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  1. @Riff_Raff_RascalWhere did you get the clasp things? Did you have magnets in them, or did you add them?
  2. @Skreech VerminkingSo... You're saying such a list is actually good? Because I haven't seen any pros use such a list. Omg.... Can you imagine showing up at a tourney "Excuse sir, for a half an hour or two, while I deploy my 400 rats. Myes! Myesss Indeed!" I guess you kinda dependent, or rather totally dependent on going first though, because once you opponent takes the objectives, your clanrats hitting with their paper towels won't do anything. In such a situation it surely would be great if we had a retreat and charge ability, to just swarm the objectives, and take them without killing the opponent. Oh.... Wait.... But seriously though, the opponent could just screen you off the objectives. Right? ... Right? Someone stop me from buying more rats than I could ever hope to paint!
  3. @Skreech VerminkingGood times with some of those list! Does anyone have any experience with clanrat spam? Does it work, or do the clanrats die so fast that you end up with not enough board control anyway?
  4. Oh man! 350... That would be awesome! I played a game with a friend where I charged a stardrake with 40 stormvermin buffed by a clawlord. 118 attacks at 3\2\-1\1. Even a Stardrake at 16 wounds and 3+ armor save rerolling 1s didn't survive. (I think it would have had it been 2+ save RR1s, which is achievable with the stardrake).
  5. Screaming bell and doomwheel - do you guys do a sub assembly and paint before putting it all together?
  6. @Twh30 IMO the priest does basically nothing. For 80 points you could bump a clanrat unit up to 40.
  7. So... Those are the chains holding Slaanesh, right? We can even see his claw. That's pretty cool. I wonder if those obelisks will be a Lumineth scenery piece? Wonder what they'll do
  8. One of the cool things about AoS is how free the developers are to make anything they want, since pretty much nothing was fleshed out at first. So maybe they're trying to take that experience with them back into TOW, by starting with one of the less fleshed out factions? (not a WFHB player, but I assume Kislev is less fleshed out than say The Empire?)
  9. How do you guys feel about the dread saurian? 510 points seems a bit much to me. He's tanky, and he does a bit of damage. But 510? And 35 wounds is great, but only a 4+ means it's actually possible to take him down.
  10. @Skreech Verminking Wow! 3 doomwheel? How do you find they work for you? Pretty awesome with that skryre artefact! Since you already have the stormvermin, how would you feel about dropping the monks entirely, and replacing them with.... Ranged threat? Or even Thanquol if you drop the monks and a doomwheel? As form warpgale - do you really find it effective against alphastrike lists? I played FEC once. He went first and killed me. So warpgale wouldn't have made much of a difference.
  11. IMO the clawlord primary function is to give +1 attack to either clanrats or stormvermin. Preferably stormvermin (who are too expensive to use). So I would drop the clawlord, unless it's for rule of cool. If you go stormfiends I would rather go 6, so that go can buff them, and make them a proper threat. The arch-warlock to buff the fiends is fine though, and 3x20 clanrats is also a good starting point. Though some list want 40 20 20, or even 40 40 20. Typically with list you want 2 or more threats. 6 buffed stormfiends would be one such threat. Them you could add another threat in the form of 40 plague monks, or a hell pit abomination, 40 stormvermin (and then include the clawlord). Or you could add ranged threat, either in the form of 6-9 jezzails, or 1-2 warp lightning cannons, preferably with and engineer to buff them. Battleshock immunity is also great, so either the screaming bell or the verminlord warpseer. Absolutely get gnawholes if you don't have them, as they don't cost points. The warp lightning vortex endless spell is also worth looking into. Jezzails are beasts! Do it! Edit: What are the conversions kits you've found? Also interested in getting jezzails
  12. Check this out from the desember 2019 FAQ: Q: Do abilities that deal wounds or mortal wounds count as attacks and generate depravity points? For example, the Keeper of Secrets’ Ritual Knife ability (not the weapon attack), the Dark Temptations ability or the Excess of Blades ability, which can all inflict mortal wounds. A: No. Attacks are described in the core rules; they must use the attack sequence. Q: Do endless spells that deal damage generate depravity points? A: No. An endless spell is independent of the caster that created it. I didn't know about this. I guess I don't really have a question, I was just amazed that not all damage gives depravity points!
  13. @Skreech Verminking Yeah, I guess. Mortek guards still have a lot of wounds though, so I would rather target them with some other shooting like fiends or acolytes.
  14. I always take an engineer with me, so that's 7 MW on average from the WLC. And then there's always that 1/6 chance that you do a flat 12 MW. It's something the opponent can't just ignore. Do you mean targeting their heroes and such?
  15. Skaven can be made to be shooting list e.g. with Warp lightning canons, catapults, jezzails, acolytes, stormfiends, lots of magic ranged attacks for heroes. Some of the Cities of Sigmar also have a lot of shooting.
  16. That is huge though! With a double turn suddenly your WLCs could potentially be within firing range
  17. Guys! Guys! The WLC doesn't have the ponderous war machine thing anymore. Can they now....run?
  18. Well, I mean, hopefully the list I proposed will not be the only list you ever play. So having surplus units to play around with would be good. E.g. 2 x bells, playing around with a verminlord, 2 x 40 monks, etc. etc. Personally I would keep it, but it depends on your budget and whatever else wants your wallets attention
  19. Glorious! Great list @Gwendar! Making room for Thanquol is awesome! I wonder though, how do you feel about giving him the 50/50 loadout? Now quite as brutal against hordes, but more versatile? Are you playing him more as a support hero in your list, and playing him aggressively?
  20. @Malakhov The follow list is a fairly good start at least. You basically have three threats: - Plague monks combined with screaming bell. The bell give +1 attack with the Skavenbrev artefact, and also cast deathfrenzy, so that killing plague monks will hurt your opponent back. - Then you have 2 WLC boosted by 2 warlock engineers (who can also cast their own warplightning spell, if they have range). This second threat is primarly targeted at enemy heroes, to break synergies. - The HPA, which is just a scary creature in itself, and can hurt the opponent pretty back if left unchecked. With this list I would screen with clanrats, and try as best you can to not let your monks and HPA get charged. When the opponent charge and kill your screening clanrats, then you counter charge with the monks and HPA. The doomwheel can attempt to take enemy objectives, and take out unprotected heroes. Allegiance: SkaventideLeadersWarlock Engineer (100)Warlock Engineer (100)Grey Seer on Screaming Bell (240)- General- Command Trait: Master of Magic- Artefact: Skavenbrew- Lore of Ruin: Death FrenzyBattleline40 x Clanrats (200)- Rusty Spear20 x Clanrats (120)- Rusty Spear20 x Clanrats (120)- Rusty SpearUnits40 x Plague Monks (280)- Foetid Blades1 x Doomwheel (160)1 x Warp Lightning Cannon (180)1 x Warp Lightning Cannon (180)BehemothsHell Pit Abomination (240)Endless Spells / Terrain / CPsExtra Command Point (50)Total: 1970 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 179
  21. Boosting warp lighting canons - I always assumed it was warlock engineer keyword that count. But it the app it seems to be the unit warlock engineer?
  22. So does this mean that those FW models will no longer be allowed in tournaments and such? e.g. wolf rats?
  23. I personally have had a hard time playing against Surecharge lists. With Gavriel and a bunch of evocators waiting up in the sky, for me to make a mistake or open myself up to much. And then *BAM!* I seems like a fun list to play as well. Just watching and waiting for an opening and then taking it. Edit: I assume it's not super competitiv, but it will certainly do in a friendly game.
  24. @ObeisanceYou're good against hordes with both monks and warpfire throwers. Heroes and the like with a good save though... A warlock engineer would fill that role nicely with its warplighting spell. Vigourdust injector would also help the monks out. If you want to go with the clawlord though, combining brutal fury and things bane is pretty brutal! Or Skavenbrew on the bell, to buff the monks.
  25. Jezzail kitbash. I see most people use skitarii and stormvermin. Is it possible to use clanrats? I dont like the heavily armored stormvermin for jezzails...
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