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  1. Maybe is nothing but slanesh goes out and white dwarf has an article of the realm of shadows.... know what I mean? And junes WD will be released later... they say a bigger gap between may and june so.... theres something big coming??
  2. Maybe the new StD will come with mortals for all the chaos gods. U know a kit of mortals with different god heads and maybe weapons
  3. That one already exists. https://www.games-workshop.com/es-ES/Lord-of-Slaanesh-on-Daemonic-Mount
  4. Warcry latest trailer was "summer 2019" so sadly I think we will not get warcry on May
  5. So this weekend are the underworlds bands, it's supposed to be slanesh release the next?
  6. I play 40k too but I only want this black legion focus to pass and maybe we will get something for Sigmar. Something like an instant release would be nice
  7. One thing we can be sure... there will be expanssions for sure. Lots of expanssions. Bands, scenography, heroes, npc's... just like KT and Underworlds do. And I like it
  8. Maybe the missing icon is for dwarfs... we have orcs, goblins, maybe oggors, aelfs, humans, undeads... but theres no dwarfs
  9. So with that I saw again first trailer and if we can change weapons I see: For Iron golems they have: 2 hand hammer, 1 hand hammer, Long maze (like nunchaku), long Maze with spines, the chain and the ball-fist of the big guy. Plus the shield. For Darkoath ones we can see: Bone Sword, Bone Axe, Bone 2 hand axe, A boomerang?? Bone fist and a throwing lance with a rope. Plus the dog. Mixing this with kill team we could think something like this for the non chaos bands: IDONETH WARCRY BAND: To Choose: Namartii with Bow, 2h axes and 2h Swords (if they wanna make a difference), Ankhelian with Eels with lance and swords. Maybe a free Eel as pet, maybe ankhelian on foot conversions (so cool!!!!) DAUGHTERS OF KAINE: Withces with knifes or long whip, shield and things like mask that gives something, snakes with lances or bows and khinerai with their weapons. IRONJAWZ: Ardboys with maze, sword, big choppa and shield. Brutes with their weapons. NIGHTHAUNT: Dont know here, that treatment doesnt fit with nighthaunt. Maybe Chainrasp, Glaivewraith, Grimghast to play. If this comes out like this could be fun. Everybody will be able to make his own band with some restrictions and is balanced as KT is. Can't wait to see what comes out at last. Will be magic?? will be mounted guys (eels, gore gruntas, hexwraiths??)
  10. And theres no symbols to kharadron, sylvaneth, fyreslayers, trogloths, so many stormcasts, two khorne ones... We will see, too much wait till they say anything
  11. This sounds great but the symbols doesn't match...
  12. Kill team is a good game and I hope warcry will be too. I like the band's thing, the only issue about KT is the weapons to fit the mini on the band and sometimes is complicated to have all represented ok. With defined band's this goes out and it ready to play (I hope so)
  13. And the question is: those warbands related to an army will be new models or just rules to make your band or a preformed band to uso your models?
  14. Maybe the ninth is some dwarf band... I like a lot this but I thought there will not be band's like the army's but I like what this means. We will have new band's and band's of the current army's, GREAT!!
  15. That would be awesome... I still have those minis, waiting with twilight sisters on Forest Dragon and with Glade Lord of forest dragon... A return of hawk riders would be awesome too
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