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I need help with gw white primer


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Hey guys,this is my first topic and dont know if this is the place.


I am starting a fyreslayer project and i wanted paint them with shades as this gw article:  https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/03/12/from-the-mind-of-mengel-fyreslayers-the-easy-waygw-homepage-post-2/

But the problem is that i really hate the gw white primer(and i havent used other branch never).i have used it many times with my tau army and usually i used almost nothing,many areas had plastic seeing because when i use too much tye details dissapear.

But with this project i gonna need a full white coverage and i have fear that if i try get that coverage i gonna destroy the details

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You shouldn't be having trouble with the primer so there is likely something wrong in your method. A few thoughts:

1) What country are you in and what temperatures and conditions are you spraying in - climatic influences can affect how a primer goes on and extremes can result in reduced performance. 

2) You should ideally be in an environment that isn't too humid and has no wind, but good ventilation.

3) You should not hold the can too close when spraying. You want some distance so that the paint fans out and isn't soaking the model. And when you spray you should move the can across the model left to right. Movement is important, you don't hold the can still. At any point you spray the can should sweep - ergo move - not be focused on a spot.  Don't move too fast, a calm motion is all you need. 

4) Sometimes you have to build up the effect with steady layers and move the model around; some might even require you to tip the model up to get at parts underneath. Sometimes this will mean spraying it once as normal, letting that layer fully dry and then tipping the model up to get at the underside. 

5) Remember to let it dry fully, paint will go tacky and then can feel sort of dry long before its actually fully dry. So don't rush.

6) Like layer paint sometimes you need two thin coats of primer rather than one thick one. A couple of passes with the can and you should be fine 


Set some sprues up or spare parts from the kits you've got and experiment. GW Primer should work without any issues. 

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Thank you.

I usually prime in the room betwen my house and the neighbour,so it is closed and have plenty space,also im in spain that usually is hot but this room betwen our houses usually is good and havent humid neither wind due to be closed.

I havent tried to let it dry,i usually spray very soft short burts,sometimes it takes me as 8 of those burst to get it done,but i do it all in one go,i dont let it dry.

How much take to be dry?


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Sweep the can as you spray so that its moving and remember to move the model around between sprays otherwise you're just layering paint over the same area over and over and not catching the hidden spots that might be underneath or behind.


As for drying time it can vary based on the climate somewhat, however a good half to one hour should be sufficient (its been a while since I did any painting so my estimations might be somewhat off as I'm going from memory on the time)

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