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On skill of the putrid blightkings and the pusgoyle blightlords



Hi, guys my question is about the skill of the prutrid and pusgoyle...

Virulent Discharge: In your hero phase, roll a
dice for each unit (friend or foe) that is within 3"
of any friendly units with this ability. On a 6+ that
unit suffers D3 mortal wounds. If the unit has the
NURGLE keyword, heal D3 wounds allocated to
the unit instead.

this ability how many times can be done in my hero fase, i explain (for example) if i have 3 units of putrid an 1 unit of pusgoyle, can i do it once per unit (total 4) or only once for the 4 units that carry that ability?

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Having a frank dicussion about that right now.

Does that mean, as an example:

3 units of blight kings are around 3 units or Greatswords.  All units of Greatswords are within 3" of the blight Kings. 

Can he now roll those dice for EACH single unit, that would be effected by this effect? ( meaning 5x3 dice then? like 3 for enemy, and 2 for friendlies? )

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He rolls 6 dice total if all the blightkings are in range of at least one of each other. not 5 X3 because it is only looking for any unit with this ability to affect a unit. Having more than one provides no benefit aside from being able to heal each other. There is no “stacking” so to speak. 

So three for friendly units because they all count toward each other and three for the enemy units.

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