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Skaven army!


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Hi, i’m a new AOS player. Some days ago i restarted painting my skaven miniatures after a hiatus of 5 years. I need some advice on how to build a good 1000/1500p list with the minis i have and eventually what can i add to them. I’d like to use a mixed skaven list or eventually only skryre. I have: 

-1 skaven warlord 

-2 warlock engineers 

-2 packmasters

-80 clanrats

-5 acolytes 

-3 stormfiends

-1 Wind-mortar launcher

-1 warpfire thrower

-1 doomwheel 

-4 rat ogres

What do you think?

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You can get a reasonable skryre list at 1k from what you have.

Make one of your engineers an arch warlock, then:

1 arch warlock, 1 warlock engineer, 3 stormfiends (battleline), 5 acolytes (battleline), 40 clanrats (allies), doomwheel, warp fire thrower team. 980 pts.

To get to 1500 pts, I’d personally add another 3 stormfiends and a Warp lightning cannon. 1450 with a spare command point.

Then to 2k ally in another 40 clanrats since you already have them, and then more of whatever works best for you! More stormfiends and your mortar team, another 2 WLC, etc etc.

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Allegiance: Chaos

Skaven Warlord (100)
- Warpforged Blade
- Artefact: Crown of Conquest
Packmaster (60)
- Herding Whip & Blade
Warlock Engineer (100)
- General

40 x Clanrats (200)
- Rusty Spear
40 x Clanrats (200)
- Rusty Spear

4 x Rat Ogors (200)
1 x Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team (70)
1 x Poisoned Wind Mortar Weapon Team (60)

Total: 990 / 1000
Extra Command Points: 0
Allies: 0 / 200
Wounds: 115


Here's my suggestion. With the warlord having the crown of conquest, you can make both clanrat units immune to battleshock (as long as they are within 6"). The warlord can also buff the rats with Gnash-gnaw on their bones (30+ clanrats with 2 attacks are actually pretty killy).
So you have a wall or rats that will never die (until the warlord gets sniped though, so watch out for that.
With the warpfire thrower and engineer you have some mortal wound output.
The packmaster with rat ogors work well as a hammer unit (carful not to lose the packmaster though, as the rat ogors will then be prone to battleshock, which hurts terribly on rat ogors).


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