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  1. There are a lot of armies that can first-turn charge you these days - everything from FEC to Khorne to Slaanesh to Idoneth to DoK can get across the whole field and into your face in a single turn. As such, when I play Wanderers I've stopped going heavy ranged and started tanking up with a lot of WWR, because they are savage in combat, and do work on each turn. I like to bring units of GG too - one big for consistent damage (and flooding an objective) and another smaller one for support, along with a unit of SotW for reliable damage second-turn realm wandering onto the other side of the field to split my opponent's attention. I'm also a fan of WR, they are surprisingly resilient and tend to divert attention, and not slouches in combat on the charge either. I tend to ally in some Kurnoth for even more melee bite, but if you're committed to all elves everything, then really just pile on the WWR, they are a steal for their cost and they do great work. If you go really heavy into them, it honestly wouldn't hurt to bring a second NP to make sure they are getting the reroll-to-hit buff throughout the game. Honestly it's not a good idea to play any ranged-focused army at present, the game is too heavily skewed against it as a strategy in favor of having melee-only armies be viable (which is fine, but greatly diminishes the potency of many units that pay a premium for what amounts to less potency). If you do want to focus on shooting, I'd recommend getting as many 10-man units of EG as you can on the field and using them as roadblocks to keep your ranged units out of harm's way. You'll still want WWR (at least 20, I'd say) for the counter-charge, but this works pretty well.
  2. I'd guess the wargrove itself won't, if they make wargroves work more like keyword sub-factions, but there might still be a battalion that allows you to include an order wizard ally.
  3. I would expect rules for each Wargrove that encourages certain force compositions by providing bonuses to non-Dryad battleline units - currently Dryads are far and away the best battleline, and many strong lists just tank up on Dryads to the exclusion of other units, simply because they are so potent and cheap. I'd also expect some new battalions (for obvious reasons) and probably a reconfiguration of items and so forth to reflect current game realities. I'm most interested to see how reliant on Wyldwoods Sylvaneth will be, and how we will generate them moving forward, given that much of our current strategy seems to hinge on getting the first turn and blanketing the board so we are ensured both our mobility and our protection.
  4. I know this is mostly a thread about how people can't get boxes, but having read through the rules for the scenarios and board rules, I'm actually kind of confused as to how to the Sylvaneth forces stand a chance for any of the scenarios. The force has much fewer wounds to play with, and much fewer targets to focus, and the Grots have mobility and pretty significant mortal wounds potential. Also, the rules for underground battles and specific scenario rules have lots of ways to generate mortal wounds, along with the MW the Grot squig riders can generate. I'm just not seeing how the sylvaneth force, at 30 wounds, half of which is in 3 models, can possibly survive any of the scenarios in the book.
  5. Get a Start Collecting box, it gives you more than enough to get started with the game and learn the ropes. It will give you a caster hero, 20 dryads, and your choice of Treelord - personally I'd build it as an Ancient, since they are decent in combat, durable, and also a caster. You'll want to hold off currently on buying a Wyldwood - I'm sure people would let you play with a template or something while you wait for the new models to get out of China. I'd also invest in a box or two of Kurnoth Hunters, because they are pretty boss and do great work regardless of which flavor you build them as. Alarielle is very good, but is more of a super-durable support unit and force multiplier than a frontline bruiser. Her abilities make your whole army better, especially if you are running lots of multi-wound models. I'd hold off buying her until you are confident with the army and understand how it plays, as she's a significant monetary investment, as well as a big points investment. For other models, I'm a big fan of Drycha, both because of her great model and because she does great work on the table - her toolkit solves some problems that Sylvaneth otherwise have trouble dealing with. Both Tree-Revenants and Spite-Revenants are basically chaff units, despite being really great-looking models, at least with current points costs, and with Dryads being both cheaper overall and much more potent overall thanks to all the rules that help them. It's hard to say how valuable they'll be in the new book, so hold off on them maybe for the time being - but keep in mind that they might become a great option depending on how the rules end up going. We'll be getting a new book soon, so it might be reasonable to hold off buying the battletome until then. In the meantime, buy the models in the range that appeal to you and start building them up. The ones above will get you started on the right track, I think!
  6. I'm gonna hedge my bets and see if I can't land another one from someone else's box if they part it out, I don't know if I'd use two for most games, but I'd still like two. 😛
  7. they will sell both heroes as individual blisters later down the line.
  8. Um, also, I just built my Arch-Revenant, and while it appears pretty monopose, you have some leeway on a few things if you are crafty. I built the first one with the stock pose, but once I get a second one, I think you could easily build it so that it's right arm (the tree-looking one holding the shield normally) is raised up, and then put the flappy sprite on that arm, and put the shield on the model's back. Then, you could angle the spear arm downward, so it looks like it's being carried rather than planted. Lastly, with a bit of trimming of the right foot (which has a little slot to fit in the skull) and a bit of repositioning, you could model the Revenent so that it looks like it's jumping off the skull and starting to fly, with the spite carrying the model. ... Maybe a picture would work better. I think it could look pretty neat!
  9. Many other armies have FNP saves, and some even get bonuses to that FNP save if its a mortal wound. It's common enough in my local meta that I just want as many gauranteed (or nearly guaranteed) wounds after armor saves that they have to roll their FNP saves against. -2 rend does that for me, while -1 will leave many models with a 1/3 or 1/2 chance of saving. Even having seen the math, I think it boils down to a personal, emotional thing. Wargaming isn't a dispassionate pursuit - it can be hard not to be disappointed by a flubbed combat phase, or a double turn at a critical moment, or costly mistakes on your end. Even if it's not statistically ideal, seeing a whole lot of wounds go through unsaved on an attack makes me feel better as a player than seeing a bunch get saved with some mortal wounds going through. That and I play Dreadwood, so I'm already deep into gambling on good rolls, since I'm relying on fewer models to do work. I'll eventually build Sword Kurnoth, at least a group of 3, and try them out. They make great allies for my Wanderers, and they'll be nice to slot in for a 2.5k if I ever play something that big. Currently, though, I'll be building the Looncurse box and Ynarri's dudesman (who are actually fantastic to ally with Wanderers at 1k or 1.5k thanks to their cost).
  10. Shoot it, spit spells at it, chaff it so it can't do much... when your opponent has a really strong model, especially a monster, you don't have to kill it if you can neutralize it. Also, KH with Scythes obliterate monsters. It's what they are best at. I regularly face a Nurgle player who always uses a GUO and the other huge monster dudes, and 6 Scythe Kurnoth will chew one down in a turn reliably - doubly so with the new hero giving each one an extra swing. I know that the new Sword Kurnoth are the new hotness, but I hate when I wound a lot and then my opponent makes a bunch of armor saves, so I've decided I like -2 rend more than anything. My thinking is that even with FNP saves, it still won't help you enough if I generate enough wounds. That said, I'm going to build some Bow Kurnoth and go ham on the monsters and other rough hammer units I see. Ranged in AoS seems to be a tool for weakening units and monsters before you fight them, rather than a primary killing strategy, anyway.
  11. In my experience, Drycha is the behemoth that gets cut around 2k when you want to start fitting Alarielle and Durthu in your lists - you just don't have the points to spare on her - even though she's got really strong ranged options, her melee hits on 4s, which is really rather bad overall. All the other big trees hit on 3s, and even a normal Treelord is cheaper. It comes down to not being able to fit everything you'd want at 2k, and then taking the best options you can, I think. Anything below 2k, I want Drycha for the options she provides, and above 2k I'd happily slot her in, though. She is my favorite Really Mad/Sad Beehive Lady.
  12. As someone who has 7 bases of Citadel Woods, I've been thinking about how to convert them to be more similar to the newer models. I'm thinking with enough greenstuff I could do a pretty convincing job - adding hight to the tree and potentially cannibalizing part of the the old bases for the crescent bases. Could save a good amount of money and add some nice variation to the tree shapes!
  13. Let's not forget that models with ranged attacks are usually given higher point costs, since ranged is at a premium in AoS. It could be that the melee units are less expensive per group of 3.
  14. Dreadwood Wargrove does it right now - you use Spite-Revs as your battleline and then fill the rest with heroes, Kurnoth, and big trees/Alarielle. I usually play this way, though I use a Branchwraith to summon Dryads in for extra tanking and to protect home objectives while my other models go on the offensive.
  15. GW likes to do a week or two of previews before a release, for hype purposes, so we'd still be a few weeks out from release anyway.
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