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  1. Nevvermore

    How do Vargheists work?

    , That reddit is basically spot on on everything he says. He's basically telling you to take out bad units and replace them with good ones. You're never going to make a good list with Vargheists, let alone the Nightfall pack. They're simply not good enough for their points. Vargheists aren't bad by any means, just not great. The Nightfall pack is simply laughable how bad it is. But that's just if you want to make a competitive list to try to win tournaments. If you want a themed cool list then take whatever you want, not everything has to be a competition. Or else no one would use anything but Nagash, VLoZDs, Necromancers, Vampire Lords, skellies, Dire Wolves and Grimghasts, since those are the best units in the book.
  2. Nevvermore

    Overview of the tournament scene

    No dude, just no. Regular skeletons are one of the best units in the game! Vampire Lords are great, the one on foot has an amazing spell (or is it command ability) and the one on Zombie Dragon is one of the best and most durable monsters in the game. Black Knights are very good in units of 5 as objective grabbers and harassers. Only units you are spot on about are Grave Guard (you need 30) and Vargheists (indeed pretty meh).
  3. Nevvermore

    The Rumour Thread

    Sounds like Malal, alternate name?
  4. Nevvermore

    Shroudguard Smash

    You could use Azyr instead of Warscroll Builder because it will validate your list and catch any errors. Unfortunately it costs money
  5. Nevvermore

    Top 10 at Facehammer with Deathmarch

    Wasting their attacks hinges on you being able to delay activating the VLOZD until they are forced to activate the eels, right? So if they had several units of eels alpha striking (I guess more than two would be difficult to fit) they could get to attack with at least some. Of course, your VLOZD attacking before any of them could would mean not too many eels left... yeah I can't see this ending well for eel spammers! Would love to play this guy against the 27 (I think???) eel-list at a tournament this weekend. Sadly not attending
  6. Nevvermore

    The Rumour Thread

    oh i will be super happy if it's a remake of that sorcerer, even if I don't play CSM... simply because the design is so awesome, the helmet especially.
  7. Nevvermore

    The Rumour Thread

    Points weren't really a problem if you played at a club or similar since you could just use one of the most popular systems. We used the SCGT pools system and it worked great until GW made an official one (at least partly based on SCGT as I understand it).
  8. Nevvermore

    The Rumour Thread

    This is hyperbolic. There was one guy burning his army on Youtube and everyone pretty much laughed him out of the room. The game wasn't garbage, in fact it was pretty much like it is now, or at least like how it was at the end of 1.0. The big differences are the points obviously, Allegiance Abilities and the Rules of One which didn't exist. But the community quickly created several points systems which were pretty great. Overall the game was just as much fun as it is now, just not as tight and with less layers of extra rules. What it did have back then that it doesn't have now were thousands of raging WHFB fans who made sure to tell everyone, in every thread, on every forum, on every Facebook group, what a ****** game it was and how GW were going under.
  9. Nevvermore

    The Rumour Thread

    I don’t think you can do that, Battallions need the appropriate keyword to be used in an allegiance. Otherwise they’ll be allies.
  10. Nevvermore

    Tell me something awesome

    Couple of weeks ago I failed a 3" charge with 40 skeletons against a Black Dragon. Then it flew away. We laughed a lot! Also in that same game, his Shadowblade Assassin one-shotted my undamaged Mortis Engine with some artifact that gives you extra mortal wounds against Behemoths on 6s. He overkilled it pretty brutally as well. That was pretty epic. edit: oh yeah. We realized like a turn later that skeletons always charge 6”. Then we laughed some more.
  11. Nevvermore

    Does death have a hammer unit?

    Indeed Grimghast are pretty crazy if buffed. Remember they reroll all failed hits against units of 5 or more. And they are a cheap unit with 2 attacks with -1 rend! They are also incredibly resilient with a 4+ unmodifiable save and are SUMMONABLE. I'll be using a block of 20 myself.
  12. Nevvermore

    AOS 2.0: Legions of Nagash General Discussion

    That's actually in the same FAQ, which makes it even more absurd... Q: If a single Hero is within 9" of two different gravesites, can you set up two different units from the grave, one from each gravesite? A: Yes. Q: Can I use the Deathless Minions, Endless Legions and Invigorating Aura battle traits for allies in a Legions of Nagash army? A: No. However, note that several Nighthaunt units can now be taken as part of a Legions of Nagash army, and you can use those battle traits for those units (see the Legions of Nagash errata). ?
  13. Nevvermore

    AoS 2 - Slaves to Darkness / Darkoath Discussion

    I have the big guy with the sword. He'll be getting some plastic GW wings (from a Demon Prince?) and be played as a Demon Prince of Tzeentch.
  14. Nevvermore

    Nighthaunt win BLACKOUT.

    Some people check the lists to make sure they're legal, or at least give them a quick glance.
  15. Nevvermore

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    Yeah the monetary investment is certainly a huge consideration for me when considering Pinks... I have 30 Pinks but only 10 Blues and 10 Brimstones.