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1.5k Competetive Flesh Eater Courts


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I'm trying to prepare for NOVA and their 1.5k point limit is giving me headaches. The missions themselves require some creative list building.

The first mission requires 1 and 2 wound models to escort a model, forcing me to take battleline choices other than Horrors. I feel like Crypt Ghouls are somewhat of a trap as you'll never get their full weight of attacks in and they need a mandatory (and very squishy) 80 point Courtier upgrade. Skeletons just seem to fit the role better.

The second mission is just a generic objective grab.

The third mission requires wizards to be placed around a node in your deployment to collect points. All ranged attacks, spells, and abilities outside of 6" also only hit on 6s. This obviously encourages castle-building and out-wizarding your opponent's list. I was considering taking a Royal Family or swapping the Mourngul for a King on Zombie Dragon, but trying to break my opponent's lines to kill their wizards may be the better option.


Here's what I've been brewing:

Ghoul King on Terrorgheist(General), Cursed Book, Lord of the Night - 400

Mourngul - 400

Haunter Courtier - 120

Haunter Courtier -120

6 Horrors- 280 (2 squads of 3 seem to die too quickly...)

5 Skeleton Horsemen - 100

10 Skeleton Warriors, Spears

Should be 1.5k even.


My alternatives were going for a Royal Family and 2 6 Horror/Courtier blocks, but then I miss out on the first mission's escort win condition. Can anyone give me some advice?


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My initial though is that by choosing the minimum amount of battle line units, you've given yourself a disadvantage in regards to the missions. You have the Ghoul King, Mourngul (the rules of which is insane), and the Horror-block as your damage dealing units. For maximum effect you'd need to keep the King within 15" of the Horrors, so you're focusing on at most three different targets. I can't comment on the strength of the list, since it will depend heavily on how you play it, and what your opponents will bring.


Take this with a health amount of salt, but it seems as if for the first mission you'll have to work to defend your battleline units. You need your battle line units to reach the ward if you want any chance of escorting him. The first thing I would try to do as your opponent is to get rid of them. Killing your general would also net your opponent 4 points, so that would be target number two on my list. The 5+ save from Deathless Minions and Lord of the Night adds a lot of survivability, but only in a bubble around your general.


Second mission, I'd ignore your Horror-block and contest everything else. Killing your general would net 4 points, the Mourngul 2, and the skeletons are the squishy targets for contesting an objective. As you don't have a Totem or a Warmachine in your army, your opponent will automatically get 2 points for that.


The third mission will also be tricky. With only one Wizard you'll be forced to go on the offensive. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. You can net a max of 8 bonus points if you can use your soft units to capture table quarters and terrain while going all out with your three damage dealers. But your opponent will probably do the same thing, and once again, your general is a prime target. His death would cost you 5 points, and give your opponent 2. His 14 wounds with a 4+ save, 5+ Deathless Minions and Lord of the Night, with the possibility of an additional 5+ save from Unholy Vitality (they stack), makes him very tanke, but not invincible. I doubt you'll be going up against lightweights, and playing him too defensively leaves you with only two real damage dealers.


Of course, all this might be wrong, but it's my initial assessment. :) Best of luck!

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You make some good points. The more I think about it, the less FEC are equipped for these missions. As a thought experiment, I tried to put together a Royal Family+Ghoul Patrol list, which should have the staying power hold objectives. The only problem is that in the first mission, the ghouls are at a disadvantage due to coming in 6 inches shallow on the board.

Here's what I was playing with:

Royal Family - 60

-Ghoul King on Terrorgheist, Cursed Book, Red Fury - 400

-Ghoul King, Ring of Immortality - 100

-Ghoul King - 100

Ghoul Patrol - 100

-20 Ghouls - 200

-20 Ghouls - 200

-10 Ghouls - 100

-Ghast Courtier, Ring of Immortality - 80

160 Reserve Points (3 Crypt Flayers)

That leaves me with what I feel like is a weaker shell for 1480. The Flayers feel a little meh without a Courtier. It does, however give me 3 wizards and enough outflanking bodies to really play the objective game. The only issue is the Ghoul Patrol arriving from the enemy's flank in order to actually get to the Ward. Dropping the Royal Family and downgrading to Horrors could let me take an extra Ghast Courtier. Red Fury is on the General just so I can get some extra millage in the combat phase.

I'm pretty sure not many armies will be taking war machines due to mission 3 and totems seem to be a liability in the form of squishy heroes anyway. Most armies don't even have totems worth their points, so it may just be better to give those 2 points up

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man death needs battalions. I want more artifacts so bad lol. 


I don't know what i think about the cursed book on the ghoul king. Not saying it's terrible; it's pretty good on him, but wonder what you think of the cloack of mist and shadow??? lets you  do a nice silly can trip. Maybe let you get out of a bad situation. Could maybe do the same thing iwth ring of imortality. Either way just food for thought.


Do you think it might be worth dropping the royal family, for 2 ghoul kings 1 on terrorgheist, and one on zombie dragon. YOu're probably also have to drop your summoning pool, but with few caster you probably wouldn't want to summon any way???  With two artifacts you culd kit out both your big beast that way. While also getting the better zombie dragon ghoul king buff that i believe he has???

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The Ghoul King of Terrorgeist can actually summon as a command ability without any roll, so long as its either 3 horrors or flayers. Not only that, but they come in 6" from any table edge.


Now, I was thinking of taking a zombie dragon. I'd have to do something like...


King on Zombie Dragon, LotN, Cursed Book - 400

King on Terrorgheist, Cursed Book - 400

Ghoul King -100

Ghoul Patrol - 100

- 20 Ghouls - 200

- 10 Ghouls - 100

- 10 Ghouls - 100

- Ghast Courtier - 80



It's not a bad idea. The two Cursed Book flyers stick together, causing -2 to hit to any melee units within 3 of them, so they're going to stick around. The ghouls feel a little squishy, but they are getting back d6 models a turn from Ghoul Patrol alone.

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Like the cursed books. I wouldn't go ruler of the night. You have 2 but bars that need to kill 1.5k points of enemy army. I'd give the terrorists or the zD red fury Hmmmm. 


Reason I like red fury on the terorghiest is you will get soooo many chance at that 6 to wound roll. The ZD giving you rerolls on your failed wounds, and red fury letting you attack twice. That terrorghiest will be a terror for sure. On top of that getting another few attacks from the ghoul king. That guy will be a bomb. 


Either way ruler of the night can work too because the beast will be 10" for that ZD buff. 

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