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  1. Do you mean it's not supposed to work this way? It's the way it is in every browser I've used on many different computers and devices. It makes it so I avoid clicking the bell icon until I have enough time set aside to read every unread thread at once, because if I click one thread and then come back later, I won't know which other threads I missed that I didn't already read.
  2. When you have new notifications, you see a number next to the little notification bell in the corner. When you click the bell, threads with new posts are highlighted in blue. That's great! However, as soon as you click a thread, the little red number and all the blue highlight disappear. This means that you no longer know which threads have new posts. This can be very annoying, especially when you don't want to read all updated threads in one go. Any chance you could make it so the red number just decreases by one (instead of disappearing completely) when you click on a thread, and the blue highlight persist on the threads you haven't clicked on yet?
  3. The Gyrocopter is one of the worst units in the game, you don’t see people crying about it because no one uses it.
  4. I don't know if the Witches are indicative of any fundamental issues. The problem with Witch Elves specifically is they have access to insane buffs that can't be countered (because they are warscroll abilities, prayers and/or allegiance abilities). So without you being able to do anything about it (except killing their support characters, which is not easy for us) they can get - immunity to Battleshock - their 6++ damage save becomes 5++... - ...re-rollable - 4 attacks each - 6s to hit become two hits - re-rolling all failed to wound rolls - and from turn 3 onwards, also re-rolling all failed to hit rolls And on top of all that, the one buff you can counter (because it's a spell) gives them -1 rend and also damage 2 on their weapons if they are higher Bravery than you. Even without that though, they kill anything they touch in one round of combat as you can probably guess. ...and you know what else? They can also be made to fight in the Hero Phase They could easily be fixed in a number of ways, for example by making Prayers counterable or harder to cast, making the Witch Brew a Command Ability (so it wasn't free to use), nerfing the Hagg-Nar allegiance abilities, etc. It's not an AoS problem IMO, it's an DoK problem specifically.
  5. They have been having production issues for a long time, which is why they started building new production facilities at Nottingham HQ last year. I don't know if they're up and running yet but we'll definitely be feeling that big upswing in production capacity.
  6. Question: How do we beat Daughters of Khaine without Nagash? Even a VLoZD with Ethereal Amulet rerolling save rolls of 1 can't survive fighting Witch Elves. We've got basically nothing that can snipe the Hags or kill the Cauldrons at range. Fighting the Witch Elves themselves is futile until their support is gone since they will nuke anything they touch. What options do we have here?
  7. , That reddit is basically spot on on everything he says. He's basically telling you to take out bad units and replace them with good ones. You're never going to make a good list with Vargheists, let alone the Nightfall pack. They're simply not good enough for their points. Vargheists aren't bad by any means, just not great. The Nightfall pack is simply laughable how bad it is. But that's just if you want to make a competitive list to try to win tournaments. If you want a themed cool list then take whatever you want, not everything has to be a competition. Or else no one would use anything but Nagash, VLoZDs, Necromancers, Vampire Lords, skellies, Dire Wolves and Grimghasts, since those are the best units in the book.
  8. No dude, just no. Regular skeletons are one of the best units in the game! Vampire Lords are great, the one on foot has an amazing spell (or is it command ability) and the one on Zombie Dragon is one of the best and most durable monsters in the game. Black Knights are very good in units of 5 as objective grabbers and harassers. Only units you are spot on about are Grave Guard (you need 30) and Vargheists (indeed pretty meh).
  9. Nevvermore

    Shroudguard Smash

    You could use Azyr instead of Warscroll Builder because it will validate your list and catch any errors. Unfortunately it costs money
  10. Wasting their attacks hinges on you being able to delay activating the VLOZD until they are forced to activate the eels, right? So if they had several units of eels alpha striking (I guess more than two would be difficult to fit) they could get to attack with at least some. Of course, your VLOZD attacking before any of them could would mean not too many eels left... yeah I can't see this ending well for eel spammers! Would love to play this guy against the 27 (I think???) eel-list at a tournament this weekend. Sadly not attending
  11. oh i will be super happy if it's a remake of that sorcerer, even if I don't play CSM... simply because the design is so awesome, the helmet especially.
  12. Points weren't really a problem if you played at a club or similar since you could just use one of the most popular systems. We used the SCGT pools system and it worked great until GW made an official one (at least partly based on SCGT as I understand it).
  13. This is hyperbolic. There was one guy burning his army on Youtube and everyone pretty much laughed him out of the room. The game wasn't garbage, in fact it was pretty much like it is now, or at least like how it was at the end of 1.0. The big differences are the points obviously, Allegiance Abilities and the Rules of One which didn't exist. But the community quickly created several points systems which were pretty great. Overall the game was just as much fun as it is now, just not as tight and with less layers of extra rules. What it did have back then that it doesn't have now were thousands of raging WHFB fans who made sure to tell everyone, in every thread, on every forum, on every Facebook group, what a ****** game it was and how GW were going under.
  14. I don’t think you can do that, Battallions need the appropriate keyword to be used in an allegiance. Otherwise they’ll be allies.
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