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Free Age of Sigmar Audio books with TGA and Audible


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We have just brought on our first site sponsor, Audible.  

I've been a member of Audible for years with over 200 books in my Audible library and now that Age of Sigmar, 40k and Horus Heresy books are on Audible it seemed like  great fit for us to promote. 


The Offers. 

We have 2 offers with Audible.  

1. Free 30 Day Trial.

In this offer you can CLICK OUR LINK and start a free trial with Audible.  You get 30 days membership on the site. This gives you access to there huge library of free books, sales and discounts, but it also give you 1 credit to download any audiobook on the site.  

This book is yours to keep even if you decide later that you no longer want to be a member.  

A membership is usually £7.99 per month. 



2. Discount membership plan. 

If you already know that there are a few books that you want you can use this offer

Normal membership is £7.99.  With offer 1 you get you 1st month free, so after 3 months you would have paid 15.98

Offer 2 gives you 50% off 3 months so your first 3 months total cost is only £11.99.  This is particularly great if you know that there is a series that you want to get into.



Choosing either of these plans is a great way to support TGA.  This is a sponsored ad, and we do earn a commission, but we only promote amazing products and services that we believe are a great deal and a genuine benefit to the community.  I have been using and promoting Audible for years and will be doing so for the foreseeable future. 

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I already have a membership with audible but I highly recommend anyone on the fence to use the above offer. I've listened to "Plague Garden", "The Silver Shard", and "Wardens of the Everqueen". All are great stories, and my favourite so far has been "The Silver Shard". We get a good perspective on how certain witch hunters operate as well as scourge privateers. In the climax of "Plague Garden", I could hardly believe what was happening and could hardly tear myself away from it. Right now, I've started on "Blacktalon: First Mark" and I'm pretty excited about it. If anyone has other recommendations, I'd be more than happy to hear them.

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