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  1. Warhammer and Tolkien used "Foreign languages" to make Minas Tirith, Bordeleaux or Altdorf both exotic but based in a culture/history, we don´t have that in AoS, we don´t have that in AoS
  2. Blue glow blue armor could be the problem, maybe something more greenish or purple ?
  3. I love the spears look on the guards but find them akward on the riders. No dynamism.
  4. I will try to fit deathriders mounts skulls on my immortis guards for an egyptian god-beast look
  5. I will go for a super fluffy uneffective Pratorian list, with big daddy, 2 crawlers, 40 spear guards, some cavalry and sarchophagius guy (in one or 2 years when he got a proper release but I hate his head, so I will switch it, probably for a Corvus Cabal raven skulls !!
  6. To Those who bought it : are you happy with your OBR dices ?
  7. Do you know by chance if it could fit on top of any sigmar terrain plateforms ? Thank you !!
  8. Arff, really wanted to like the boneshaper, but I hate his feet position
  9. No archer as a 3rd battline is such a missed opportunity...
  10. Me too, but 2 real types of cavalry would help for that...
  11. I do mini armies, 1 or 2 years after the release, when boxes arrive. Never bought in a GW store again and never will I buy an army book from them.
  12. Maybe big stuff will not get the +1 save
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