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Vargheists Death's best infantry hero killers?


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Are vargheists Death's most cost efficient infantry hero killers?

3 vargheists will likely kill most infantry heroes in one turn, even tankier ones with 6 wounds and 4+ saves. They are very mobile with fly and 12" move, increasing the likelihood of them connecting (with several additional options like Ageless Cunning, Mastery of Death or Aristocracy of Blood that are good in themselves). I cant find any other unit doing the same job just as well pr. point cost. 

Their blood maddening frenzy ability suggests they should be used against fragile  infantry regiments like archers but i think Black Knights are way better at that job.

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They are indeed a kind of light cavalry but heavier. I like them: I just finished this week end to build 3 of them along side the VLoZD (in the FEC SC box).

I want to play them: the problem is to find them  some room in the list where we have so many good (even better?) choice to pick up. I'll definitly play them: may be with some boost (or to deep strike artillery/archers/heros/wizzards).

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I too preferably use the morghasts. But I don't think that they are similar. I'm using the harbinger for fast long range chages and super heavy hitters.

The vargheist are not super heavy hitters. I think that 3 can do the ligh cavalry job with better impact. What I didn't test is a unit of 6. At 320p it seems that it is a nice unit. But atm I only have 3. Need another FEC SC box maybe... which leads me to another problem: will I do another VLoZD or a terrorgheist... :P

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3 Vargheist (160 points):     12 wounds,  5+ save,  12" move, 10 attacks,    3+/3+/  -1/ 2dmg      4,44 wounding hits with    8,88 dmg if save >5

2 Morghast (220 points):     12 wounds,  4+ save,    9" move,    8 Attacks,    3+/3+/  -2/ 3dmg      3,55 wounding hits with 10,66 dmg if save >4

                                                                                                                                    12 attacks,    3+/3+/  -1/ 2dmg       5,33 wounding hits with 10,66 dmg if save >5

So Vargheist are faster, but squishier, Morghast hit harder, have a better save...

it worth 60 points? unsupported probably not... but against a low save opponent, sure.

If you´re running them with a vamp with vile transference Morghast suddenly won´t loose a model as quick as the vargheist and survive longer.

Suddenly I´d take them over the Vargheist...

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