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  1. Nooo. It is about a bullet being ready in the chamber of a gun. It is not a hint at Stormcast
  2. I love the idea and, weirdly it isn't that far from mine. I did 6 Morrsarr (converted to be spite revenant riders) instead of the allopex. Mechanically, I think you need Alarielle as the fulcrum for it. To summon woods and to reliably get off the spiteswarm. I'd probably drop (sadly!) Drycha, 20 spites and the arch rev for her...
  3. The Gaunt isn't too cheap*, the Pink Horrors it can summon are just too much. A better fix is to keep it as is but to just make it summon blues rather than pinks. Voila, fixed. *or rather, increasing the price further disincentivises summoning anything but pink horrors.
  4. One of the best ways to think of the book is that they added in reasonable counter balances to a lot of the units including pricing buffs into units costs. This is not bad in of itself, but is when compared with other armies who do not have them priced in. The other aspect is that Warriors are just not fun. The rest of the iconic units have their moments, but Warriors just dn't play ike the fluff. They can't kill anything at all. It is just demotivating.
  5. It is cool - the shell is super tough, but once it breaks it quickly deteriorates
  6. I get it, but it is also simple. It has an unrendable 2+ save until it moves down a bracket. Easy
  7. The wording is convoluted. The ruling is not. It is just the core rules functioning as they do.
  8. Yes, FAQs shouldn't be about buffing or nerfing units, they should be about reinforcing rules logic. Erratas, different story.
  9. I agree, to an extent. However Seraphon will now be able to do a lot of ranged mortal wound shooting. A lot. They will likely do what anvilstrike does, better.
  10. Palladors are very underrated. They are rapid and pack a bit of a punch against mediocre units. They offer something unique imo. Unlike most SCE units they also can operate solo.
  11. Yes, he clearly shold be summoning 10 blue horrors rather than pinks. That would make him a good but not insane choice.
  12. It certainly does seem weird how open a lot of the god-specific books are compared to the narrowness of STD. There are so many weird design choices. I love the book but it is so odd. Why are marauders the game's best chargers? Why are they so much slower at charging when put on a horse? Why is Chaos Undivided mostly pointless with Archaon's legion? Why do Chaos Knights and warrior have the same save as Centigor in combat? Why are the varanguard circles like that? Why does all of the cultist stuff not interact with the faction abilities? Why do marauders (in big units) have rend whilst chaos warriors don't? Why does a chaos lord on foot operate as archaon's butler?
  13. Plus Seraphon already have a book and it is fine. Far from perfect, but it has been very resilient to change.
  14. Thanks - I was worried I'd just cheated my opponent. Ravagers is such a dynamic playstyle compared to HOTE. Although I did miss the Dark Prophecy.
  15. If I use Archaon in a Ravagers army he can use the marauder-summoning command ability right?
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