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  1. Yes, this is my main issue. It is alright to say that many armies don't have more than one competitive option, but it does feel like a missed opportunity to not have some more aggressive cuts to Paladins. Or anything to try and give purpose to a lot of units.
  2. Well, Vanguard (beside raptors) haven't ever been good. It makes sense for them to give them reductions as that is what they need. Plus I'm still not convinced these changes actually improve them enough.
  3. The white is astonishingly good. Some of the other paints I'm mixed on, but the white is special.
  4. My suspicion is that StD will be merged with Everchosen/Darkoath. They did not release that battleforce for fun and we have all of these Warcry warbands coming.
  5. Well they will be changed digitally alongside the GHB FAQ.
  6. We can but hope that the new armies - Fyreslayers, FEC and Skaven get utterly nuked with huge points increases. I doubt we will, but it is the only way this makes sense.
  7. Absolutely baffling changes. Ballista at 110 is probably fine - it is only remotely excessie in multiples of 4. Evocators and Sequitors going up is expected but also the wrong way of making the other options better. I can't understand why Liberators didn't change or Judicators. Or the Lord Exorcist.
  8. The points already are free - they go up on scrollbuilder.
  9. And the fact that the temporary changes are sidelined into the separate booklet.
  10. How do we feel contrast will work on Tzaangor? They are a nightmare at the moment...
  11. We already know that Sylvaneth are delayed due to a shipping issue, probably due to an international trade dispute. It is stuck on a ship (or was, at least).
  12. What second artefact would you recommend in this list; Celestial Vindicators LA on Dracoline Lord-castellant Celestant Prime 2x10 Sequitors 5 Liberators 2x3 Dracolines Cleansing Phalanx I normally don't like list advice but I hate artefacts and they are spread across so many books...
  13. It is basically like Stormcast without the Stormhost. With some of our items there's probably a way to make that work...
  14. You should delete those... but it isn't looking good...
  15. Cool pics, it would be great to read a reflection on your list afterwards. I have to say the mats seem a little busy and distract from what look like very pretty armies.
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