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  1. I hope we will get new battleline giants, would be happy to make an army without the old gargants models...
  2. Any idea for a army terrain ? A stone table (dolmen style) with some food (Johan, a cow...) on top could be fun.
  3. Allies ? I hope not, a giant should be in a other category than a troll or an ogre... I was expecting some bulkier giants, but it make sense they kept the previous design. And it indeed has a very welcome non grimdark fairy tale touch. Would you put your money on 3 kits or 1 multi build for the 3 giants in the pictures ?
  4. The big dwarf ships were not so good in the armor departement. Realism is often secondary in AoS. To have more pleasant match up vs army with few MW maybe they will give them tons of wound and more average save ? (Except ofc for the faction Petrifex Gargants ;p)
  5. christophe


    Hi Guys, Nurgle brought me back to the hobby after a 20+ year break. I started playing with oil and pigment, took me 2 weeks to paint 2.000 "tabletop ready" but never really finish them, too much details
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