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  1. Am I the only one less hyped every time? Teclis 660p and casts 4 spells instantly? I love Alarielle model, I think is a lot more beautiful than Teclis, and she is 600p and can cast 3 spells plus the summon thing and I love her but I thought Teclis would be more powerful. I know they are now Gods but u know, it's the great Teclis... And the endless spells.... sorry, I cant like them. They are horrible and the only one that maybe is something meh is so simple that I cant... For me the horses, bows and spears are great. Cowmen.... borderline. Heroes.... Eltharion super cool, veil lady meh, cow mage meh, Teclis borderline... Yes I know, If I dont like it dont buy it but I own all the elves armys on AoS and Fantasy and I'm a bit dissapointed that this elves are so meh And yes it's super new the idea of giant mountain cows spirits going there but what the hell have u seen the frostphoenix well painted? the forest dragon? the black dragon? all the chariots? the lions? The high elf on gryph? The old Eltharion I think is a miniature of 1990 or similar, almost 30 years ago that if you wanna see something similar now u can compare to the stardrake that is a wonderful miniature. And this is not nostalgia cause I got them here on this room and they are awesome miniatures. So as the plastic Swordsmen and ellyrion are so amazing miniatures... And of course Alarielle, every Idoneth Deepking model, Morathi... Maybe is just me, maybe I was expecting too much. But with that spells....... Oh my god......
  2. So no dragon or phoenix or big monster, no charriots, no bolthrowers or ballista or similar... I see this very very meh
  3. Horns everywhere... I dont like it Btw. The rocks behind looks like the scenery
  4. Idoneth deepking. Eidolon of Maltham aspect of the Sea and Aspect of the Storm. I know they are not Gods but is the incarnation of the sea god or something, and I know is the same kit but who knows... And at the same army we can go with Volturnos that is a King too and counts as a named hero. And we could go with Ossiarchs roling Nagash and Katakros or other mortarch so I can see Teclis and Tyrion on the same army. They could be like 600 to 800 points so if u wanna go with both in 2k points army is not almost viable...
  5. That hammer seems the same as the rumour engine
  6. I'm very curious of what goes at last with this old world thing. There are lots and lots of miniatures that doesn't sell anymore (at least on GW stores) and there are entire armys without miniatures so don't know what will GW do to let us play the old world. And thinking of the old world a city comes to my mind... Mordheim.... I know is not the thing of the old world but damn how I want a new version of that game... But back to rumors... don't you all think or feel that his old world thing with the "3 years"wait is a bit rare? I dont think that we have to wait 3 years to get our hands on it. Maybe those 3 years is till they release everything? But said that I wonder how will interact AoS releases with TOW
  7. The thing is that when Idoneth were mentioned a lot of people said that mistweaver model was an Idoneth... but don't. Then was said that Tenebral shard is a Malerion aelf and Mistweaver a Light aelf. And now I think Mistweaver don't fits the Lumineth, there's no aetherquarz stones and as she has some moons I think maybe is not a Teclis friend. Malerion ones will be like a Slanesh cult. Spikes, leather and tentacles (and some bat wings) just like the Tenebral model has And this leaves me thinking if Mistweaver will never fit an army. And is an incredible model
  8. Alarielle is very old too and looks perfect. They are gods, it's supposed that years dont afect them. As said, the Eidolon's face is incredible, and I think is a God picture too
  9. Than conversion sounds awesome, and I love the eidolon it's a master piece very beautiful to paint and to watch. On the other side it sounds expensive buying both eidolon and telcis miniatures to make just one... I would like to know if Teclis has a alone version like the Lord Arcanum on Tauralon that you can put it on foot
  10. I think the pointy aelves video is a teaser that those units will be redone. We know will be archers because of the painting. Mounted archers and swordmasters is like a for sure bet. Bolt thrower and charriot are common aelf units. I hope we get the thrower as the stormcast have one. And there's no charriots on AoS (apart from old ones) so maybe we don't have it, but a flying charriot like the eagle one is perfect. And then maybe Dragon and mounted heroes? Tyrion/generic hero kit on Dragon like the Ankheliam King? And what about both fenix? I wanna know!!!
  11. They are really nice, maybe Teclis is a bit rare but they are going to be my mixed old-new army. I love elfs and I was thinking of making an old army with high elfs so this Lumineth are perfect because (for now) I feel they not feel like other army if we put together with some old high elfs... So time to get ready my spire of dawn pack and some other archers and Silver helms I hope they have a bolt thrower, and charriot, and of course a Dragon. Would be cool that they make the old units redone and add some ultra fantastic ones
  12. Maybe the next warcry is not set for chaos warbands and ir open to other realms...
  13. So here we go on the train. I ordered the bones box so my army will be: Arkhan - 360 Vokmortian - 180 Mortek Guard 10 - 130 Stalkers - 200 Morghast - 210. This is what i have, 1080 points so to finish I will add: Zandtos. 2x 5 Deathriders Harvester Boneshaper. At last it goes 1990points and I like a lot the Riders. Maybe later I will take Katacros, I have to study it better. And for the Morghast and Stalkers wich is de better build?? Last posts said that Immortis guard is better than Stalkers?? Love the models too, i'm sad they are not battleline
  14. I think a cities of sigmar army is very open to proxy some minis. This are my "proxys" of my army: - Twilight sisters on Forest Dragon act as Dreadlord on Black Dragon equiped with blade and crossbow. - High Elf Lord on Dragon acts as Dreadlord on Black Dragon with Lance and Shield. - My 15 old monopose wood elf archers + 5 wood elf scouts and act as 20 shadow warriors. - 10 Glade guard are now 10 Sisters of the Watch. - The high elf Dragon nobles act as drakespawn knights. - Spire of Dawn Hight elf on griffon act as freeguild general on griffon - Sea guard Spire of Dawn elfs are Eternal Guard. - wood elf Glade riders are Dark riders. I don't know if this makes me depressed or happy to at last use my old elf models. I think the only thing not proxy is a unit of 10 eternal guard, but it is a game and Im enjoying finishing painting them as a nice army so who cares... if u wanna use a hawk rider as a gyrobomber just put the correct base size and go on
  15. Hi all. So here is my starting army: Allegiance: Cities of Sigmar- City: Living CityLeadersDreadlord on Black Dragon (300)- Lance of Spite & ShieldDreadlord on Black Dragon (300)- Exile Blade & Repeater CrossbowNomad Prince (120)- GeneralSorceress (90)Battleline10 x Eternal Guard (130)10 x Sisters of the Watch (160)Units5 x Dark Riders (110)5 x Drakespawn Knights (170)20 x Shadow Warriors (220)Total: 1600 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 98 I think is a good base, is what I can use of my old wood elf army, it has a lot of mobility and distance and I love going with two dragons. From here I can remove Dark riders and play 1500 with 2 blines. And for going 2k y have 3 options: - Treelord ancient and Brachwraith. By making a wyldwood and the option of summoning 10 dryads each turn. Of course the wyldwood can make my "cities" units some damage but I can focus a zone with the treelord and magic and dryads and support from distance. Also going with 2 dragons and a treelord I know my friends will focus a lot on them leting me go here and there with the units. Here we should change the sorcerer for an assassin general and make 2x 10 shadow warriors to have the 3 blines - Remove Dark riders and Knights. Change sorcerer by Assassin to make shadow warrior line and introduce Alarielle. 2 dragons and Alarielle summoning 20 dryads. - Going on with aelfs. Sisters of the thorn, 10 more Eternal Guard and 10 wildwood rangers. So what do you think? for now I will use options 1 and 2 because I wanna finish painting and going into scenery for represent the living city. Later maybe I will take sisters of the Thorn because they are so so soooooo cool models
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