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  1. NemoVonUtopia

    Squig Lore Question (Blingteefs)

    I think that's a good idea and not too unusual since the battletome mentions arachnarock spiders having different silk in different realms, the spiders in chamon have metallic silk, and squigs are very diverse already. It seems entirely likely that feeding squigs realmstone or raising them in special areas would change them.
  2. NemoVonUtopia

    AoS2 - Dankhold Troggoth Discussion

    I just noticed that the updated hag warscroll on the Forge World website has 16 wounds the updated warscroll on the AoS app still has 14 even though it has the new keywords. I wonder which one is correct.
  3. NemoVonUtopia

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Anyone have experience with the stormcaller spell? I'm working on a wizard heavy list and I'm wondering which of the damaging spells are worth taking. Stormcaller seems potentially nice but idk if it would trigger enough.
  4. NemoVonUtopia

    GHB 2018 vs 2019

    The GHB also has rules for underground battles, aerial battles, and gathering of might for huge points games which might not be reprinted in the next one. GHB 2017 has more involved rules for triumph and treachery and 3 player games so there is some use to it after the next one comes out. You dont really need it for what you've said you are doing and most other people probably have one that you could look through before deciding to buy.
  5. NemoVonUtopia

    New player here

    Out of those two I would recommend flesh eater courts. I dont own either but I have played against flesh eater courts many times and they are a fun if slightly annoying opponents. They can be played in several different ways and have a moderate selection of units. A downside is that you will probably be painting a lot of ghouls. Beastclaw raiders have great looking big models so they would be fun to paint but there is less variety and a small unit count can make objective based games more difficult. I would reccomend picking whichever one appeals to you more, build 1000 points and then get some games in. Also reading the threads on them on these forums should give you an idea of what they can do and what armies look like.
  6. NemoVonUtopia

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    I just played in a small local tournament using Skalok (the new forge world dragon) and I am very pleased how it went even though I didn't win a single game which I expected since i figured i couldn't play to objectives very well. My list idea was to buff and support Skalok while having an independent battle line so my list was: Skalok 2 slaughterpriests with killing frenzy and resangunation Bloodstoker 5 Wrathmongers 3x5 Blood warriors. Game 1 was battle of the pass vs Daughters of Khaine. The first few turns we approached each other cautiously to but the Daughter's superior mobility ment that they got the middle objectives first and got the first charges. My blood warriors all died but they protected Skalok and the wrathmongers who were able to decimate the enemy's army in later turns. Skalock only took 2 wounds because she killed any unit she attacked. Game 2 vs ironjaws went the same way, a turn 1 charge killed all of my screening blood warriors but I then tabled my opponent with Skalok killing a mega war boss on mawcrusha and one on foot, 5 brutes, and around 30 'ard boys. But due to low model count my opponent won off points. Game 3 vs Nurgle I decided to be stupid and charge Skalok into my opponent's army first instead of fighting behind blood warriors and wrathmongers. Needless to say, she died in 3 combat rounds to 10 blightkings in a plague cist and 10 chaos warriors supported by a harbinger of decay. I learned that Skalok didnt need much buffing support and I really needed more bodies. Next time I'll try a bloodsecrator and as many bloodreavers as possible.
  7. NemoVonUtopia

    AoS 2 - Legion Of Azgorh Discussion

    I think it's just bad in comparison. It been adequate in the games I have used it in but it is inconsistent. The good is that it can pretty much shoot at anything you want and can do a lot of damage, but I have also had quite a few times when it did nothing. Since I dont play competitively I like bringing it anyway and it is a fun model, I dont regret getting one.
  8. NemoVonUtopia

    The most disgusting warscroll in the world

    I have not fully assembled it yet but it 2x3ft seems like it would be enough.
  9. NemoVonUtopia

    The most disgusting warscroll in the world

    I just preordered it since I've been waiting years for it to come out. It probably for the best that it isn't super points efficient or unkillable. I hate it when I bring any unit and all my opponent does is complain how overpowered it is. I wonder what base size would be best since it doesn't say that it comes with one. It seems like it will need an Archaon sized one, but maybe the large ovals would work.
  10. NemoVonUtopia

    Sigmar/40k quick discussion

    I have played a moderate amount of 40k and I play for fun with what looks cool so I cannot speak for the competitive scene. 1) As long as you stay away from orks, tyranids, and astray militarum you shouldn't have much of an issue. Many units only go up to 10 or 20. Overall 40k needs less models especially if you play custodes or imperial knights. 2) There are a lot more options and they all cost differently and are good a different things so there isn't always a best option unless you want to be cutting edge competitive in which case there is usually specific loadouts that everyone takes. 3) I think overall most of the main factions in 40k have more unit options, but only a few are considered competitive. There have been several rules changes to prevent people from spamming the same unit. So at a competitive level 40k has the same problem but on a more casual level for some factions there is more diversity. 4) Personally if feel like 40k is worse in this regard than AoS. Since there are more specialized weapons options I have encountered times where I have lost before the game began because I didn't have enough anti-tank weapons vs a vehicle heavy list for example. But that is mainly from my inexperience with list building or using a list based off of what looks cool going against a tournament list. Having longer ranged and more powerful shooting in 40k does add a good amount of depth. 5) 40k has a similar problem but there are usually multiple ways to buff through cheaper characters with a weaker version of the buff. For example in my harlequin army all troupe masters have a buff aura naturally so I dont have to spend any resources to use them .
  11. If you stick with khorne, I would recommend some more wrathmongers and 3 boxes of skullcrushers and a lord on juggernaut so you can run the brass stampede occasionally. I have had a lot of fun with it and it's a good change of pace from other khorne lists.
  12. As unfortunate as the price increases are, I figured that it would be the case because it was already a price increase to buy at events in the US using the set catalogue prices. It seems like the exchange rate they are using is about 1.5 which isn't bad if you look at the past 10 years. I think the main issue is that we are used to the lower rate of the last few years. Though that only applies to the US. I fully understand them deleting comments on facebook. When I looked at the comments quite a few were just saying how FW is scamming everyone and posting the same angry post as a reply to most other comments and insulting anyone who didn't share a negative opinion.
  13. NemoVonUtopia

    2k Full Fimir/Monsters List?

    I'm working on a similar list but with less firmir and some troggoths and a hag. I'm planning to add a magma dragon because it seems durable enough to last several rounds of combat, has a very threatening ranged attack that is reliable and does not degrade, and it has enough attacks to reliably get damage through. The only concern I have is low model count and holding objectives but for a fun list Idk if that matters much.
  14. NemoVonUtopia

    AoS 2 - Legion Of Azgorh Discussion

    Maybe use them as allies marauders and marauder hosemen or go generic chaos and use them as ungors, Ungor raiders, and centigors.
  15. NemoVonUtopia

    AoS 2 - Legion Of Azgorh Discussion

    I have not yet, but have been thinking about a generic chaos list with brayherd and LoA artillery because for some reason they cannot ally. Or adding artillery and fireglaives to pretty much anything but skaven to add some ranged capability.