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Ghurk Glott

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please forgive me if you see this in each GA forum, as i could not find a general competition forum.

given equal player skill in a GT setting...

what non DoK armys/lists would have the highest possible chances of defeating/countering (non snake/non morathi) optimized witch lists game after game, if any?

please assume you do not care about having any chance of deafeating anything else other than non snake/non morathi optimized DoK witch lists.

kindly grant an old man this one bucket list request.

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I believe the 2 strongest destro builds are Krukk and Mixed Destruction (3-4 beasts and min battleline)

Take the 6nations 1 FL, 2 Magma Dragons and 3x10 orruks.

I'd try to screen off the witch elves and carefully pick off targets. All the while making sure to play the objectives.

As a destro player I think the best piece of advice is to the play the objectives and be careful not to throw any units away.

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Range is DoK weakest element, even more so if you take Khinerai and Melusai out of the picture; whilst Khinerai are not super long range they do give the ability to strike where they want when they deploy and thus can threaten unprotected archers and key locations; whilst the Blood Sisters might not be the best archers they are at least offering ranged support. 

Doomfire Warlocks are the next ranged staple (though are more skirmish spellcasters); and the other ranged is the Avatar of Khaine - more likely to be firing from a Cauldron, but could be taken on foot. 

But DoK don't really have any dedicated archer/ranged units. So you can abuse that yourself as if you can tarpit them you can pick off what you want with range units. The trick is to tarpit them (lock them in combat) with units that might not kill many, but which can take a lot of punishment and wounds. Ergo you get the witches stuck in the "tarpit" instead of letting them go where they want. 


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