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  1. Thought so, thanks. Engaged was what the opponent I just played kept calling being within 3" and it got stuck in my head 😅
  2. WIth the Anvils command ability, let's say I'm 4" away from an enemy model, can I use it to pile in and attack in the hero phase despite not being engaged at the start of the phase?
  3. Plus more reliable on the charge - which is a huge deal.
  4. We don't even have a release date or list of the full release...
  5. Are we sure about this? I see where you are coming from, but it just seems odd.
  6. Honestly if someone bought, painted and has to push around that many of them, they deserve their win.
  7. It did have new models! It had the Kelemorph, the Ad Mech character, the Starstriders and the Gellerpox. (I do agree with your principle not to expect any new models for preexisting factions)
  8. The transport issue is a very valid one. It stops me playing my Sylvaneth. The counterpoint to this is that I rarely play on tables that feel appropriately themed with their terrain. They just feel like a random collection - adding more to that doesn't really do anything negative to me.
  9. Rules definitely kill. Not necessarily the strength, but the feel (although both certainly help). Having a distinct rules identity that actively manifests in the gameplay makes the game and the army better. Skaven play EXACTLY as they are described in the lore. Daughters too. Problems arise with one-dimensional army lists that force you to play in an odd way. Stormcast in AOS1 are a great example of this - Vanguard Wing was the only way to play competitively but was a dumb exploit.
  10. Perhaps you are making poor tactical decisions? The double turn is a known possibility that you should factor into your actions. Sometimes I play for the double turn, leaving myself vulnerable to fate. I find it really builds tension into the game and keeps things exciting. There are of course some situations where nothing can be done (Eels being faster than lightning).
  11. The gold is a lure for Slaanesh's enemies. They are fishing.
  12. I suspect it will be an easier to use and maintain airbrush.
  13. He didn't come 2nd on battle points - only 3 wins. He came 2nd because he was a really nice opponent and had a pretty army. His list was basically all Morrsarr, Volturnos, Soulscryer, Tidecaster, Fuethan. I don't remember the exact unit numbers but something like 6, 6, 9? I believe a Deepkin army with a turtle won four games but I don't know the list.
  14. Especially when they produce cards for 40k and previously did exactly this for WHFB. What they really need to do is to centralise every scenario and realm feature in the GHB so that is all you need to bring. The fact that all the realm rules are split is particularly egregious. It actually discourages narrative play!
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