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Since the releasing of the model of the Shipppwreck for the Idoneth deepkin I desired to bring it to my army and modify it to realize a lot of different projects.

I describe some of such projects hereThen I'e started working on it. And I have to divide the projects in different parts that I'll post time by time cause otherways it would a bit too big in one shot (and it requires time to do the project too^^

The first part is related about the frontal part of the shipwreck. It's about magnetizing in the way to rpepare it for the crew and other options that I'll bring on the shipwreck too. And also to change the icon of the ship itself. All such works are better studied and done pefore to glue together the shipwreck, cause it's easier to manipulate and create the setting. Eventually I'd suggest you to use something like Patafix or tempoarasy fixing so to have a sight step by step of your advancing in the magnetizing.


About the ship icon I used a refined version of what I've done with the Wight king on Chalicotherium that you can find in this forum itself.


So here now it's the video about the first part of such project, I hope you enjoy it^^



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