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  1. As much as I would like a new Orion for wanderers (I own wood elf army with Orion and both dragons waiting) I think will not happen. Wanderers are confirmed to be at cities of sigmar book so I dont see they getting a new mini and the others dont. And when an old faction have a new mini it's a "simple" hero and Orion is not that, is an iconic Hero Lord of the wood elves (and sadly I think he died). But said all that there is Gotrek... it could be so cool to have an iconic hero for humans, elfs and dwarfs... But dark and high elfs would cry to need to join wanderers... meh
  2. I guess it has been said but if not: Cypher lords can be used in a StD army, it is said on his page. So I guess all warcry bands will be the same. So maybe we will not have a darkoath army as we have the beasts warband
  3. That simbol or drawing on his clothes are the same as a rumor engine so Aelfs coming
  4. Yea but the only MUST is 1 line and 1 herlo on core part. The other requeriments are 0 - 2 or 0-1 so I can go 0
  5. I dont know if it will be viable but who cares... Allegiance: SoulblightLeadersCoven Throne (260)Mannfred Mortarch of Night (420)Battleline5 x Blood Knights (240)Total: 920 / 2000Extra Command Points: 21Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 38 Vampire army!!!
  6. I wonder how will summoning work. If I roll Alarielle + Branchwych + kurnoth + tree-revenants will I be able to summon 20 + 10 driads?
  7. So will be mercenary system a way to not to make battletome for some armys??? Free peoples, ogors, ironweld... at least there's no elfs
  8. I think it was a Dragon zombi that fall and when eels were taking apart it wakes up and starts the party
  9. Is the second time I see a book with a pirate aelf... but we continue without them
  10. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/05/24/tales-of-forbidden-power-the-black-depths/ Love the Idoneth, love the Anvils and love the fiction
  11. Yes, the initial idea is better. I see more viable getting battletome, endless and maybe scenery for the aelves with maybe one hero not named on foot. Teclis is for sure going to have a huge miniature like Alarielle and Morathi.
  12. I see two variations if we make real the thing of Teclis coming in a short time. I can see it viable as said by @Dirtnaps if Teclis helps Tyrion to create Celestial Aelves but doesn't count as part of them. You will always can use Teclis as ally if it doesn't costs more than 400p. With this I think: - GW making the same as Skaven, FEC, Sylvaneth and giving Teclis as a Hero on foot. - The same but leaving away some dark aelfs to give to malerion. The idea of Teclis regrouping free Aelfs to go fight now that Tyrion is not ready is a nice thing. I thought Teclis and Tyrion will come as a huge miniature but who knows... Maybe Teclis comes mounted on something and costs 400p
  13. I cant see Teclis and Tyrion on different army's too but I don't see how old high Aelfs could join a new Celestial army. Maybe Phoenix could fit... I don't know. I thought all the old elves would have a battletome like BoC did were u can use them and change battalions into wanderers (wood elves), high and dark. With this idea Malerion could bring his army too using order serpentis, shadowblades and the other stuff.. and then where all this leaves wanderers? The only elf faction with no dragons... meh
  14. Is just me or is Teclis geting a lot of attention? It seems that is one of the leaderships for forbidden power lore, so as that down the lake... I like a lot the narrative thing and the fiction but I need to know who is that misterious ancient evil, so as if Teclis is going to come with his aelves to fight. Please gw pm me and tell me everything I wont say a word
  15. I wanna know it too but maybe is too early to make that spoiler
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