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  1. I have plenty of stabbas and shootas from my collection. I picked up a box of new Gitz just for the Swords in trade recently, looks like that sadly wasn't necessary...
  2. I like this idea. I'm struggling at even the thought of painting my emerging Slaanesh forces. Back on track with the thread for overread, make sure you save cash for that new KoS. That's my next purchase until I figure how I like a list to look. And I think another start collecting box (with 10 Daemonettes and more cavalry, plus a chariot option) would do you well. Tell us how it goes.
  3. What will you do with your awkward old goat daemon? I wonder if the base size matches that of a Daemon Prince in the new Hedonites Battletome?
  4. Good question, and pardon me everyone if this has already been addressed in this thread: I noticed how small these Troggoths are for the price. Can we see a size comparison to perhaps an old Rockgut (for Broctoon) as well as some other models? I'm hesitant build a meager 15-20 model count Troggoth army if they are notably under-impressive in appearance. Lastly, how do all of you feel about this issue? Hope to see some pics here, thanks.
  5. Thank for your input Scathach. On a different note, who is excited at the possibility of a low-model count Troggoth force to bring to a game shop, instead of the nightmare of lugging around massive amounts of 28mm models. Most of the older blokes I'm friends with switch to 15mm game systems eventually when they get long in the tooth, to cut down on clutter and hassle. I adore AoS so this seems like a good compromise to me.
  6. Right on, it is a pretty rad model. I'm loving these list ideas. a refreshing change from my Slaanesh. Another question, since I have a moment and all of you are being so helpful -- can Troggoth lists still drop the terrain piece at the beginning of the match, or is that irrelevant to them? I understand it can return units of Gitz goblins, so I am uncertain if we get one or not with a Troll General hero.
  7. Two questions. What is a Troggoth herd? and will there be a non-Forge World hag model? Will some of you with these lists proxy?
  8. I was looking at the Night Haunt book and noticed all their battle traits. I do not recall reading if Battle Traits are used in AoS Skirmish now?
  9. Thanks Kramer! I happen to have a half-painted Gargaunt and a few Gitz around. I think Monday I may need to, "call out Warhammer" at work and hobby all day 🙂
  10. ok got it -- regular spells work, and what you said above applies. Thanks. does anyone have confirmation of the larger creatures being available now in Skirmish -- such as a Chaos Gargaunt? For example, if a matched play set-up maxed at 250 Renown, the gargaunt would cost standard + additional based on the rules, but is usable?
  11. Perhaps this is my mind not properly caffeinated this morning, but spells from warscrolls are fully usable in the new Skirmish rule set, yes? The pages state, "no endless spells"and no Realm Spells -- but I'm not sure what the realm spells are? Also, any large creatures are allowed so long as they do not exceed agree upon point limits, yes? This was not the case before, as we were limited to what was listed in the small Skirmish rule book.
  12. I'm glad I asked, thank you. Thus the extra option of 2 additional Melusai is quite a benefit after all. Cheers,
  13. Greetings, I've never really used Warscroll Battalions, but now that I'm starting Daughters of Khaine I am interested in the Temple Nest and have a few questions. When using a WB, are you allowed to add any units to it? Or are you only allowed to expand the model count of a unit? This caught my eye because a Khailebron army allows you to, "add up to two units of Melusai" to a Temple Nest Battalion. I pondered, "couldn't I do this anyway? How is that helpful? " Therefore, if any of you can clarify and perhaps offer other tips that are common mistakes with Battalions I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  14. He probably has right around 400 points of Ghouls. I'll go with this book for now and see how he likes it. Thanks everyone
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