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Now that AoS has brought me back to the hobby after more than a decade of not painting anything, I guess I should post some photos of stuff I've painted since my return.

First, the Slaaneshi Gorebeast Chariot I finished this morning:


Well, it's not quite finished as I still need to attach some jewellery chain reins and glue the crew to the chariot and the chariot to the base.

You can find more photos HERE.

Any comments, suggestions, etc. are very welcome.

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My next project is getting my kitbashed Dark Elf Shades painted. I have 15 of them and they've been sitting around all grey-plastic-and-greenstuff since June. Here's the first five. Yes, I know the sides of the bases need touching up, but I'm going to do that on all 15 together when they're all painted.


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If you like that charioteer, there are some similar Marauders in my Photobucket gallery.

It's always annoyed me that GW has never bothered making female Chaos Marauder models, despite it being stated in the fluff at least as far back as 6th edition that many women of the Marauder tribes are warriors.

The charioteer herself was sort of inspired by the female chariot-archers in Ridley Scott's Gladiator. If I eventually get another Gorebeast Chariot for my Slaanesh army, I might try to find a head/helmet that better matches the movie version.

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Here's the next five Shades, including the unit leader in the centre:


I'll be leaving for France in a few days, so the remaining five will have to wait until I get back to the UK. To be honest, I'm a bit sick of painting black at this point, so a break is most welcome! :P It might not be obvious from the photos, but there are actually two different blacks there. Some of the black parts (such as the cloaks) are highlighted with cold greys (layers mixed from GW Dark Reaper and Vallejo Shadow Grey), while others (e.g. the leader's longcoat) are highlighted with warmer greys (GW Rakarth Flesh mixed into the black). If you see two black areas next to each other on these models, they're usually different blacks, but the contrast works much better in real life than in the photos.

The only thing I'm not happy with is the blood on the leader's swords. I'm still getting used to the Blood For The Blood God technical paint. It's a lot quicker than my old method for painting blood, but it's so thick and gloopy that it's hard to get realistic-looking splashes and runnels. It worked really well on my Chaos charioteer's glaive, but just isn't quite right here. Oh well.

Anyway, here's all ten of the painted Shades together:


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13 hours ago, Ansuz said:

I really like your blueish skin tone, it contrasts nicely with your darker clothes and armour.

Thanks! I basecoated the skin with a roughly 50:50 mix of Vallejo Shadow Grey and Dead White, then highlighted gradually up to pure Dead White. After dotting in the eyes, I picked out each mini's eyesockets and lips with one of GW's Shade washes (Coelia Greenshade, Nuln Oil or Druchii Violet) to provide some extra contrast.

I'm a firm believer in making elves look as strange and alien as possible. They're not just humans with pointy ears, after all. And inhuman skin tones are an easy way to do that. When I eventually get around to starting my Wanderer army, I'll probably be painting them like Tiste Andii.

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