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Help wanted to give demo games

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Hey folks

A little community input would be appreciated:

Our store is thinking about making Warhammer underworlds more accessible by having a starterset in the shop that people can always use (so the initial invest can literally be: just a single warband, some card sleeves of your own and off you go! (proxy cards are not frowned upon by the shopkeep)

However, I do want to recommend a basic set of cards that people should get (or proxy if need be) to get them started. So I wanted to make a suggestion 'half deck"for beginners, where I want to make a basic 5 ploys, 5 upgrades and 6 objectives for 
- Aggro play
- Control/objective play
- Hybrid
The remaining 5 ploys, 5 upgrades and 6 objectives should be faction specific ones, rather than generic ones. 

Any suggestions on what those cards should be? It would be even more amazing if they all came from the nightvault start set, echoes of glory or leaders expansions.  

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Honestly I think if they are getting started then just the cards that come in their faction box should be fine. 

Keep it simple. If that's all they need to get started its all they need and if several start around the same time they'll all have the same "single warband" card sets to work with. You can then start to let them phase in additional cards on their own as time passes.


Also keep home-made cards out for the start because they always look rough and tacky and not as good as the professional ones. Keep it to the official cards so that their experience of the game is a professional high grade product. 

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Agreed keep it simple and use what's in the boxes they get.

Frankly if people start proxying the cards, it's very easy to proxy the models, and then what exactly is your FLGS selling in return for hosting these demos.

The store can if they like invest in a starter set for just  communal boards and tokens for folks to use but keep the included cards and models in reserve for demo games.




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