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Mikeys unintentional Gloomspite gitz


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So, rather out of the blue my wife got me a few kits of Gloomspote gitz for my birthday. Which means I now have a 6th army (which I up until now had managed to not start). So here goes an attempt to get me to paint the models I get for the army.

So far I've got the Gobbapalooza, the Loonboss and the dankhold troggoth... as well as Zarbag from Underworlds Nightvault.

I did a testpaint of Zarbag

And I started on the Dankhol troggboss. (Edit: I love how you can tell it's getting darker and darker outside in the pictures 😂).






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On 2/19/2019 at 1:40 PM, Mutter said:

Very nice. Keep'em coming ...

And such a lovely wife!

Thanks. Got some more progress in on the Troggboss and will hopefully finish him before the weekend. Altough I have to finish up some Death guard for a 40k Narrative campaign first (but the Dankhold is way more fun to paint!).  Will upload more when he's done. 

I'm also looking around for colour schemes and I really dig the Moon city murdererboyz from the battletome. (That name is amazing 🤣)

She's the best. 😁



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On 3/8/2019 at 6:33 PM, HobbyKiller said:

Nice and unusual skin tone on the troll



I got a bit distracted by the new BoK release but I'm back on track painting my little gitz and troggoths. Nearly done on the Troggboss. Might finish him in the next few days.

Bought some more moonclan grots and a squig herd. And the damn terrain piece which is huuuuge... and the two main parts of it didn't align properly so I'll have to greenstuff it or something :/




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