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Found 53 results

  1. First game playing bonereapers any advice? My list is Arkhan the black Vokmortain, master of the tithe Soulreaper Soulmason Boneshaper Harvester 1 unit of 3 stalkers 3 units of 20 mortek guard 1 mortek shield corps 1 mortisan trident Any advice about who to be my general or what artifacts, command traits, spells and legion I should do?
  2. Hello everyone, I am new to age of sigmar and I really like nurgle, in particular the blightkings and I would want to create an army. I read somewhere that to begin with the start collecting is a good idea, I also read that adding heros like the Harbinger of decay, gutrot spume, the lord of of blights and the Rotbringers sorcerer is a good thing for the army but I also read that the blightkings tend to be slow so do you have any advice of units in the nurgle army or in the other armies (if possible not skaven) thank you in advance
  3. Hi all! 'been lurkin for quite a while, thought it was high time to say hello properly. I'm a relatively new (despite the rather grizzled beard) AoS player, especially keen about anything (un)dead - such as the bunch of newly painted ghosts below. I quite like the very relaxed/constructive TGA's setting - keep up the great work, folks!
  4. Hi Guys, My name is Harry, I am brand new to AOS based around South West London and am going to be getting Soul Wars in the next few weeks to start my Hobby journey. My only issue is that, I dont know anyone else that plays! I would love to meet and chat to people on here to play, ( help me learn the rules!) paint and Hobby with! Looking forward to getting started! See you all out there
  5. I am new to Sigmar! I would like to collect a death army and the two that really get me are Nighthaunts and Flesh Eater Courts! But I don't know enough about the game to know how they really play on the table, and I love the lore and Aesthetic of both (Might get both eventually, but I can afford one right now). How do they both play? And I know courts are a hoard army, but are the Haunts? Or are they more elite? (I like having fewer, better painted models overall). I am also more interested in fun to play, over raw competitiveness, though winning CAN be very fun
  6. Hello! I am new to not only this forum, but the entirety of Age of Sigmar aswell. I am a hobbyist from Finland and i have been doing 40k for many years now, but recently i found great inspiration to finally get involved in age of sigmar too! Besides the very early part where i was a foolish imperial, i have been a follower of chaos for the most of my career in warhammer, and so i will stand for chaos in the mortal realms too. I have chosen Khorne as my patron god and i have come to partake in this community to further contribute to it aswell as enlighten me with the wisdom of my peers here in all things AoS.
  7. Hope I posted in the correct location. Essentially I use to play skaven back in the day, saw recent update for AoS so figured I would jump in. Asked some friends for help reaquanting to the game, he looked at book and said ask people online because they didn’t know. So here I am and here is some questions. So the battle traits, it’s 2 pages long, do I really just have all of them? Depending on the units I know, but provided I have each unit I just walk away with 10 traits? command traits. Do I only pick one for the whole army or would a hero from each clan have one? Like a plague priest would have “diseased” trait while at the same time a Eshin hero have “shadowmaster”. Same question for the Artifacts of Power? The spell lore, how do I get one of the book tells me what spells they know? Again since it started as a fantasy army I have a bunch of different units. But now they all belong to different clans. Can I run them together? What would I gain by not mixing clans? Thank you. Hope I followed the rules as I understood them.
  8. Hello everyone. I've been looking for a good AoS community and I think I have found it. I never played WH Fantasy before although I have been a gamer nearly my entire life. A few weeks ago my local store owner was kind enough to be my opponent in my very first AoS game and today I will be in a small 3 round tournament at that store. I expect I'll learn quite a bit as I get battered about the gaming tables 😉 Very much looking forward to this forum and what I can learn here as I go forward in my AoS gaming experiences.
  9. Hello everyone. I'm new AoS player who has fallen hard for the Delusion of the Carrion King. I used to play WHFB way back when but have mainly been playing smaller tabletop in recent years. When ever I start playing a new game i always look for a good community to join, learn from and share experiences with. GW really suckered me in with the Carrion Empire box which a I split two copies of with a friend. I also have 2 FEC SC boxes on the way as well as the Throne and a box of Ghouls (Lots of painting ahead for me). I regularly attend a local club and there is another gaming store 10 mins away so I'm hopeful to pick up games easily. Now to start assembling my Court and master the mind maze of building an army under AoS ruleset. Any tips for a new player would be greatly appreciated. Happy Gaming
  10. If you're reading this then I'm afraid I've tricked you into looking at yet another new players list. Well I'm not that new, I've had 6 years of playing under my belt but that was many moons ago, back when fantasy was fantasy and Warhammer had square bases (I know weird right?). The long of the short is I came back into the fold after pottering around a GW store and getting the painting/gaming itch I've not had in 11 years. After chatting away to a GW employee, playing an intro game and feverishly checking my bank account I decided upon Stormcast Eternals. Apparently they are quite good? To be honest they look a bit like space marines with swords, hammers and maces, that's all I needed to like 'em. So I bought the battletome and have been locked in my room scribbling army lists for the past few days and I just decided to put something together that I thought had synergy, would look cool and wouldn't cost the earth (if this army is horrendously illegal, awful or makes no sense please forgive me and berate me in the comments): (I went for 1500 points, that used to be normal in fantasy, is that a lot now? I have no idea if that's too much or too little now, I really have no idea what I'm doing.) Astreia Solbright (220) Knight-Heraldor (100) Lord-Relictor (100) Cleansing Phalanx (120) Sequitors X5 (120) Sequitors X5 (120) Evocators X5 (200) Evocators X5 (200) Liberators X10 (200) Celestar Ballista (100) Total: 1,480 I figured I'd use the Hammers of Sigmar Stormhost (reviving expensive units on a 5+ is a totally new concept to me and seems OP), no idea about artifacts as I believe i get 2 but have to take God-forged Blade first? Any help here would be well received. If you made it this far, thanks for reading! All I basically want to know is whether this army is usable, I don't need it to be a world-beater, I just need something I can use and not be a cleared off the board in every game, thanks for the advice and happy wargaming!
  11. mocefitos

    vampire counts

    Hello , First of all im new to warhammer and i want to build an army of death for 9th age rules. I want to use in my army more nighthaunts then vampire counts. The reason for that is that i love the look of nighthaunt miniatures more then vampire counts. So please can you help me / suggest to build army for 2500 points. Thank you for any help and information :) Kind regards.
  12. Hello, i have known warhammer for a long time but just decided to start my first aos army, i have dark vengeance 40k but no more so i would like some advice. I chose chaos starting with undivided ("slaves" to darkness). I would like to branch out to each god eventually. I like having lots of variety and bringing something different each game. For now i have the start collecting, a hellcannon and 10 forsaken. In the attachment you can see my wishlist for chaos undivided (ignore the weapons). I'm not sure if this is ok though. I'm mostly worried about not having enough marauders or chaos warriors as meat of the army. Perhaps i should get more of those? another box marauders and another start collecting? More marauder horsemen too? I'm also worried that 5 furies are not enough to make an impact. Thank you for reading and helping. ChaoswarriorsUndividedMissmeermaraudersofwarriors_.pdf
  13. I have been eyeing up the Orruk Ironjawz models for awhile now. With the new edition it looked like a great time to buy some models. Here is what I told my LGS to get me Start Collecting! Ironjawz - 3 gore riders, war canter, 10 ardboys Ironjawz Weirdnob Warband - 1 shaman, 5 ardboys, 5 brutes What else do I need to get right away? With the new edition is there a smart way to build the models AKA don't use weapon X also use weapon Y?
  14. Hello Alliance! As a new player to the hobby (plastic crack they call it ) i started with a small box called a Storm of Sigmar. My thoughts were- let's try it. It's cheep, there are some different units, two armies (so i thought) - all cool. In the perspective my opinion on Storm of Sigmar are quite negative. Sure its cheep and easy way to jump in AoS but in very limited way. Sure it's good if you are thinking SKIRMISH. But if you want to start regular army there are numerous issues. First of all you dont get any unit in numbers you need to feel requirements of warscrolls- 5 blood reavers? and then what? you missing next 5! Ok You can buy another Easy to build set but then another problem pop up- the whole unit looks the same. I know this is not necessarily a issue for some players but for me is a little disaster . I guess you can buy some miniatures on eBay... but.... As i mention all units are missing miniatures for a normal AoS units. Buing next 4 Easy to Build boxes rises price of SoS too high IMO But Storm of Sigmar is in the past. It serves it purpose. Now the BIG Starter set. I think the value is outstanding!! For all the goodies you get price between 55 - 65 (third part retailer) is brilliant. but again it is without issues. First of all, since rules are free, you actually don't need the rule book (except for all fluff) and it's targeting only players who wants to play poster boys Still awesome value! A lot Blood for a Blood GOD!!! There is still Thunder & Blood and i find this is the starter i should start! You got heroes full warscroll units. Sure it got issue with ETB units looking like f****ng clones but it is great. Plus i think (i hope more experienced players will agree will agree with me) it is a great addition to a big starter. What are your thoughts on starters??
  15. Hi there, I'm a complete beginner and own no miniatures at the moment and have played nothing but the total war games (which I own both of) and have been interested for quite some time now of buying a starting kit to build an army. I've done a few hours worth of research but am finding it difficult to find all the information I need to start in one place so I have some questions! First off, I'm looking at first buying the stormcast vs khorne set as it gives me two armies at a fair price so I could play with a friend. I would like to own two armies eventually and build them consecutively hoping to eventually be khorne + tzeench and stormcast + kharadron overlords. Mostly curious if the khorne vs stormcast set would be the best starting place for that, or if I should buy the individual starting sets first (more interested in the vanguard than externals set) and if those combinations would even work together. Lastly just wondering what all exactly in addition to my starting army I will need to buy to get fully started in a game. Thanks alot for any and all help!
  16. Hi All I am fairly new to AoS (played a bit of fantasy in secondary school a long, long time ago) and decided to start collecting Khorne Bloodbound. I am enjoying playing a lot but I am getting to a stage were I'd like to take a step up and maybe invest in taking my collection to the 2000pt level. I currently have the Bloodbound half of the AoS starter set (Mighty Chaos Lord, Bloodsecrator, Bloodstoker, Khorgorath, 5 Blood Warriors and 20 Bloodreavers) and was wondering what would be best to add next? I like the look of some of the other chaos factions, Brayherds and Warherds especially but I don't know if these would be fluff friendly allies or indeed if the benefits of expanding to new factions would outweigh any negatives. Also do Daemons and Monsters of Chaos count as part of the core if given the mark of Khorne? (I like the look of Be'lakor, if not maybe a Daemon Prince) Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Sam
  17. Ok, so, Order Draconis with Allies under the new GHB. Having had a think on what I want to do in AoS as a new player I realised I would be doing myself a complete injustice if I didn't play with Dragons and with lots of Cavalry, hence OD. Models seem to be in short supply, but I would love to have a legacy army full of the miniatures I used to really like before embracing whatever comes next for the Highborn. In terms of an army, what would you suggest? I'm very keen on avoiding the cheese, so perhaps a Dragonlord and an allied Drakeseer with *alot* of Dragon Blades to flood the enemy with, rounded out with Mounted Dragon Nobles and a further allied horse-mounted Archmage? Points wise, Dragon Blades seem to have had a massive points break to just 140pts for 5 of them, while the battalion seems not worthwhile at its points cost? Your thoughts, comments and potential army lists are all welcome
  18. Hello all, So I havent done any mini painting since I was ... 13? Stop me if you've heard this, but I've gotten the itch in a big way since I started playing Total War and Vermintide. So, 17 years later I'm an adult with disposable income, wanting to dive in and start working on an army for painting and gaming purposes. I've done tons of research on the different armies in production and I've boiled it down to 3 choices. I don't want to invest in an army and then end up hating it so I thought I would ask around on some of my key issues with each option. Sylvaneth: Badass tree warriors that teleport around the battlefield through their wyldwoods? Sign me up. $120CAD for a single wyldwood? Hahahahahahaha. Seriously though, I'm not going to shell out more money for a single Wyldwood than a new SC box. Are alternative Wyldwoods available and accepted in the tournament scene? Or should I move on? Because I fundamentally refuse to spend $200+ on scenery to fully take advantage of an armies passive. Nagash: Spooky scary skelington warriors are totally my jam - they don't seem to have a lot of ranged options. Are there plenty of playstyles available for death players? Also, what's up with GW supporting death players with cheaper markers for their passive terrain features and not Sylvaneth? Seraphon: Stardust dinosaur warriors being summoned through floating magical frogs is also totally my jam. However, I was wondering, how old are some of these models? The larger ones look absolutely amazing, while others look ... blocky? I'm thinking specifically of the skink options. Are these old models that are more than likely going to be updated in the future? I would rather not start on some units to only find out that new ones are coming out in a year or two. Thanks for hearing me out. Glad to find this community!
  19. So, i'm entering my first tournament at the end of next week and I've come up with this list. What I need is for you guys to help me out and tell me if i need to change this. It looks light on dudes to me, but i could be wrong! Leader Arkhan the Black Necromancer Necromancer Battleline 10 Dire Wolves 30 Skeleton Warriors (spears) Other Corpse Cart (Unholy Lodestone) Should I split the wolves to two 5 man groups so I can hold more objectives? Am I missing something that i overlooked? Any and all help appreciated!
  20. Hi there, I am a new player, only played 5 games and i have lost all of them. I am playing tzeentch and my opponents are playing stormcast and seraphon. I run LoC, Blue Scribes, Herold, Gaunt Summoner, Shaman, 9 Skyfires, 3x 10 pinks, 30 blues and Balewind Vortex. I have no experience in war gaming and my opponents have played for 20+ years. Would anyone be able to help me with some tips or tactics that will help me beat these guys? I have learned i pretty much never want to take the first turn so i can let them come to me and soften them up with spells before moving in to take the objective from them. I need to keep my units spread out so bastiladon doesnt ****** snakes on them. Keep my casters out of combat with bubbles of horrors and skyfires are only really good in combat on my turn so they get the rerolls to hit and wound. Dont bother trying to kill the bastiladon it has a mortal wound save and takes too much attention. There was even talk of him bringing the Kroknado combo which i asked him to hold fire on till i at least win one game! Thanks for any help here guys, its much appreciated.
  21. Greetings fellow lizard people! I recently acquired a second hand, former Lizardman army and thought I would take a stab at these Seraphon beasties I've heard so much about. Below is the army list which works out to be 120 points short of 2000 and I come to you with cap (Aztec headdress) in hand for advice. What artifacts would you recommend for the heroes (I'm liking Great Rememberer for the Slaan's command trait but open to others)? Are the models I have going to synergise well? Is there something weak/pointless that you would drop? Is there an auto-include for this army? (Saurus Astrolith Bearer perhaps?) Should I be choosing between a lot of Skinks or a lot of Saurus or is it good to have heaps of both? How to spend the last 120 points? Save them for summoning? Saurus Sunblood- I like this guy's punch in melee and gives me a 3rd hero Another 20 Skinks? 10 x Chamelon Skinks? Drop 10 x Saurus Warriors and go for the Shadowstrike Starhost battalion? Re-jig the list and add some Stormcast as allies? Other ideas? Strategy wise I see the Kroxigor, Salamanders and Skink Handlers operating as an independent force on my flank, the Saurus Warriors hold the middle while the Saurus Guard protect the Slaan. The Skinks run around looking for objectives and generally harassing. The Ripperdactyls probably die after an alpha-strike on a suitable target and the Stegadon does Stegadon things (stamps on stuff I guess). Thanks in advance for any help!!! Army list below: Allegiance: SeraphonLeadersSlann Starmaster (260)- General- Trait: Great Rememberer Skink Starpriest (80)Battleline10 x Saurus Guard (200)- Seraphon Battleline40 x Saurus Warriors (360)- Clubs40 x Skinks (200)- Meteoric Javelins & Star Bucklers20 x Skinks (120)- Meteoric Javelins & Star BucklersUnits3 x Skink Handlers (40)3 x Ripperdactyl Riders (140)3 x Kroxigor (160)- 1x Moonhammers2 x Salamanders (80)BehemothsStegadon (240)Total: 1880 / 2000
  22. Hello! I am new to this wargaming thing, and i really like the look of the aelfs.I don't know what i want from the hobby since i never played a game, but i thing i just want a great looking army that is not TOO hard to pain, cuz every time i watch a battle report i fall asleep. I think aelfs are cool mostly cuz of their dragons (since a lot of miniatures are small, a big centerpiece dragon lords help a lot) and because i think i can make some fun lore from them. So if you would like to take your time to build me an army, These are my requirements : 1- Needs a dragon.(dread or high elf one, if you want to recommend a wood elf (wanderers?) list, that cool as well ill probs just repaint it(i think green isn't that bad) 2-Needs to stuck wiht one theme (basically one of the three factions from the WFB, all though The witchelves alliance box (the one with the cauldron) is okay in every list since i can jsut repaint the armor on them 3-Not too expansive (basically keep it beetwen 500-1000ish points, just want a cool army wiht a centerpiece (OPTIONAL!)4- I would like the size of the models,( head to toe), especially on the dragon dudes! THANKS!
  23. After hours of tweaking and pulling hair i've finally come up with a Ironjawz list with allies i think cover the most ground. I tried (bcs i wanted) to create a list that wasn't all Ironjawz but still could use the Ironfist Battalion to give it a little bit more "flavour" you know im sayin? WARNING: Please note im not looking for an ALL IRONJAWZ list here. I've already done that so just Allied forces or a mixed Destruction list. Thank you for considering this Ma Green Boyz! Every crazy idea you may have thought of: i want it! Leaders Orruk Warchanter (80 Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (460) - General - Command Trait : Bestial Charisma (The moonclan needs it) - Artefact : Daubing of Mork (well...it's nice!) Orruk Megaboss (140) - Artefact : Destroyer (Obvious chest) Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (120) Units 40 x Moonclan Grots (260) -Pokin Spears & Moon Shields - Bad Moon Icon - Allies 3 x Grot Fanatics (100) - Allies 5 x Orruk Brutes (180) 10 x Orruk Brutes (360) 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140) Battalions Ironfist (160) Total: 2000 / 2000 Allies: 360 / 400 Thoughts on this list - In my opinion what Ironjawz lack is field presence and the best way to do this (within the 400 points) is to ask the moonclan for da help. You can use them as a BIG blocker in the front preventing charges if you don't get that 2 turns in a row charging madness. keeping your Orruk Brutes ready for the charge behind them. And one other thing is you get a big blob that is above 20+ and in my opinion is more "adapted" to many other lists you're facing. Am i wrong? am i looking at the wrong picture here? you tell me! So basically im trying out an allied force to my already strong Ironjawz army but it's actually harder than i thought to fill the gap with only 400 and still go out a champion. Anyone here playtested an allied force with Ironjawz and felt like: this is it!!? Basically im looking for help here. please for Da mork and Da Gork?
  24. Hi everyone! Ive played some AoS before with Stormcast and Seraphon. But now i got my eyes on then boy'z! when starting from 0...how would you begin your journey with the jaw's? For 1000p? And how would you later build that list to 2000p? Any formations you like? If you have time please explain HOW to play aswell with the army. I think i got the hang of it but all help will be much needed i think! I have not yet played with the new GH17. How have they changed? Are they better or worse then before? All information will be greatly helpful! And by the end of next week i might got some new models to start my next project! Cheers!
  25. I am planning on getting into the hobby in the next few months, so right now i am choosing an army for myself. From what i heard, fyreslayers very extremely expansive before, but with the new SC set i think they are pretty reasonable (well, GW's sense of reasonable) I love the models but i am not sure how can I paint the big lizard. I love the color scheme on GW's website: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-IE/Auric-Runesmiter-on-Magmadroth I think i can get the black effect with a abbadon black, eshin grey drybrush, but as for the fires i am completely lost. Also please do not suggest a air-brush, I just want to use regular brushes. Since i am worried about the size of the model, if anyone can give me the measurements of him that would be great. Thx!
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