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Custom Mordheim units in AoS Stats


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Hey guys!

For the past year, like many others I've been working intensely on bringing over the much beloved Mordheim game over to the Age of Sigmar system. Thanks to the release of the new AoS skirmish game in this month's White Dwarf, I've had to make a few adjustments on how how convert hire costs to the latest renown system.  With that however, I finally decided to compile everything I have and start to make warscrolls of Mordheim units that can't be found in  AoS.

So far I'm posting two Amazonian units, I'd love to get a gut check on how  I did in terms of the stats and conversion of mechanics. Normally warscrolls don't display point values so I'll put them here. The Champion is weighted at 80 points, while the Warriors are weighted at 130 points per unit of 10.

Thanks for reading!



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I really wanted to show the might of power swords.

j/k I noticed it afterwards but didn't know how to edit my post lol

I've also been thinking about making the old one weapons be artefacts that convert damage into mortal wounds. 

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Made some Sisters of Sigmar warscrolls. I restricted the equipment to what the default miniatures came with to simplify things. The Augur has been changed the most, because her perception abilities don't really carry over to AoS Skirmish.





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