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Let's Chat Wanderers


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The Wanderers just received honors in the latest 'Faction Focus' for Aelfs. 
Of the original aelf factions, Wanderers were mentioned second (after Darkling Covens) and various existing hero abilities were explained in context to the new rules. A Waywatcher hero  is -2 to hit from shooting thanks to the new 'look out sir' rule, Spellweaver's can force a dispel at 30", and Shield of Thorn is now much better than the new Mystic Shield.
Additionally, they've promised a 'sweeping series of points cuts' that should result in more models (more arrows!) on the table.
The fluff claims that the Wanderers carry a shameful lineage, that they descended from the Wanderers who abandoned the Realm of Life fleeing from Nurgle. I'm pretty sure they also abandoned Athel Loren during the End Times too. So the Wanderers now have a streak of cowardice that fits my theme pretty well. 

Anyone else excited for Wanderers?

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I am, I just started AOS this year and have about 1k of wanderers. Holding off on buying anything until the new generals handbook so I know how to build my army.


I'm hoping that glade guard become cheap enough that I can run the battalion and still have points left over for a unit of reavers  (glade riders)

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Hi all. I'm very happy to see wanderers there. As a 90s wood elves player I started Aid with some sylvaneth and then go to other army's but what I like to play most are my arrow elfs...

I would like to see more units on wanderers army but I know this will never happen and I usually go with one or two forest dragons (glade Lord and twilight sisters), so as the treelord is a good friend. I like wanderer heroes but I love going with some big guys and I like them on first line (and usually they have good durability that can be there while GG make his game on back)

We will see the changes, hope to be more viable units of 10 GG and not only the 30 block to stay on that +1 to hit... I would like to see a drop to wildwood rangers because I see more viable going with 10 Tree revenants or 10 namarti thralls... 

I love sisters of the thorn and I think are the most useful unit, so as the most beautiful. I don't own sisters of the watch and maybe if they go cheaper on points I'll get one unit.

I would like to go a full wanderers army but my love to dragons, big heroes and magic makes me go a mixed wanderers/wood elves/sylvaneth one... 

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