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Hello, I want to make a list of army of beasts of chaos with some of the formations that come out in the battletome dedicated to the gods of chaos.
My question is: which of these 2 battletome of chaos (Blades of khorne, maggothkin of nurgle) makes more synergy with the beasts of chaos?

I am open to debate, I really like maggothkin models but they are very outdated in rules.

Also if you want to leave lists of guides, I would be very grateful.

Thanks for your opinions.

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This is based on nothing but gut feeling and reading the rules. (3/4 battles against BoC, hardly count)

but gutfeeling is you can do a lot with Khorne. Lots of small units and monsters, depravity point and through that add deamons. Could be really fun. Tons of conversion opportunity for bloodstokers, priests etc. 

On the other hand, maggotskin helps with durability through spells if I remember correctly. Don’t know if your better of covering a weakness or playing to your strengths. But the trees won’t help all that much because a lot seems to run and charge already, which seems to be the main feature of it. 

So based on that I would do Khorne, turn the throne thing into a ruined throne with a herd stone growing out of it as a nod to their roots, convert some sick hero models and a big bloodthirster to summon in. It basically has a angry bull face anyway ;) 

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