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Hello , 

First of all im new to warhammer and i want to build an army of death for 9th age rules

I want to use in my army more nighthaunts then vampire counts. The reason for that is that i love the look of nighthaunt miniatures more then vampire counts. 

So please  can you help me / suggest to build army for 2500 points. 

Thank you for any help and information :)

Kind regards.



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6 hours ago, mocefitos said:

please  can you help me / suggest to build army for 2500 points. 

Welcome to the dark side, we have cookies...

and our mighty lord „Supreme God-King Nagash“ is an equal opportunity employer with great development chances, full health care package and a creative retirement plan...


you might want to rummage through the Nighthaunt threat, where all the bedsheets are wailing and rattling...



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As far as I know, the rules you mention stick to Warhammer 8th ed armies and unit lists (e.g. Vampire Counts) with a little addition from the End Times, so there is no way to use the new Nighthaunt models - rules for them exist only in Age of Sigmar.

The models won't even fit on 20mm square bases, I think, they were designed for larger, round ones.

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