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  1. Looking at the sprue myself, I think the primary connecting point between the stonemage's platform and the rest of the model is not the tiny point where the two rocks meet, as it appears to be, but rather the cloak draped onto the small tree, which itself anchors firmly into the base of the floating runestone. So the main load of the top of the model is borne there, and not on the rocks themselves, which serves more to balance the remaining weight. It's a pretty clever construction!
  2. @Chumphammer That table reminds me of a WHFB table, with how the terrain is pushed all to the edges and the armies just mash in the middle 😜. I suppose that's a better way to see how the armies' rules fare without outside interference, though!
  3. @ThalmorRepresentative That's a very attractive paint scheme, well executed! I like the color on the sunmetal weapons, I had imagined them as a kind of shiny bronze color also
  4. @LuminethMage You are probably right about dropping the Stonemage, I figured he'd be good for buffing the Stoneguard with an additional -1 rend on their hammers and spamming Voice of the Mountain to ruin the enemy's bravery so that the 'you can't do that' spells will stick better, but the Stoneguard probably won't need a hero escort if they use picks instead of sledges. With 130 points I could also take some Dawnriders, which would be nice for a mobility option... I have enough that I can tinker with the list a bit as I play, since the only thing I didn't buy was Avelanor. Thanks for the advice!
  5. Looks pretty solid, it's a good idea to include both the arch-rev and 6 scythe dudes in your army, that combo chews through most things! I would try to find some way to squeeze an Emerald Lifeswarm endless spell into your list, bringing back d6 models with it is really good in Living City. I think your Greatswords/Handgunners/General combo might be decent as well, you've got 3 good micro-factions in your list, which is how CoS is supposed to go. I'd give it a try in some games!
  6. Since my travel budget is basically not usable for the foreseeable future, I decided to buy up the lumineth releases and lay them aside for my next army project, after I finish painting my trees. I already play monster mash with Sylvaneth, and my CoS elf army is basically just for hobby/kitbash fun, so I was looking to get into a magic-heavy army anyway. So, my present plans for a list are as follows: Mage-God Teclis and his pal, The Moon (660), Cathallar Sadlass (general, Gift of Celennar, Fast Learner) (140), Stonemage Hueghorns (130), Light of Eltharion, aka Gotrek Jr (220) For actual bodies, we go with 20 Wardens (240), 10 Wardens (120), 2 groups of 10 Sentinels (280), and 5 Stoneguard (100). That brings the list to 1890, which means I've got room to play with a bit - I can either take both the Twinstones and the Rune of Petrification, or take another 5 Stoneguard. I'm inclined to go with the former, because if Teclis slaps the stones down first, I create a tremendous spell battery that will let me cast with basically my whole army and buff everyone. The range on the Rune is 18", which means I can plop it right into the enemy main line, and then they take a guaranteed 2d3 MW from it before they can move. I'm aware that this configuration gives up turn priority with 9 drops, which is probably a serious issue, but I'm willing to hedge my bets that I can screen from alpha strikes and try to weather the first turn of my opponent with shining companies and aetherquartz if necessary before I blow them out with 10 spells in my hero phase, followed by MW shooting aplenty, followed by Eltharion sawing through basically whatever wandered too close to him. I think it will be a fun list, and not as bully as the Sylvaneth lists I usually run. :3
  7. For me, traditionally, it's been Wild Riders. I have ten of the cool old metal ones (the ones that look like an 80s hair band), but they often attack with rubber spears and then die to the return attacks, which is depressing.
  8. Between the collection box and the preorders, I've got enough for about 1750 at this point (mostly by bringing Teclis and endless spells), so it's time to get painting my Sylvaneth so I can start modeling the new army!
  9. @Lanoss I run a similar list, but with Durthu, Drycha, TLA, Branchwaith, and Arch-rev, with 6 scythe Kurnoth, 3 Sword(or bow) kurnoth, and 2x5 spites and 1x10 spites, with the Outcast battalion. The points reductions let me add the spooky ghost bad-touch tree, which is just what I wanted to run with. I usually run a weapon on my Durthu and the auto-cast on my Branchwraith, and it's just awful to fight. I throw out my free tree, and then my free tree with my TLA, and then another tree, and then the midfield is full of angry gardens and it's just bad for my opponent. I know Sylvaneth aren't a top-tier list, but this is a local meta bully for me, such that I can't trot It out unless I'm playing in a tournament. Its just rude to do. Between tree teleports and command point teleports, you have extreme mobility, and you can summon things to hold your objectives, and you've got alpha-strike with multiple models.
  10. Bretonnia was a historical pastiche without any of the additional compelling bits that made other parts of the old Warhammer world mildly interesting. It was basically monty python and the holy grail: the army, with mud-stacking peasantry, an absurd quest, and a bunch of ponces in heavy armor dashing about. It was additionally pestilential because it had rather rubbish rules for most of the range, so you couldn't reasonably field many of their units. The best thing in the whole range was the trebuchet. Also, I vaguely remember that the army was a pet project of the modeler who made many of the models, and once he stopped making them they really didn't make any more, so the army didn't really have much longevity to begin with.
  11. I'm a big fan of the game, it plays like I imagined WHFB to be when I first got into the hobby like 15 years ago. I get to play big tree monsters and my old elves, and it's an enjoyable hobby outlet. Also, I play with an active, encouraging community which is worlds different than the sorts of folks I used to encounter in pickup games of WHFB. A good community is really important to the health of the game and hobby, so I'm happy that where I am it's a fun game to play.
  12. I do hope there are a few more unit types going on for the light elves, since a great deal was made for their elemental affinities, but so far most of the units we've seen are earth-element aligned (all the dudes with water buffalo horns). Hopefully there will be a few more heroes to go into the mix - I envision something like what the Idoneth have, with lots of heroes. With that said, I should also hope that those heroes will be more functional and useful than the Idoneth infantry heroes ended up being.
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if the Idoneth predate the light elves out of pure spite, being as the Lumineth are basically what the Idoneth could have been if Teclis hadn't created them with broken souls. Also, hammers are a fine weapon for elves, especially given all the heavy armor that Chaos factions wear. Might as well just crump them instead of trying to slide a bendy sword between their armor plates.
  14. If you're low on casting otherwise, especially in low-points games, I'd consider it for your Nomad Prince. He can take Ironoak Skin to bolster his personal guard (or himself!), or Cage of Thorns as you say, since he'll likely be close to combat. edit - Also, don't forget that instead of a bow, the Nomad Prince carries his Annoying Bird to really mess with enemy heroes. It's a really strong support ability! Casters hate him!
  15. I think that since the game is governed by d6 rolls, if there was only one 'strike' roll or something, it would mean that most profiles would be functionally exactly the same (3s or 4s), and there would only be one roll that could be modified to affect the attacker. I'd think in that situation you'd end up with a lot of 2+ to 'strike' situations, even with only a +1. More rolls give more opportunity to add situational modifiers and buffs/debuffs to affect play, and also gives unit profiles an additional way to differentiate themselves from each other. AoS is already pretty close to having everything be a +3/+3 anyway, so it's actually good to have more modifiers, not less. If the game were more simple and there were fewer rolls, there'd be less room to add factions that are functionally different from what's currently available.
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