Treesong), an Outcast Battalion with 5, 5 and 10 Spite-Revenants, and a Branchwraith with the Vesperal Gem artefact (she had Verdurous Harmony as her spell). I can happily report that between the two games I played, first against Nighthaunt and second against Rotbringers, Spite-Revenants proved to be absolute monsters, tearing down everything from hero ghosts to Blightknights to Blightlords to Nurgle heroes with an idiotic press of attacks and rerolls. Having a discounted TLA to use is quite nice, as having two guaranteed woods on the field turn 1 really helped out. Even the command ability teleport came into play the second game to let my Spites get all over the field to do more awful things to everyone. Really enjoying the build, as I normally go Kurnoth-heavy.
  10. I believe this is to prevent landing a huge boat on top of an objective directly, preventing other models from getting within contesting proximity because of the boat's hugeness. You could still land 1" away from an objective and take it because you'd be within scoring distance. It seems like it's the same sort of rule that prevents the Idoneth boat terrain, Sylvaneth forest pieces and other faction terrain from being plopped on top of objectives - they prevent other units from even moving close to tag objectives otherwise.
  11. I haven't used them as BL, since I have all kinds of other Wanderers to pile in with them, but if I had more old metal wild riders to use I'd consider using 15. I really do like them, they are surprisingly durable and punchy, and their threat range is wide. I think, given the 2019 GHB additions to generic command abilities, that anything that could fly or ride fast in CoS could potentially offer them the same buffs as a Knight-Azyros. I'm working on a Griffin anyway, so i'll cultivate that as an option. I do pine for a mounted Wanderers hero some day, though... If i were to add more cavalry to my forces, I'd probably go with pistoliers - for 100 points their damage output is dumb stupid, and at that cost I don't mind using them to chump block or even suicide charge.
  12. I play Sylvaneth for big monster mash and dirty tree tactics, and Cities of Sigmar to field my cool elf dudesmen and their pals. They are the two armies I own and I enjoy them both. I honestly run the CoS army more often because I consider the trees to be a bit too ruthless in my local meta - shutting down LoS spells and teleporting, as well as effectively blocking movement for key large models that many people enjoy fielding, makes the army a lot less fun for my opponents to play against if I'm playing in a tournament (i.e. trying my best to place highly.)
  13. Park an Arch-Revenant next to your bow units to give them rerolls of 1. Rerolls make them much more reliable, even if they are hitting on 4s. If you run 6 bows, you can flank Archie with two groups of 3 and go to town on anything that you need to. Archie's command ability works with any Kurnoth on the field, so in such a list you really, really should be using one, or even two! ...I really hope they offer a clam-pack of the hero, it really makes Kurnoth lists much more potent.
  14. If you are looking for a beastly monster to hurl into combat turn 1 with LC, get yourself a Drycha. She's a combat monster and her angry bee attack can absolutely obliterate a support hero, and her move is 9". She's also a hero, so she can use the command ability on herself, letting her plow into a soft unit and maul them with her 2 damage attacks. She's also a wizard, which is fantastic, and also has a 3+ save. She's an absolute brute, and really an ideal candidate for the strategy, even over Durthu. Also, she has a great model, which always counts for a lot in my book.
  15. @Raffonerd I would argue that lack of access to the Wanderer battalion isn't much of a problem, because it is honestly not very good for what you get, and it heavily restricts your army roster. The LS battalion does actually have a Wanderer-themed battalion, but it's of very questionable utility and it's expensive both in points and actual money spent on kits - though honestly in a monster-heavy meta it would probably slap most armies into the dirt quite handily. In Wanderers allegience, there really aren't many good artefacts at all. I defaulted to the Starcaster Longbow because it had the potential to have a real effect on the game - something that can't be said for most of the other artefacts they have access to. Certainly, you miss out on a few juicy artefacts from other realms, but even those are few and far between. In Living City, you get the Spear of the Hunt, which is far and away the best choice for any force. The other artefacts aren't even close. The only real competition is from Gyrestrike, but hitting first in combat with a big monster is worth a great deal more generally speaking. For heroes, I don't think anyone is going to get mad if you run your elf caster as a Battlemage, or other such. I wouldn't use my elf to represent a dwarf (perish the thought), but I'd certainly convert up a Sorceress and a bunch of counts-as Darkspears out of, like, tree-homonculi or something that she could stab to release their juice or whatever, if I thought it would be a fun combo to run. (It actually does sound like fun, really...) The only hero who's loss I keenly feel is the Waywatcher, because there's really not any other hero like them, and 'that elf with a bow' is part of the fun of playing the 'elves with bows' faction. It is a shame to see him go, I will happily concede that. In terms of mixing units and converting - I personally am only doing conversions because of specific interest, not because I feel compelled to to keep my force only elves. If/When I incorporate Free People units, or Disposessed, or others, I'll likely leave them as humans and dwarves. Basically, I've abandoned the idea that I run a Wanderers army, but I'm trying for a certain visual theme specifically because it is, outside of playing the game, a central motivation for me as a hobbyist to convert my models. I'm not attached to a wholly Wanderers army, but it's what I have so it's what I play, and I find it's particular toolkit very effective against most of my local opponents. It is by no means even ideal for the city or even for CoS in general, but I honestly think that's to the benefit of CoS as a faction. I know this is probably not a satisfying proposition to a player who wants the faction they enjoy collecting and playing to remain vital within the game, but for my purposes and temperament it suits me fine.
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