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  1. Hoseman

    The Rumour Thread

    With the video of the new rules I see that similar thing with 40k when u cast a spell and if get doubles u suffer damage... I like that
  2. Hoseman

    The Rumour Thread

    I hope it but I think a medium sigmar/fantasy/gw fan player has at least two army's so it would be a good point to use "that small army" as a warband for a skirmish official game and to customize it for ur playstyle... for me there are enough army's to make a nice competitive AoS skirmish game with good support from GW. It could be as a part of Sigmar campaigns, like Malign Portens did but with something going in the same story lore with small army's fighting for some artefact or control a town. There are a lot of nice things in kill team as the alternate phases and the wound system that are so much better than the skirmish system, but it's the heroes of AoS skirmish that u can use in ur band what gives a huge impact as they can be casters or give a nice buff with command abilities. And not to mention the freedom of making a band by getting more combat units or more tanky, ranged, ambushing, etc... that fits better a playstyle than a predefined warband... We will see, maybe they rework mordheim as the new necromunda with his own bands, or maybe they make a new skirmish for AoS 2.0
  3. Hoseman

    The Rumour Thread

    I would be so happy to see a necromunda or more a kill team style for age of sigmar with this bands... something like mordheim or more simple... I don't know but the map tiles on underworlds kinda makes a too much a static play and I feel more beautiful and awesome a map with nice scenography like a kill team small map with fantasy style houses and different style trees, invocation stones, rivers, forests, idoneth ruins... I know ubderworlds has a lot of fans and I don't say is a bad game but I would like to have a skirmish nice game in AoS. Like kill team u can make ur band and put the weapons u want it would be nice to have a official sigmar system. It's not difficult as is the same as skirmish but with the rules and support of kill team. I know it will not happen because for AoS competitive we have underworlds but I just wanted to say this... I want it so badly because I see that sylvaneth band or I think on a band of my army's and I would like to have competitive tournaments and that without caring of cards, hexagonal tiles and that... Maybe I'm drunk but is what I would love
  4. Hoseman

    The Rumour Thread

    What if AoS got a nice skirmish system like kill team or necromunda?
  5. Hoseman

    The Rumour Thread

    Yes, we call it Spanglish
  6. Hoseman

    The Rumour Thread

    I'm Spanish and I have to say that all GW games come with a very bad translation. In fact sometimes in some specific non simple rules we have to check in English to use them correctly. This is a thing that our community says a lot and has been a lot of arguments of some people against the company. Said that I love GW games and I'm with the hobby since I was 14 on 90s decade but it's true that for some people can be a big thing if they don't translate correctly the rules. And is not only for some difficult rules where's the problem because EVERY name and attribute is not translated. And I really don't care cause I read, play, watch videos and series in English and I can more or less understand what YouTube's and texts say, so as a lot of people but there's a lot of people that maybe for that is a bit lazy. And there is another problem. A lot of people consider a really bad practice for GW not to translate correctly their things. Is true that English is the most used language but seriously Spanish is I think second or third language on earth (I think second), and it is a bit if offense not to translate correctly things. Just to make a similar thing our rules are like: When el Caballero enmascarado uses his espada de la luz add +1 to tirada para impactar if theres any other friendly caballero on 9" If arqueros del monte has 10 or more minis add +1 a la tirada para herir of his arcos curvos When orcos aplastacabezas wear escudos add +1 to the salvacion roll. Seriously, it makes me laugh but is a fkn bad work and it's normal a lot of people go to play other things. Specially the people that love to read lore and make narrative plays.
  7. Hoseman

    The Rumour Thread

    I read on a post of an AoS skirmish 2.0 box similar to kill team. Anyone knows anything about that???
  8. Hi all. I like a lot and enjoy big battles with 2k points armys but sometimes I wanna play something smaller and with LOTS!! of scenography, so then I start thinking on a nice sci-fi futuristic skirmish game wich I play sometimes but has too much rules and modifiers... then I got kill team and I really enjoy it, is fast and fun but as always I like more Sigmar medieval style so I was thining on skirmish but I think I read somewhere it was very unbalanced so I would like to try some changes. So is it "balanced"?? Has anybody changed something or is there any oficial rules to make it balanced?? I was thinking on using kill team rules to make more dinamic. The basic change is the shooting phase that is like combat and you play it alternating between players (having iniciative the minis that has not moved that turn), and when u got a wound u roll to see if it kills u or don't. I think it could be nice. Thoughts?? I know theres wh underworlds with a lot of people playing but I dont like the map and as I said I wanna play with LOTS of scenography
  9. Hoseman

    The Rumour Thread

    will the "new" BoC boxes arrive with the Battletome or will it be released on more weeks? Is too much Endless Spells, Battletome, Start collecting and all the other boxes together?? On the getting started only says battletome tomorrow so...
  10. Hoseman

    How to make a competitive list?

    Hi all. Here's my list for sachrament: Arkhan Coven throne Necro Vampire Lord on nightmare steed rockin 90s miniature. 40 skelis 2x 10 chainrasp horde 2x 5 Hexwraiths 20 grimhast reapers 3 spirit hosts So here you can switch to night with ambush style (with I love) by changing Arkhan + spirit hosts for Manfred and quiksilver swords. Those are my favourite lists, you have lot of body's, speed Hexwraiths that when u pass through a unit always confuse the enemy and start going after them, chainrasp for control some points and of course grimhast to kill
  11. Hoseman

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    Do you think point values or stats will change??? I wanna start making some lists before battletome release
  12. Hoseman

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    So only tzaangor skyfires will be able to get? The section of the web has changed and includes only skyfires... as the shaman with his magic can "create" tzaangorns for us I suppose the normal tzaangor will be pickable
  13. Hoseman

    The Rumour Thread

    How much stones will be able to put on battle?? Is a must for some units with 4 (4!!!) Of bravery. I think it will be only able to put one so it's going to be very important Btw, all the things seen sounds pretty awesome
  14. Hoseman

    The Rumour Thread

    I want all aelfs to be released like now
  15. Hoseman

    What do u use as graveyards?

    Thanks. I made mines with small bases. I made a tomb with foam and put some stones and two chainrasp cut on the middle like going out. As soon as I have them painted I will post it