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  1. No, they can only be heroes in a list with the sub-allegiance Knight of the Empty Thrones, which is from Slaves to Darkness. They can be slaaneshi though.
  2. No way The Celestant Prime is the best depiction of Stormcast in the game. He strikes from the skies in a flurry of lightning, leaving destruction in his wake and before you know it, he's gone again, delivering Sigmar's justice on another battlefield. The rest of Stormcast, sure, no argument. But hte Prime is worth his points and super fun and thematic.
  3. Honestly that is one of those lists that just looks unpleasant to play with and against. I suspect in most cases results will be determined based on lists as much as anything. Dull, dull ,dull.
  4. I don't think it should be the expectation that you do this (also, bad for the environment!). Most people don't tend to want to know every detail, more like top level highlights and then ask for relevant info when it is relevant (eg. what is your maximum threat range)
  5. I just don't think there's enough value in the woods at all. Placement of them is hard, the benefits are limited and situational. Plus the cost to actually get them can be high. Dreadwood gives you much better mobility, as do tree-revenants. I just think it does it better.
  6. Yeah, they don't have the eye of the gods keyword (smart - it could be ridiculous!). Archaon and Daemon Princes similarly don't have that keyword. However, other characters in a KOET list would. KOET varanguard giving out the aura of chaos is really strong as it gives them a lot of range due to their bases.
  7. You all can wish all you want but stormcast will be in the next starter.
  8. They could, but do you really think they wouldn't synchronise the two?
  9. Completely agree with all of this. I think it is definitely a battletome issue. I'd much rather a clean slate for next edition - same rules, erasure of battletomes.
  10. Only in the starter boxes (I hate that so much!)
  11. Terrain is the big one for me. The new realm rules make a difference, but could be refined. I'd like greater thought to how the priority roll can be disincentivised (eg in the new Blade's Edge scenario). I'd like secondaries like in 40k, though they'd need some thought as they couldn't be transposed directly. Perhaps that feeds into my second point. Lastly I'd like to see a general depowering of armies. The fundamental rules are fantastic but some of hte army books, less so...
  12. KO were mentioned and there is definitely an argument to be made for Gunhaulers. Though I'm not sure they'd be my pick. For me it has to be Morrsarr Guard. The insane speed and damage capability mean that their small numbers don't matter.
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