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The Hunter and his Band

Remus Prime

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Hey there!

I’ve converted an Icebrow Hunter from left over bits from the Thundertusk/Stonehorn box.  Wearing the crimson pelt of Charngar, he wanders about with his saber wolves killing stuff.  However I’m not sure what colour his bird friend should be.  I don’t think red would fit, maybe clashing with the pelt.  Just a normal brown vulture seems a bit boring too.  Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance!



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I’ve decided to upload some more of his cronies.

First is the Biter, who chews things he shouldn’t.


Next is the Weaponmaster, always having a spare for his brothers.





Then we have the Brewmaster.  If it can be stuffed into a barrel, it can be turned into grog!







Incoming this week will be the Packmaster and the Butcher In Training, when I track them down.

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