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My take on Fan Rules for Gitmobs (Gitmob Khans)


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The "Common Goblin" has already been the odd one out of all the grots/goblins. Sure they have the ever useful artillery, but I'm pretty sure that they're never going to get any significant updates. So I wanted to toss some ideas I had brewing, not that I have any intention of anyone really using these things, I just wanted to have some fun (I did this as a hobby a lot back in WFB).


Main inspiration is melding the current army with the more mongolian Hobgoblins which probably are never coming back. Lots of "Risk Reward" type rules where your backstabby grots might stick their knives in their fellows! Many of these rules are just ideas rather than concrete numbers. I'm far more used to making more complicated rule synergies common in WFB/40k than the more self contained AoS!


The Gitmob Khans

Allegiance Abilities



Gitmob Paranoia: May take double the point limit of Allies (as the khans often trust outsiders more than their fellow grots!), but Allies too close to Gitmob Units may suffer Mortal Wounds.

Steppe Raiders: Cavalry and Wolf Chariot units may make a “scout” move at beginning of game. Bonus Retreat movement.






Gitmob Khan: Main Leader type Hero. Best Stats/Wounds. May be on a Wolf, Wolf Chariot, Thunder Wolf, or Squiggoth.

Da Little Waaagh! Command Ability: Grot units within 12” gain +1A for Melee and may reroll charge rolls. (Too boring? Do grots not really waaagh anymore?)

Gitmob Big Boss: Lieutenant type hero. Can become Khan if Khan General dies but must risk mortal wounds. Can become a totem. May be on a Wolf or Wolf Chariot.

“Shoot and Stab that one real good!” Command Ability: Choose enemy unit within 12” (6”?), Gitmob attacks against that unit gain -2 additional Rend but natural To Hit rolls of 1 (so regardless of any to hit modifiers) cause 1 mortal wound on the gitmob unit as the grots don’t take kindly to being bossed around and argue with each other.

Gitmob Grot Shaman

Orruk Bully: Destruction Engineer, can put artillery in overdrive at risk of killing crews.






Gitmob Grots

Grot Wolf Chariots

Grot Wolf Riders

Nasty Skulkers

Snotling Pump Wagon: Enthusiastic Showoffs apply to all Destruction units but reduced range to 3”. Ramming Spikes and Scythe Wheels become -1 Rend.

Snotlings: Enthusiastic Showoffs apply to all Destruction units but reduced range to 3”. “Really Annoying” Rule: Enemy units suffer -1 To Hit if there are Snotling units within 1” of them.

Thunder Wolf Riders: “Monstrous” Cavalry option (like bloodcrushers or goregruntas but with grot stats). More focused on opportunistic targets than head on charges. Can increase movement at risk of grot riders not being able to attack.

Crooked Choppas: “Elite” Infantry like Stormvermine or Greatswords. Suffers Bravery Debuff when near too many Gitmob Heroes as they don't know where their loyalties belong to.

Fire Kobolds: Short ranged shooting unit like Skyre Acolytes, can accidentally kill themselves with their bombs.



Warmachines (basically unchanged)



Grot Rock Lobba

Grot Spear Chukka

Grot Doom Diver Catapult





Squiggoth: Big Monster with Howdah like Stegadon.

Feral Wyvern: Cheaper version of Orruk Warboss on Wyvern. May accidentally eat the closest unit (friend or foe) causing mortal wounds.



Da Big Tribes (sub factions)



Big Axes: Crooked Choppas become Battleline. Can only take normal points worth of Allies.

Arson Gitz: Fire Kobolds become Battleline. Artillery and Grot Bows gain Fiery Munitions (Bonus To Wound, Range Penalty, and can accidentally set themselves on fire).

Wolf Mastas: Models on Wolves, Wolf Chariots, or Thunder Wolves gain better movement and better To Hit on charges.

Mad Killas: Small Bonus to Melee Attacks on charge or can generate an additional attack on 6 so not guaranteed. Also gain Bonus To Wound against Grot units.

Treasure Hordas: Pile In Bonus. General MUST take an additional Artifact at a risk of losing it and getting beat up. Steal more Artifacts?

Castle Crashas: Gain the Rampaging Destroyer ability and you may reroll the dice to determine the result. Artillery, Pump Wagons, and Squiggoths gain bonus Bravery.


Still cooking up ideas on traits and items. Let me know what you think! Rules probably all over the place really!
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FWIW for your Squiggoth concept I have my Slatr Warbeast scroll from my Suneaters which lines up roughly with what I think you want (barring it has an ogor steering it). Largely it comprises of a ramshackle catapult on wooden howdah atop the squiggoth model manned by grots. Lots of fun as a model (though weirdly the grots ontop have had more success in combat).

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