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  1. Are they the elite armour faction? Why does it have to be this way? It seems you have a preconceived notion and are ending logic to suit that. Having said that, I'm surprised as anyone to see them so small.
  2. A few scattered thoughts I had where having each unit in the sky not counting as a drop for first turn determining reasons. It emphasises our rapid strike force capabilities. Also Liberators should count for 2 models on an objective. I quite like the idea of them having staunch defender (with a 1inch bubble).
  3. I'm glad my question about Envoys wasn't as stupid as it seemed! Does it mean that, for example, I am always in range of the Dreadwood command ability or the generic ones?
  4. So, Envoys of the Everqueen. How does this rule work? Obviously things like the TLA or Alarielle's Command Ability's always affect them and radiate from there. Are there other ways to use this ability?
  5. This is why I stopped using Anvils with the new GHB. I'd hoped they would open up new routes of list approach but they doubled down on it. I don't like the gaming experience it creates anymore
  6. Interesting. In Stormcast it has a caveat discussing what happens if they already have one a stormhost keyword. But nothing of that kind with Sylvaneth. Makes you wonder what the point of it is on the warscroll at all. On the other hand it is good as it leapfrogs the clunkiness of having a unit in your army that doesn't benefit from the glade.
  7. You can take Ylthari in non-Oakenbrow lists but they do not benefit from the chosen glade ability (eg. 2 hits on a 6) and cannot use Oakenbrow abilities in a non-Oakenbrow army.
  8. One of the best things about our army is that I don't think it is mandatory to do anything. What that list does really well is mobility and board space and the potential for a really tough threat range on strong units with the spiteswarm. On objective games your opponent always needs to keep on objectives and you (reasonably) reliably pick off isolated units and redeploy on the next turn. You can use all the bdies to make sure the game is played on your terms. Not my kind of list as I hate Dryads but very clever.
  9. It really does feel like there have been delays. This still won't be all of the Space Marine models.
  10. Not sure why it is a rip off. It is a gorgeously sculpted model.
  11. I mean more that the type of unit you use on it will be very strong (durthu/hunter/alarielle). They could, hypothetically remove models in such a way to prevent you piling in again. Not always possible - especially with multiple units in a combat, but worth considering.
  12. Agreed, although you have to be careful with Frozen Kernel as good opponents will be able to limit its use.
  13. Let them actually release the models before coming to any judgement. Bottle said himself that warscrolls have bee rewritte, is known to be a huge fan of the army and has good backgroudo n producing good rules.
  14. I'm not convinced it is imbalanced in any situation except Slaanesh. Unless I'm forgetting something. Slaanesh would have been so much better designed if it was solely based on wounds inflicted on them. Then the depravity points aren't so variable and can be better baked into unit costs. It still retains the fluffiness of paint infliction.
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