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Evocators question


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Hi team

So Im making a list with 2 units of Evocators 1 with 5 models and 1 with 10 models


I have 5 with swords from the Soul Wars box and now the question is if I should have 

5 with swords and 10 with staves or 10 with swords and 5 with staves. or just all with swords ?  

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Statistically staves are better (about 1 wound vs 4+ sv at 5 models), plus they have range which allows them more freedom when piling in. The only advantage swords have is consistency. They roll more dice, thus are less likely to spike either way, while dmg2 on the staves means either 2 or 0, so sometimes you'll just whiff and sometimes you'll get fireworks.

As a sidenote you pretty much always want a stave on the prime, as the bonus attack ×2 damage is more valuable than another 1 dmg -1rend.

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