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  1. christophe

    OscarLars Painting Stuff [update: Pallador]

    Love your stripes on the Sigmar beasts, very striking 😉
  2. christophe


    Very dynamic, bravo
  3. christophe

    Converting the Bloodthirster kit.

    I paint one for my kid that I positioned more flying forward
  4. christophe

    Need help with identification of colours

    Hi, there is high chance the paints are not all GW, but the gold looks like retributor armor with a shade of druchi violet. The dracoth skin looks like lothern blue with blue horror edge and drakenhof nightshade (and some turquoise glaze on the scale, maybe temple guard blue/baharroth blue). The coat looks like Sotek green with nuln shade and temple guard blue edge). Good luck !!
  5. christophe


  6. christophe


  7. christophe


    I paint some "khornified" everchosen for my son army. Not convinced by his colour choices and gore on top of fire, but it's relaxing to paint and allow me to taste stuff and steal some bits 😉
  8. christophe

    Khorne Varanguard

  9. christophe

    500pt Nighthaunt : how to?

    And Nighthaunt doesn't shine below 1500points. It could explain some of your problems.... (you really need your GoS and ST and max unit so they don't die before you replainish them)
  10. christophe

    AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin Discussion

    Have you guys seen these nice under water resin bases for ID ? https://shop.microartstudio.com/en/274-deep-water
  11. christophe

    Sequitor Bernard

    Very particular painting style. Is this Retributor spray ? Airbrush for the zenital highlights ? Your face are especially crazy good !!!
  12. christophe

    AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin Discussion

    Hi, no the battleforce is only worth considering if you fancy the models. Allopexes and reavers are a pass in the competitive lists so far. But you could wait few months for a probable Start collecting box which could include some eels and/ or a king. Plus there is some chance the battleforce will not run out of stock quickly, so you could still buy it later if needed ...
  13. christophe

    AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin Discussion

    Hi guys, I don't have all the books yet, but I for the love of the models I will buy the christmas box for the reavers and Allopexes. Has someone thought of synergies (heroes, items, battalion, spells...) to make a shooting ID list ok-ish ? thank you !!