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  1. Hello everyone, my question is about the ability of the kingdom of Ghyran, specifically the number 4 (Hidden Festering Corruption), my question is what gives you a dice for nurgle?, to the entire nurgle alliance (magic, attacks, abilities, etc.) or to the trees that nurgle leaves and to the infected lands? or how it works ... thanks a lot.
  2. Hello, my question is about the choice of magic and lores of a magician. Specifically nurgle, if I have the glotking, I can cast deadly spells and rotbringers, as I choose his lore and his magic. I choose a mortal lore and rotbringer? And can I cast a magic from each lore? Or can I only choose a lore? either mortal or rotbrinber and throw only one? Thank you
  3. Hi, guys mi question is about of the purchase extra command point for 50 points. if i have in my list of 1000 points for example 900 points, i can purchase 2 extra points or only one ? thanks .
  4. the general is given an additional command ability, to activate this ability must occupy a command point or not?
  5. Hi, guys my question is about the skill of the prutrid and pusgoyle... Virulent Discharge: In your hero phase, roll a dice for each unit (friend or foe) that is within 3" of any friendly units with this ability. On a 6+ that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds. If the unit has the NURGLE keyword, heal D3 wounds allocated to the unit instead. this ability how many times can be done in my hero fase, i explain (for example) if i have 3 units of putrid an 1 unit of pusgoyle, can i do it once per unit (total 4) or only once for the 4 units that carry that ability? thanks.
  6. Hi guys i have 2 questions about the objectives in some battleplans. 1.- Can one unit capture 2 objectives? for example, i have a unit of 40 chainrap horde, can i capture 2 objectives at a time with 1 unit(chainrap horde) 2.- When capturing an objectives, and i move from that objectives, do i still have control of that objectives ? or not? thanks.
  7. Hi, guys my question is the ability of Guo putrid offering, how many wounds can be done to cast spells or disperse? and the command ability of Lord of plague, how many times can be occupied in the hero phase, (if I have for example 3 command points, you can cast 3 times that command ability?) thanks see u
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