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  1. The World Tree

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Well, I meant the 2+Prime per 5 shouldn't have been allowed. Creates the weird situation where the special weapons outnumber the normals.
  2. The World Tree

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Never should have been an option in the book to begin with!
  3. The World Tree

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    @lifelonghalo I've played AOS on that first table. there are problems deploying wyldwoods, but also there are problems in general that arise from terrain not having a base. You need to discuss what things are beforehand. Does anyone have a good idea what I could use the Fay Enchantress as? I'd like to (in friendly games) use it as a branchwraith, but any better suggestions?
  4. Khorne - minimum battleline no, behemoths YES (This is a very themed list) Tzeentch - minimum battleline yes, behemoths ehhh - do LoCs and Manticores count? Nurgle - minimum battleline no, behemoths no ID - minimum battleline no, behemoths no Death - minimum battleline yes, behemoths no FEC - minimum battleline yes, behemoths yes DoK minimum battleline technically yes, but do 70 models really count as minimum? behemoths no Death - minimum battleline yes, behemoths no Death - minimum battleline no, behemoths no Skaven - Death - minimum battleline no, behemoths no So no, not really. Plus summoning lists bring a lot of the basic things just not in paid for points.
  5. The World Tree

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Castigators are just badly designed. They do nothing (except vs 2. factions) that doesn't already exist. They only exist because someone (a weirdo) thought crossbows shooting vases would be cool. The thing is, they aren't bad (like Prosectors), there just isn't any point to them.
  6. The World Tree

    Balancing the Stormcast

    I don't really agree with you - I think Evocators and Sequitors are too cheap (I'd prefer a redesign buy hey ho) and a few other units too pricey. Also I'd just delete Castigators, the Veritant, Solbright and Sureheart because they are redundant design-wise/Sureheart's ability is bad for the game. However, I think you do flag up a really important thing that holds back SCE - the battalions. It is clear how little effort went into them and that is incredibly disappointing. A few decent battalions could really pump up the army.
  7. The previous version did well with one really skewed, broken list. Vanguard wing broke fundamental AOS rules and was bad design. It was an outlier. SCE weren't doing well outside of that (earlier in AOS 1 there was Skyborne Slayers' time in the sun - another niche list). The current list is much more balanced (outside of Garviel who is, like Vanguard Wing, an outlier of bad game design). The change to Scions alone makes for a huge tactical improvement. It is still too early to judge how good most things are holistically but the current book feels flexible and right*. Why would you want them to be at the top? I'd want to play an army that was solid with lots of options. So I can win rather than the list alone. *with a few points tweaks here or there
  8. The World Tree

    The Rumour Thread

    Those vents remind me of the Repulsor tank. It is definitely not KO, my goodness. Though they certainly could do with a rethink (with more options and a thorough redesign).
  9. Completely disagree. I much prefer having one, maybe two items in a list. Otherwise it just bogs the game down. It also makes those single items appear more special and characterful. Very few of the old world magic items felt special because they were so rote. Having one item (let's say Ghyrstrike on Durthu) feels like it makes an impact and gives the special focus to that special hero. More dilutes that.
  10. The World Tree

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    How'd you paint that skin? It looks ace.
  11. The World Tree

    Balancing the Stormcast

    Ballistas aren't too bad. They are incredibly unreliable. The one thing I'd change is they are slightly too durable. The Comet should be 30" range, just because it seems an odd design to be able to camp outside the dispel range. The biggest thing the comet has going for it is the threat. Its ability to shape the opponent's decision making is vital. Its actual damage is easily mitigated by most forces and splash damage is worse than focused fire imo. For 100 points it is well priced, because there are so many variables for its use - you need to roll 7, not be dispelled and it takes up a cast.
  12. The World Tree

    Balancing the Stormcast

    The Lord Exorcist is fine for his points , he's still a wizard so can contribute from range using the SCE spells/endless spells. He's bad by comparison to the Incantor, who should probably be a smidgeon higher. The biggest problems in the list are; Evocators - design wise the mortal wound rule feels way. Just make it unmodified 6s to hit = additional mortal wound. Then make them 220. Much more intuitive. Castigators - delete Sequitors - need to be completely rewritten. They are a very oddly designed unit in a number of ways. At current level 160 is a nice amount because it discourages bigger units which are where they become awkward. Most other things are roughly fine. Paladins might need a slight drop. Prosecutors are still pointless - not sure points are the solution.
  13. The World Tree

    Why Stormcast must break when reforged

    Being reforged is very painful. It is also repeatedly suggested that for the individual, the immortality is a curse. They slowly lose who they are, but are aware that they've lost something.
  14. The World Tree

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    The spells we have are really bad, I think (The Evocators' lore is decent though). Stormcaller has proven quite nice for me, especially in that first turn where most of your spells won't be in range and won't have value for the first round. If you've got endless spells they tend to supersede Stormcaller but that's ok. It is a pot luck but can be very nasty.
  15. The World Tree

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    I don't disagree with anything you said, but on the upside I think the core rules for unit choices are (in general) good, so a few points tweaks will go a long way. I still don't get why Paladins don't have a 3+, the design concept of Sequitors is bizarre and the Evocators' mortal wound ability is stupid (it is fine on the mounted ones imo). There are a few hero choices that should just be discarded. Lord Veritants are one of them.