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  1. overtninja

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    Oh yeah, certainly, if you're not a Battletome army you're playing hardmode, but we knew this already. ;p Honestly, if playing the faction didn't feel like trying to squeeze water out of a rock sometimes, it wouldn't be in keeping with the fine Wood Elf tradition.
  2. overtninja

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    I run 2 groups of 10 (I use the old metal Waywatcher models, since I have that many and they are cool as all get out), and I usually position one along one table edge and the other along the other, so they can scoot wherever they need to. If my opponent lets me, I teleport behind them and snipe characters out with them, particularly the ones that buff things or soft casters. They hit on 4s even with Look Out, Sir, so they are fantastic for that. On my opponent's turn, they either have to divert a unit to chase them down, or leave them to continue their reign of terror, and I can (hopefully!) teleport them to safety if they end up in trouble. And honestly, if they kill a buffing hero or severely damage a hard target so you can clear them up, but subsequently die, they've usually messed with my opponent enough that they've done their job. It gets a bit ugly if my opponents direct spells at them, so I try to hug terrain and otherwise keep a LoS block in between me and casters. It helps that I also run Glade Guard up the middle, since they can move and shoot, though I put them down last usually so I can see where my opponent is soft, and if the opportunity presents I put a group of them on a flank also to teleport and snag an objective. I try to cover a lot of angles with my shooting, so that my opponents are forced to focus on a flank and get shot the whole way in, with the risk of being focused down by a cross-table teleport from my general's Stalker trait. In big games where I can use the battalion, I'm hoping to also bring a Wending Wand to allow extreme flexibility for my units' teleporting. Um, I'm rambling a bit, but with Living City you'll want to park one unit of SotW front and center so they can shoot as much of the field as possible without moving, I think. You can deploy on table edges with other units so you will be better served by deploying serious melee threats close to your opponent and a pretty beefy shooting bunker in the middle to soften up opponents. If your opponent presents a juicy target and you feel you can get away with it, don't hesitate to put a group of them close to the target, and if you have to, just have them move and shoot. You'll lose out of the extra shots, which is a shame, but it's better than shooting nothing, and might set you up for next turn.
  3. overtninja

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    @Gwendar Alpha strike is well and good, but strong, reliable shooting helps over the whole game. I'd much sooner take the waywatcher for character sniping (he's still amazing at it, hitting on 3s if he doesn't move even with Look Out, Sir), and SotW always do me proud, especially given how many Chaos factions I play against and see around in general. Those ballista are no joke, but I'd much prefer the elves who hit and wound always instead. Besides, elves look cooler imo. @Popisdead Yeah, cavalry in general sacrifices a lot in AoS in return for moving fast, but given the nature of the game it makes sense that they do. I do like that a Spellweaver's signature spell can bring up to 3 models back, though, since it's really good for the points if you cast it on cavalry. As far as whole-army composition, they are easily the most mobile thing we have, and grabbing objectives with something that can fight decently is nothing to scoff at. It would be nice if they were a bit cheaper, but I understand their price point give how strong movement is.
  4. overtninja

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    @Ruhraffe That's a great video, thanks for posting it! That discussion about ruining movement of large models with Wyldwood tree positioning at about 2 hours in is something I hadn't really thought about, but given that you can't move your dudes through terrain, it's some really taxing things to think about. Something to practice! Glad to see that it doesn't seem to be Durthu or nothing at the high end, also - though honestly I'll probably make one in case I don't want to run Alarielle at 2500 for some reason.
  5. overtninja

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    @GwendarI'm going to guess that you'll be using a TLA eventually to get yourself some Wyldwoods? I think Firestorm was printed when you could just pay 40 points to purchase a Wyldwood, but that's no longer the case. The faction likely worked better back then. :s
  6. overtninja

    Disheartened about the current stance on Elves

    When AoS was first starting out, they were trying to let people field basically whatever they wished to make cool armies and fight with, so they parted out a lot of armies into multiple sub-factions - probably because those sub-factions have rules that only affect their own keywords or whatever. I doubt they really intended to render a bunch of armies unplayable as a cohesive force, but with the way the game has developed that ends up being the case, especially for the old High and Dark Elf factions. The Wanderers still work really well as an all-elf faction, as they weren't split up excessively, but the other two are strangely fragmented. That said, I'd be wary of buying Dark or High Elves right now, especially their older models from when every army needed 'spearmen' and 'bowmen' and other rank-and-file, and that's basically not a thing in AoS. If you're going to invest in either faction, I'd be looking at the former Elite choices and centerpiece models, or anything with a really strong visual identity - Dark Elf piratey guys, for instance, or Dragon Princes. Avoid things like 'box of 20 dudes with normal weaponry', almost anything that's on a horse (because when you could roll out on a badass battle-beast like 80's cartoons, why would you bother to ride a normal horse?), and anything without dynamic posing (the older models were designed to rank up so they all look like they are trying to squeeze into a subway during rush hour on a rainy day). I'd be willing to wager that both ranges will see a good deal of revision, since a bunch of the simple infantry don't mesh aesthetically with AoS's visual vocabulary, which leans towards bigger, badder models or things with unique abilities or rules. I'm hoping that both factions see a book within a year or so, or at least get a nice update in the coming General's Handbook, to address their current shortcomings - GW clearly wants to keep them on the table being played, especially since many older players still have their armies, and with a bit of rules love they'll be just fine on the table. I just wouldn't buy into them if I'm starting out, is all.
  7. overtninja

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    @Gwendar My advice is to not ignore melee in whichever list you build towards. You want to be able to do something strong in every phase, and most other armies do their work in the combat phase, so you want to not only give them something to interact with, but also be able to do some of your work in that phase as well. If you go too heavy into shooting you'll either win or lose on that phase alone, and it's not fun for either player that way, in my experience. Alpha strike for Wanderers is really strong, but you'll need something to either tank the offensive of your opponent (EG do a great job of this), or go in and fight what's left (allied Sylvaneth/other Aelves do great here, as well as WWR, and even like 10 Wild Riders on the charge). Wanderers have some of the most reliable shooting in the whole game but it won't do all the work you need it to by itself.
  8. overtninja

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    @Alezya Hey, thanks for the reply! I was hoping that with enough bodies in the units, the Spite-Revenants would be able to go to town on things, as long as they didn't have high armor - but I've seen what happens when Dryads go up against a hard target, and it isn't pretty. 😛 I was planning on something at around 2k with 2x10 Spites, 2x5 Spites, 2x3 Kurnoth (scythes and swords), 20 Dryads, Branchwych, Branchwraith, TLA and Drycha, which leaves 60 for some endless spells (probably Ravenak's Bitey Mouth and Shackles/Swords). I've watched plenty of battle reports where Durthu does work, but I'm holding off on building one as I want to slot Alarielle into the list at 2500 and it would be basically just adding her, and she's plenty fierce anyway.
  9. overtninja

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Apologies, what I meant was that there are various rules on other warscrolls, particularly Dryads and Branch-things that work within 3", which I misremembered as 1". Also, Navigate Realmroots can be used from within 3" of Wyldwoods as well. They block LoS if you are deeper than 1" inside them, as well. Basically, you'll be in range to use every ability that's not a claiming cover within 3" of the whole terrain set, which is usually what you use it for, outside of just being a massive LoS screen.
  10. overtninja

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Do you folks think a Dreadwood Wargrove is worth it? I really like Spite-Revenants a lot as models, and the Subterfuge abilities look pretty strong, but I'm wondering if anyone has actually played with the battalions and seen it in action.
  11. overtninja

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    @Gwendar Looks like a pretty solid run with a limited list! It's hard to do much interesting with Wanderers at 500, but looks like you did solidly. I'd had great luck being aggressive with my dudes on the teleport - sniping characters with a small unit is great, but sending a big block of GG across the field to claim on objective and pelt things from behind is awesome, and teleporting 20 WWR into your opponent's flank and charging can be absolutely awful for them to deal with, especially since our ranged power lets us severely blunt the capability of scary infantry blocks. I have been building a Sylvaneth army, since my Wanderers is basically complete up to 2.5k, so I'd love to hear what your experiences end up being with a Living City army!
  12. overtninja

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    I would guess not, since they are summoned, and thus not part of the battalion at the list-building step.
  13. overtninja

    Army on parade!

    Go demigryph knights! They are such good boys, though Stormcast kind of stole their swag with their bird knights, too. :s
  14. overtninja

    Mixed Army Paint Schemes?

    With a mixed faction list, as long as you keep some cohesion between each sub-faction in terms of scheme and don't have them using radically different color palettes, it should work out. So, try to find a color or something else that they can both use in their own color schemes. If you're looking for visual unity in the force, you could always use the shame secondary shade for all the models - so, for instance, you could use orange or something as a secondary/accent color and make one faction blue primarily, and another purple or green or another color range, and the accent colors would unify the force visually.
  15. overtninja

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    @AaronWIlson @frostfire Ah yes, I'd forgotten! Thanks for reminding me. Even though you can't summon more than once a turn, you'd have redundancy, and you'd have your lore spells to use as well with a Branch-something either way. A Branchwych might be cool to have so you can double escort your Dryad herd in the above list, actually.