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Converting the Bloodthirster kit.


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16 minutes ago, kenshin620 said:

I don't know how possible it is, but maybe have the bloodthirster look down at his victims like he's about to crush them with his feet and weapons? Seems a bit weird they're always looking parallel when most enemies are ground level and man sized.  Kind of like the FW thirster.

I have seen one or two examples of changes to it. I think the big question is the legs if I can work out a trick to repose of of them I will be golden. 

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I think hand and weapon swaps shouldn’t be too difficult but I’ve never actually seen the sprues so I’m not sure what else you could do without serious work.

The Skarbrand kit at least gives you some different options but I’m not sure if it comes with the rest of the Bloodthirster sprues or just the ones you “need”. 

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