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  1. christophe

    Help me with Skink Color Scheme

    I would guess it's a darker color than stegadon green, maybe black with a dark reaper highlight ?
  2. christophe

    Crimson-brown Stormcast Eternals

    indeed. If you are beginner you could go for some metallic copper paint. If you are super skilled and have a full week for each miniatures, you could go for a more red version of this (for GW, on a black base, maybe doombull brown then squig orange, with red glaze and a hard highlight adding some ivory colors to those)
  3. christophe

    AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin Discussion

    I planned to use an extra shipwreck, glue some (high) parts to the base, and glue the tail of the eels to the shipwreck
  4. christophe

    Nighthaunt hexwraith conversions.

    I will do mine with 2 dreadblade harrows sets, parts of the 4 soulwar boxes' reapers and a wingless reikenor as a boss. I want one hand holding the reins of the horse. I will change the horses leg so they all look different. I could be looking at the black coach horses as well if I want to expend the unit size.
  5. christophe

    Mortal Slaanesh Army Revisited

    super nice colors. The snow was a very good call. My favorit is the giant color scheme : I feel the light blue is not necessary for this army, the kaki and yellow are enough and a very unusual and elegant palette. Well done sir !!
  6. christophe

    Advice for Warherd Paint Scheme

    Shadow means very dark blue or purple (browns are too usual). You could find inspiration in the new Nighthaunt, they are full of very dark blue and very dark turquoise. Maybe some dark reaper fur, and more slaneshy greyish skin ? You could paint your metal rusty or bronze to have your complementary color. Dark purple, turquoise and gold could work as well, ala Joker. Or you could maybe go for an Albinos tribe living in the darkness. White skin and fur, red eyes, very dark clothes (purple, turquoise to give a mystical vibe and contrast with the bronze or rust of your weapons)...
  7. christophe

    Cavalry armies post-Brettonia?

    yes the Hexwraiths. I am personally not a fan... It's unfortunate, if the model were new, I would definitely go for it myself, love the new mounted heroes (on stag, Pegasus, horse) and the new black coach, and they have a nice thematic battalion to make it work. Some pics : https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/07/08/coming-next-week-heroes-old-and-new/ https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/06/30/30th-june-the-warhammer-age-of-sigmar-open-day-live-bloggw-homepage-post-1/
  8. christophe


    you could do like in this video, replacing the texture paint by some baking powder or plaster, or fine sand on glue, lots of good video on youtube
  9. christophe

    Cavalry armies post-Brettonia?

    Nighthaunt has cavalry battle line and nice new cavalry heroes. Or Deepkin if you want even more original cavalry : eels are deadly and battlelines if you take the see-unicorn riding king, Bretonnia 2.0
  10. christophe


    balthasar Gold is indeed very nice. For the colored spray, yes it is mostly saved one step (basing all the belt and boots and woods can be very fastidious, but a spray of Mournfang brown take 10 seconde for exemple). And it's easier to paint for exemple a bronze color on a brown base than on a white one (less layer to do). And if you miss some part of the model (difficult to access, too quick paint job etc...) better see some brown than some white. For the base, I would advise you to go for swamp, there is some tutorial on internet for that. Your Nurgling rot could be put to good use. Order some winter or swamp tufts (army painter for exemple) to look super pro. You will see Nurgle is both very easy for new painter and very rewarding with all the cool effect and color scheme possible
  11. christophe


    It's look good. If you are on a budget, I would not buy the cork, easy to find on a board or some wine bottles... I would not buy corax white spray, it make sense if you paint shiny colors but for nurgle a grey, brown, green or beige would made your life easier. Brass scorpion is not my favorite, I prefer the metallic base than the metallic layer.
  12. christophe


    the best to minimize the price of paint and max the effect would be to buy a spray of your main color (metal ? leather ? tan ? green ?) then some good base colors (Valejo are cheaper, GW are pricey but nice for base), preferably light, and don't bother to buy paint for highlight (worst case you can put some white or flesh in the base color), but buy a quickshade strong tone pot, magical for nurgle brownish greenish tone !! If you like the color scheme of the Death Guard in 40K, you could buy for example screamer pink for clothes, baltazar gold for metallic details, deathguard green for armor, some gun metal for the weapons, some necrotic flesh color for the skin... a very good tutorial for beginner here :
  13. christophe

    Be witness! (Nurgle & Procrastination)

    I love the pink. You could go for more contrast on the robe (but maybe it's just the photo). I would buy Army Painter Quickshade strong tone and do some diping. So much faster for hordes, perfect for Nurgle greenish and brownish tone. And you could get a super professional finish after some trying.
  14. christophe

    Can Age of Sigmar 2 be a competitive game?

    There is a lot of competitive tournaments where people will do their best to bring the more Over Powered stuff before GW realized how OP they are and nerf them (NB : GW is not really good at it...). Lot's of content on TGA but maybe easier to find on site like this one : https://aosshorts.com/category/age-of-sigmar-strategy-tactics-articles/ For exemple : https://aosshorts.com/lgt-aos-championship-top-lists-and-results/
  15. christophe

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    a very very nice NH recap : https://war-of-sigmar.herokuapp.com/bloggings/3107