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  1. Thanks - I was worried I'd just cheated my opponent. Ravagers is such a dynamic playstyle compared to HOTE. Although I did miss the Dark Prophecy.
  2. If I use Archaon in a Ravagers army he can use the marauder-summoning command ability right?
  3. Knights of the Empty Throne surely must be a sub allegiance. That must be an oversight! Really they should at least have access to circles and battle varanguard. Also how does it work with command traits? I thought only leaders could get them?
  4. Does anyone seriously think counts as slain is distinct from slain?
  5. I agree with this. With one glaring, infuriating exception. Chaos Warriors. These have to have rend. They should be rend 1 (halberd = 2" range). Bump up the points a fraction if necessary. They just do nothing. They are the best looking unit in the range and the iconic unit, alongside knights (who are good enough). Either that or the army needs a command ability that improves rend on warriors/knights.
  6. This is one of the biggest challenges with the Chaos Lord. He's so very rarely able to get in to trigger his (incredible) CA.
  7. The Tzeentch issue is about power but it is also bout the experience of playing against it. It is very negative and unenjoyable. People will learn to adapt, but that doesn't make it fun.
  8. They are good in combat, so that isn't a problem. With the rerolls they put out solid damage.
  9. Agreed. It is an odd army in that the synergies are priced in (good design choice in a vacuum) but are mostly unreliable to source. I would even argue Archaon is slightly too expensive. Not egregiously, though. Marauders are perfectly priced. Slaves just struggle to kill things. The thing that irritates me are Chaos Knights hitting on 4+ (criminal) and Chaos Warriors having no rend on their normal attacks (understandable, somewhat, but annoying).
  10. Belakor is about as far from useless as I can imagine. He's one of the best units in the book. A 2 cast wizard, 4+ ethereal save, olid combat, a spell that causes -1 to wound with good range, great movement. And then it gets the Dark Master ability which is utterly incredible.
  11. Yeah. Very few people had kairic acolytes painted - they've never been good. Plus they are hard to paint. Personally I prefer the arcanites so will also be using then, but it takes time!
  12. Could be wrong but doesn't Witchfyre Coven require Enlightened on foot because it doesn't specify the disc requirement/isn't emboldened? (I hope I'm wrong - it is an annoying restriction, like most of the arcanite battalions)
  13. Excellent post. As someone with a similar background, I'd just add one caveat to this:t Aaron Dembski-Bowden and to a greater extent Peter Fehervari do offer something more. Something that could stand alone as a good quality fantasy book. Fehervari is truly excellent. Shameful that they don't just put a wheelbarrow of money at his doorstep. There's nothing wrong with a bit of pulp - Josh Reynolds writes some very nice and easy to read stories - but it is a missed opportunity to not aspire for more..
  14. A Chaos Warrior should be stronger, not cheaper. The worst part about them is how unfluffy it feels to have them fight and kill nothing.
  15. Iron Dragon was just clunkily written. It was a trial to read, sadly. I read a lot and have experienced a lot of difficult but rewarding reads. Iron Dragon was just dull and weak.
  16. Well, I'm primarily a Stormcast player in Nottingham and I disagree. At least the Liberators have a special weapon on the prime and rerolls of 1 to save. Both need help, mind. Though with Liberators I'd either give them self-staunch defender or each model counts for two on objectives vs rend on the CWs.
  17. They would be absolutely perfect with 1 rend on the hand weapons. A lack of special weapons really brings them down. Similarly Chaos Knights hitting on 4s is a crime.
  18. They just don't advertise them or synergise them with product lines well. I didn't even know Dark Harvest came out and I'm very plugged in (I've read 95% of the AOS books). I don' necessarily mean each book needs to be released alongside an army release, but at least feature them prominently on product pages. They also really need to push Peter Fehervari - he's the only author (maybe ADB) who's books are of a standalone quality regardless of IP. A truly excellent writer whoo should be supported more.
  19. It is not about balance, it is being tweaked to better reflect initial intention. It clearly was not meant to be used on a large units and have your opponent take millions of mortal wounds. It wasn't fun and was clearly not the point.
  20. Having used it, it is good. In the army we have it is fine, with our limited casting. We struggle for damage outside of Archao, so....
  21. It was obviously not working as intending originally. Personally I would have changed it to only be usable on itself but as originally written. So it can have a big effect, but can also be played against - they could choose not to charge the DP, or not to pile in and ultimately a single daemon prince isn't winning a game on its own if left unscathed for a turn. Would have been a more interesting change.
  22. How the hell do we kill things with this army (Except Archaon)? Warriors not having rend is... odd
  23. Quality not quantity. Every warscroll in Sylvaneth has value - that is good design. (Yes, even the Branchwych, it is still an 80pt mage)
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