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  1. They both happen at 'The Start of the Hero Phase' IIRC, therefore as the active player you can choose the order of affairs. So, yes.
  2. Not really beyond parody. It is in beta - there are mistakes. Report the bug and move on
  3. Aren't those types of minis typically test models for sculptors?
  4. Such a shame GW ruined the army with the FAQ! 🤡 (I have no idea how that won 5 games with such a one dimensional list)
  5. We've had good results from mixed-arms lists, all dracoth lists, that weird Knight Judicator list, Annihalator-heavy lists. Doesn't seem boring...
  6. Translocation isn't a nerf, it is a correction of what everyone should have known would be the rules... Don't forget that Stormcast have been performing VERY well with a wide variety of lists. Most without a relictor and half of the release! We have a good book at the moment, not perfect, but good.
  7. I don't think he's a rule writer - rather oversees AOS in the studio. Certainly he is a skilled player with extra knowledge, but there are a lot of misconceptions about the Stormcast book from people who I've wagered have played very little with it. Better to approach things with an open mind.
  8. It is currently 4-0, and has beaten Mega Gargants. LOL. Lots of unearned 'wisdom' in this thread...
  9. They aren't painted as Anvils of the Heldenhammer btw - Although, yes it is a silly rule.
  10. What's good about them is that they fulfil a specific role. I don't mean that facetiously. Given how we have too many slightly different versions of the same unit, it is nice to have defined roles.
  11. Chaos Knights are HORRIBLE to paint - they don't have a clear 'path' through the model when painting. But this was also true for the 7th ed ones too - dreadful models and dreadful to paint. The 6th ed ones were clean and beautiful. Vindictors are some of the best models around becuase of the clean design.
  12. 1. Picking them later can be counter-intuitive, given that they perform better against 10 man units - if your main hammers go first, will there still be ten men? 2. You say they are self-sufficient, but then also talk about rallying them, which requires a CP. Weird unit. Can't see it myself, but will give them a go.
  13. yes lol they do. releasing aeronautica is not a more sensible move than releasing models for mainline factions in aos that already have books released...
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