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Artifact Choices for Tournament

Lucky Snake Eyes

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Hey all,

I'm competing in a tournament and am stuck between two artifact choices for my VLoZD.

I'm running grand host and want to use a VLoZD for some aggressive support for my skele stacks. I already have a necro with diadem (thanks to a battalion) but I can't decide between balefire lantern or the ethereal amulet for my VLoZD (we're using realm rules, spells and artifacts)

Any suggestions on which, or other artifacts I should take?

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Hard not to like an ethereal dragon. Have also had success with a gryph feather charm. Balefire lantern is going to be better for a unit that is going to babysit your hordes to let them benefit from the debuff, while ethereal lets your dragon be a big old distraction and go off on its own. So I guess its dependent on the rest of your army and overall gameplan.

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