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  1. Nevvermore

    Nighthaunt win BLACKOUT.

    Some people check the lists to make sure they're legal, or at least give them a quick glance.
  2. Nevvermore

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    Yeah the monetary investment is certainly a huge consideration for me when considering Pinks... I have 30 Pinks but only 10 Blues and 10 Brimstones.
  3. Nevvermore

    Vargheists Death's best infantry hero killers?

    My problem is I want to use Morghasts and these two units seem too similar to use in the same list.
  4. Nevvermore

    The Rumour Thread

    From what I've heard, Alan Merret was quietly made aware that his presence was no longer wanted after his partner-in-crime Tom Kirby left the CEO chair to Kevin Rountree. Rountree had been around for a long time in a high management position and knew exactly who the most toxic people in the company were. This had been going on for a long time before AoS, in fact both Alan Merret and Tom Kirby have been at GW since the 80s and have held high positions within the company for a long time (Tom Kirby participated in the management buy-out of GW in the 90s and became chairman and CEO).
  5. Nevvermore

    Nighthaunt win BLACKOUT.

    Can’t believe someone would complain over that terrain. To me that table actually looks sparse, we usually play with more terrain than that. There isn’t only one big LOS block in the center of the table and it’s not very big. Shooting armies would have a field day on that table.
  6. Nevvermore

    whatsapp groups

    Question: why are people using whatsapp when Discord exists? Not being snarky, I’m just curious since Discord has a lot more functionality and is basically superior in every way, and also seems to be the new standard.
  7. Nevvermore

    AoS 2 - Slaves to Darkness / Darkoath Discussion

    Buy this http://www.shieldwolfminiatures.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=74
  8. Nevvermore

    AoS 2 - Grand Host of Nagash Discussion

    Each wizard can only cast one Endless spell per turn though, so I don’t see Nagash getting the chance to cast all those.
  9. Nevvermore

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Matched play only uses the points limit from what I’ve heard, not the one in four from the core rules.
  10. Nevvermore

    The Rumour Thread

    How are the changes?
  11. Nevvermore

    New Forgeworld Points are Out!

    Really? They seem very comparable to Vargheists now, 120 points with an even better ability seems a bit too good maybe? Didn't see anyone using them though...
  12. Nevvermore

    New Forgeworld Points are Out!

    Wow, Skin Wolves seem really great. 160 points for 12 wounds with a 5+ save and 12 attacks at 3+ 3+ -1 D2! Plus a bonus extra hits ability. I just wish their movement was a bit higher, although run+charge does mitigate that a bit. Might buy some for my Tzeentch.
  13. Nevvermore

    New Forgeworld Points are Out!

    Ah, I was looking at your average salary and still thinking you were mistaken since it is actually not that low, but yeah that's crazy how much it varies. We tend to have a much tighter spread of salaries in Sweden, so the average is very close to what most people earn. I can't see many people being able to afford GW models, let alone FW models, with those salaries.
  14. Nevvermore

    New Forgeworld Points are Out!

    £160 is one months salary? Where do you live? Over here the average salary is something like £2000. Did you mean £1600?
  15. Nevvermore

    New Forgeworld Points are Out!

    It's a division within GW that makes expensive and more niche resin models. https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/