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  1. this is so weak, it hurts. GW is a creative business , you hire people by talent not by skin color. positive discrimination is not a solution, it's a narrow minded idea. don't witch hunt everywhere because America is a class based autocracy. also, hobby means separation from real world, find another outlet for politics not this forum.
  2. just for people who are curios , i played some games with my gf. she playes skaven so our matches always take a lot of time irl, because you know clan rats. but after some experience on tts we get a game in 2 hours tops.
  3. Hey mate, very nice to meet you. Hope to see you posting one forums about your lists and matches. Welcome
  4. Excelent. Thanks Love you guys
  5. Yea these are from the core rules but this are generic not specific for matched play. I will keep searching in the GHB
  6. Yea i have the same problem, as far as i know it is the same but i cannot find the freaking rule. I don't like basing the way i play on assumptions
  7. Hi guys,. A small question. When my general dies does his artefact , CA ( all the bits received from a specific tribe, chamber , host) etc transfer to the next general? What if i don't have any more heroes, and the next general is a basic troop? Also similar question, if a hero who has an artifact dies do his artefact transfer to another hero? Tnx a lot
  8. Actually they cannot ally nighthaunt as a whole, they can ally specific units from the nighthaunt alliance. It s a significant difference in the faq
  9. Yea, it's simplified. It's a rule where you never have to argue. This is good for the game.
  10. I love los just as it is. Aos does not need more rules. It is bloated enough
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