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All things Skaven!


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All Hail the Great Horned Rat!

This is a thread for general sharing of all thinks skaven, not to be confused with the big 2.0 thread, this one is just purely about lore, models, conversions, cool stuff and other random rattish thoughts and musings. 

To kick things off a few books:

Classic Fantasy - the Old World where the Skaven were born and the Great Horned One first arose:

  • Death & Dishonour - a collection of short stories featuring several with skaven
  • Warlords of Karak Eight Peaks - collects the following books "Skarsnik, Headtaker, Thorgrim, The Karag Durak Grudge, The King of Black Crag" with a big injection an influence of Skaven in the legendary Karak Eight Peaks
  • Thanquol & Boneripper trilogy (Grey Seer, Temple of the Serpent, Thanquol's Doom). Currently not in a collected edition, but with the way BL is going the three books will likely be combined into a single volume at some point.
  • The Black Plague - Skaven VS the Empire although more a tale of the rise of one of the Empires finest its a look at the dark and twisted poxes and nefarious ways the ratmen have used to conquer the lands of men
  • The End Times series - book 4 The Rise of the Horned Rat deals specifically with the, well, Great Horned One! Though the whole series deals with the major world shattering events that ended the Old World and birthed the new Realms. See the Skaven escape the sinking ship of the old world and crash into the new Realms! 
  • Voices - a short story featuring Queek Headtaker and his, well, unique view on the world. 
  • Gotrek and Felix series - Skaven feature multiple times in full stories and short stories. From Skavenslayer where we first see the mighty Thanquol, to stories like Demonslayer where the Skaven antagonise and run alongside. I'd recommend the series in general as its a great adventuring romp through the Old World. 


Age of Sigmar Skaven stories

  • Skaven Pestilens - an epic tale of the might of skaven as they seek one of the 13 lost Great Plagues amid the ruins of a living city as it thunders over the open plains. See them contest with Sigmar's finest, the mysterious Slaan and other Skaven! 
  • Black rift - featuring a Brave and mighty Skaven Warlord - Warpfang! 


  • Death on the Pitch is a collection of short stories about the brutal sport, featuring no less than 3 that focus on and involve the Skaven! 


Other books and media:

  • Old GW Battletomes. Yep each one has a smattering of lore and stories, which over time flesh out and detail the skaven. 
  • Uniforms and Heraldry of the Skaven - contains some lore as well as drawn examples of the various different clans. A great detailed resource though sadly out of print and tricky to find
  • The Loathsome Ratmen and all their Vile Kin - this was made for the Warhammer Fantasy RPG game and is chock full of lore and background on the Skaven. A real Old World treasure trove of lore, but also out of print and very hard to find now. 




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3 minutes ago, Orchid89 said:

Which of these would be good to start of with?

ATM I haven't read anything about skaven but am interested.

I would recommend getting the Age of Sigmar Legends Omnibus 1 because within it you get the Skaven Pestilens story as well as stories for two other major armies for the same price as just getting Pestilens on its own.

Skaven Pestilens is an ideal read to get into Skaven in the Age of Sigmar setting. You might want to keep the GW website handy just to check what units look like (the books are pretty good at calling things exactly what they are, but it can help to have quick glance at the store to give you a mental image of what the various things are). 

It was the book I jumped in on and it worked out a great read and very easy to get into with a casual level of understanding of Warhammer.


At present that's about the best for the Realms; most of the rest of the Skaven books are from the Old World setting. Though a bonus is that many of the traits of Skaven remain unchanged and indeed of all the races they've probably had about the least amount of change save for the fact that their Great Horned One has become a formal Chaos God (in the past they were just creatures of Chaos and the Great Horned One was just all powerful) 

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