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  1. For me immersion is the cool flavorful abilities that make armies and units feel unique and close to what they should be in lore and I think there needs to be a balance of both. For example, skullreapers used to keep track of models they killed and gained bonuses and skullcrushers used to gain a bravery boost when they killed their first models because they dipped their banner in blood. Both were very flavorful and increased my immersion but they were kinda clunky to keep track of but I am kinda sad they are gone because it makes Khore feel a bit more generic. On the flip side, I struggle with 40k because there are so many rules that break my immersion like character targeting rules that make no sense but have to be there so all characters dont die immediately.
  2. I chose gorefists mostly for aesthetics and because since they do mortal wounds I figure they will result in more consistent damage if I have to make a similar amount of armour saves. I think which is best depends on what you are facing and I dont think there is a clear winner. Since each bloodwarrior could attack 4-10 times depending on buffs and if they attack first and then die, rerolling ones will always be useful but you have to go through the normal attack sequence to cause more damage. Gorefists depend on how many attacks are coming in so their usefulness depends on what is attacking them which is less controllable. So just based off my opinions and experience I dont think there is a clear best choice overall. Idk what statistics says about it.
  3. I prefer 2k or more because there is more flexibility and I have found battleplans to be more doable at 2k. Most of the 1k games I've played turn into a simple brawl since there are less units that can be spared to hold an objective. I still enjoy them and it's good to play people who dont have as many models but I always feel like I'm not getting the full experience.
  4. You are correct that we dont have to stop rolling armor saves once enough damage goes through to kill the unit. I have experience with ironsworn that have the same rule and while nice I dont think that msu warriors would reliably do much since it would be harder to a lot of attacks on them and I dont think the damage would be reliably good. For example, 6 flesh eater courts flayers buffed with 3 extra attacks each (42 attacks total) killed my ironsworn unit but took around 4 mortal wounds in return which was nice but 6 flayers would probably have difficulty all getting in range of just 5 bloodwarriors.
  5. I have always used blood warriors and they have gotten better since the gore fists are more likely to trigger now. The only downsides is that the champion cannot take the goreglaive and they will have to deal with battleshock more. I usually run them in 10s. The few times I have taken them larger than 10 they have been very unwieldy and haven't gotten many more attacks in than a 10 man unit.
  6. I just noticed that the bloodwarrior unit leader get an extra attack for its goreaxe(s). I guess that means there is no reason to give them the bloodglaive anymore, kinda disappointing since that was an easy way of showing the champion.
  7. Yes to both unless the new book changes that which I hope so since I waste a lot of bloodtithe points that way. With the changes to wrathmongers, are they any good mortal answers to high damage monsters? Previous I relied on wrathmongers to suicide themselves so the big targets kill themselves. Now it seems like I will be stuck with trying to drown them in no rend one damage attacks and slaughterpriests.
  8. I deal with frustration by not expecting to win and also to think about my wider experience. Lately I've been playing lists that I know are not very competitive but are thematic and fun. I took a troggoth list to a tournament and I lost every game mostly due to objective and low model count. My first game against Daughters of Khaine was very frustrating because a giant blob of witch elves charged and killed close to half of my army in one turn. I was powerless to stop it, I tried to position myself to mitigate the damage bit they are so fast it didnt matter. But when I got to go, I ahnilalated the witch elves and ended up almost tabling them. I take comfort in knowing that frustration is usually temporary and that I have had many more positive moments and comebacks than frustrating moments. It also helps that I have too many different armies so when I get frustrated with my Beasts of Chaos I'll switch armies for a bit.
  9. The second one, if you have 4 warpfire projectors and an enemy unit with 5 models within 8" then you roll 4x5 dice.
  10. Based off of past experience I only started doing well with skryre once I allied in a unit of clanrats. I will try out various pure skryre lists as I paint up more clanrats and stormvermin but I expect to struggle with battleplans with several objectives. That being said it doesnt bother me much, I'm not much of a competitive player and I expect a decent amount of my army to blow itself up.
  11. I think that it's an interesting question for stormcast. I can't remember if this is in a book or I just made it up but I wonder if any stormcast are resentful that they were abducted so they couldn't die with their comrades or maybe they think that if they were able to continue fighting they could have defeated chaos. Maybe those that are are weeded out in the forging process or realize that they are able to do much better as stormcast.
  12. Its actually 1+ for mortal wounds so 6 or 12 mortal wounds. Ones only fail for hits, wounds, and saves. If you are overcharging you will still have to roll to see how many ones there are but they will still do mortal wounds.
  13. Any thoughts on if a minimum sized claw horde is worth it? I'm planning on having 2x40 clanrats and 40 stormvermin with a claw lord to be the core of my army. It seems like a lot of points for the benefit of maybe saving a command point in the combat phase because I doubt I will consistently keep all 3 units within 13" of the clawlord and I'm heavily considering a warpseer so I should have a decent number of command points to use the clawlord's ability multiple times anyway.
  14. I think that the choice of plague claw and warp lightning depends on what you need from them. Plague claws are longer range and dont need line of sight so you will be able to fire sooner and more consistently but it is more dependent on luck because there is more rolling. Since warp lightning doesnt need to roll to hit and does mortal wounds it's great for sniping heros that get within range. For stormfeinds, I choose windlaunchers over warpfire for a ranged unit because I dont want them to take damage in combat even though the third model will useless at range.
  15. The Warbringer is probably the first verminlord I'll get mainly because of the dreaded death frenzy. I'm trying to decide if getting a warpseer too is too much.
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