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Morning everyone - long time reader / lurker. 

I've read an article that's been driving me slowly mad for a while so I thought I'd reach out for some help. 

I read this.


TL;DR; version is - Great article full of info and experience and recommendations. However there is one part that is throwing me that I still haven't worked out...


My Legion army has an incredible amount of short range 1 use damage output. The Infernal Guard Fireglaives champions can carry a Naphtha Bomb to dish out D3 mortal wounds once per battle against anything that gets too close. This can be not only devastating but also very defensive when combined with the Daemonsmiths using their Blood of Hashut and magic. My opponent will charge into my line of Fireglaves thinking to overwhelm them in a couple of rounds, but in the following turn I can unleash as many as 10d3 and 3d6 mortal wounds into them.

Unless I'm missing a serious trick, I have no idea quite how this many mortal wounds can come out of a unit of Fireglaves and a daemonsmith(s) regardless of their size or numbers

If anyone has any ideas or if this is something that has changed since the last rules update although I have checked all the rules I can find for them or if this is a typo or a misunderstanding or whatever. Mostly I just want to make sure I'm not missing out on being able to nuke a unit that thinks they're charging something squishy!!

Please help me as not knowing the answer is killing me and this place seems like the right place to ask :D 



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I think its just vaguely worded, unfortunately.

It looks like he's not just referring to the Fireglaives, but his entire army there - including artillery/other magic as well as the Demonsmiths and Fireglaives. Its also not clear if he's using one unit of 30 of the glaives, or 3 units of 10. The latter would at least account for three of the "10D3" 

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This is what I have suspected... 

Only a few things that do mortal wounds straight out for us. Blood of Hashut & Naptha bombs mostly. Certainly can't see how that many stack up in response to one unit  being charged at any rate! Originally I wondered if some older flavour of the rules meant they all carried naptha bombs rather than just the champions but after looking at what old scrolls I could find I decided that was both not right and also probably madness.

Also - you win points for being the first person to at least confirm I'm not being dumb and missing something super obvious!! So thanks :) 

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