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  1. I still get the sneaking feeling that a lot of people read the spoilers and decided how they feel based on that, rather than reading the story. It is pretty obvious that we are witnessing Lumineth at their zenith...
  2. Of course. I never use allies, so completely slipped my mind. Who do we think best fits with us?
  3. Are you sure we are even allowed to ally LRL?
  4. It is a bit weird, but has almost no effect. Victory points so rarely factor into the game.
  5. I guess the difference is that you are reading the actual book in that case, rather than a summary on a random website
  6. What on earth are you talking about lol Why are people overreacting to Lumineth vanquishing Nagash? Did you feel the same way when the necroquake asserted Nagash's dominance? It is quite obvious that the various powers will wax and wane in their supremacy..
  7. There's some beautiful schemes in here, but has anyone done a avelorn style lumineth army? Lush greens etc?
  8. Why shouldn't he be big? He is the DARK MASTER
  9. Absolutely agree on the -1 part and total commitment being a terrible mission! I'd be ok with us having mediocre allegiance abilities, if the warscrolls were high quality. I think that would be a suitable way for Stormcast to operate.
  10. I mean let's not be hasty. Our allegiance ability is excellent. It doesn't need to explicitly synergise with other rules to be valuable. It has so much use, defensively and offensively. It is unbelievably good. The issue is that many of our warscrolls are barely updated since AOS1 and that Scions is our only allegiance ability.
  11. Guessing range tests your ability to guess range. It requires no tactical skill - it is absurd and bad. We should not bring it back unless you want to play other parlour games as part of the rules.
  12. I don't understand how you kill anything. You don't have any combat punch to force people off obejctives.
  13. It's been a while, can someone please remind me. If I were to bring in some of the Hedonite mortals into a mortal STD army, would they be allies or part of the army as normal?
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