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  1. christophe

    Custom KO color scheme, could use help

    Do you know which kind of purple ? Steampunk imagery use sometimes a more reddish/brownish one, or something like the GW screamer pink scheme which works very well with the brass. If you go for something more modern, more vivid or more blue, especially with a flashy light green, you will go into the classical alien/baddies paint scheme. Very strong but not very steampunk. Light green could work very well instead of the light blue GW used for the shiny window effect on their windows and googles. And if you want to be very original and know how to paint, a desaturated military green where GW use screamer pink with deep fuchsia effect on the windows and googles will be very sexy. For my Nighthaunt I will myself go the fang/fuchsia but it can work also for KO https://skylanders.fandom.com/wiki/Motherly_Mayhem?file=Kaos_Fortress.jpg
  2. christophe

    Nighthaunt or LoN

    If you are very competitive, LoN is arguably the best army (or second...), whereas Nighthaunt are only average, so there is that... But model wise, Nighthaunt have very very fancy new toys with a strong common esthetic, while LoN is quite a mix of old and new stuff, So if like me you select armies for the minis and love there beautiful new models : Nighthaunt 100%
  3. christophe


    thank you, it's just oil paint. on a white base for the flame, on the stone color for the walls, it's slightly transparent, and can be reworked as it dried very slowly....cheap and convenient 😊
  4. Love your stripes on the Sigmar beasts, very striking 😉
  5. christophe


    Very dynamic, bravo
  6. christophe

    Converting the Bloodthirster kit.

    I paint one for my kid that I positioned more flying forward
  7. christophe

    Need help with identification of colours

    Hi, there is high chance the paints are not all GW, but the gold looks like retributor armor with a shade of druchi violet. The dracoth skin looks like lothern blue with blue horror edge and drakenhof nightshade (and some turquoise glaze on the scale, maybe temple guard blue/baharroth blue). The coat looks like Sotek green with nuln shade and temple guard blue edge). Good luck !!
  8. christophe


  9. christophe


  10. christophe


    I paint some "khornified" everchosen for my son army. Not convinced by his colour choices and gore on top of fire, but it's relaxing to paint and allow me to taste stuff and steal some bits 😉
  11. christophe

    Khorne Varanguard

  12. christophe

    500pt Nighthaunt : how to?

    And Nighthaunt doesn't shine below 1500points. It could explain some of your problems.... (you really need your GoS and ST and max unit so they don't die before you replainish them)
  13. christophe

    AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin Discussion

    Have you guys seen these nice under water resin bases for ID ? https://shop.microartstudio.com/en/274-deep-water