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Stefan’s painting journey

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Hi all, 


I’ve read these things for a while now and found them great for inspiration so thought I would start my own. I’ve just got back into the hobby after a 10 year break. Whilst I consider myself an ok painter, I’m incredibly slow and so want to use this to document my progress and act as encouragement to speed up a little!


 I’ll be starting off with sylvaneth as I love the models and the simplicity of Age of Sigmar (although we’ll see soon how much that changes!). Also follows on nicely from my last army, which was whfb wood elves. I currently have a start collecting box and a set of revenants. The intention is to mix up the first five revenants a little to settle on colour schemes. I’ll aim to post recipes as I go to keep track mainly for myself when I inevitably get busy at work and have to take a break for a while!

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Starting up with the only completed model so far. My first spite revenant. It took a while and was my first attempt at glazing and a bit of osl, and I’m pretty happy for my first foray back into the hobby. Hopefully following shortly will be test models for dryads and tree revenants. 



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On 5/27/2018 at 6:32 PM, Brad Gamma said:

The colours and the gradient on the flesh are amazing! Incredible after such a long break. Looking forward to the other schemes you try, although I'd be very tempted to stick with that one ?.

Thanks! This one is definitely set for the spite revenants. I'm going to mix up my first box so that I can do test models for each.  I'm thinking a more muted blue for the tree revenants with their weapons being the colour focal point.  I want my tree revs to look like the more stealthy infiltrator of the two, and the spites to be in your face menacing!

On 5/27/2018 at 9:35 PM, Kramer said:

That's so cool! So bright with a very skillful transition in the pink to blue! Hard to believe it's been 10 years! Any teasers to what's on the painting table?

Next up is the first batch of dryads.  Like I said I'm a slow painter so I'm going to start with a batch of four - I also want some subtle differences in colour between them so they're not too monotone brown as a unit. I do have something really cool planned for the treelord ancient, although it's likely to take a lot of time and experimenting so I'll keep it under wraps for now!


Recipes for spite revenants

Dark bark - Dryad bark, gorthor brown, baneblade brown, rakarth flesh. Spot glazed with pure and mixed temple guard blue and vallejo magenta.

Skin - I believe the basecoat is a mix of screamer pink and Vallejo magenta, blended into vallejo purple followed by Ahriman blue, temple guard blue, and baharroth blue. The blended area and pink skin is washed with Druchii violet mixed with medium. Pink is highlighted with magenta, vallejo squid pink, and a bit of white mixed in.

Skin runes - black mixed with vallejo royal purple. Same mix used for the eyes and for deepest areas of shade on the face.

Earth - this was a bit freestyle. Mostly Rhinox hide base, with wet mix of dryad bark and black mixed in on base. Light drybrushes of Mournfang brown and Skrag brown. Light wash of Agrax Earthshade. Same glaze mix as the bark used to add some colour interest.

Rock - Skavenblight dinge, washes with Nuln oil, drybrushed skavenblight again, followed by stormvermin fur, dawnstone and celestra grey. Again, glazes used to add colour variation. 

I'm likely to be adding some pigment to the rock and soil too when they arrive. Along with a little bit of leaf litter.


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Thanks for all the kind comments on the Spite Revenant. Next up is the test model for the Dryads.


Still waiting on some basing materials to arrive. I'll be following this up with a few more dryads and then a test for the tree revenants hopefully as I know I'll go mad if I try to paint too many dryads at once.  Saving the treelord as a reward for getting the battleline done.

Recipes for dryads

Bark - Rhinox hide. Layered up through mournfang brown, steel legion drag and karak stone. Shaded with black.

Leaves - As for the spite revenants above.

Skirt - Base on incubi darkness. All over thin layer of Vallejo royal purple, glazed up to magenta and a bit of squid pink.

Eyes - thin layer of Ahriman blue (not too neat). Temple guard blue highlight followed by white. Thin glazes of Ahriman Blue, and a mix of Temple guard blue with a small amount of Royal Purple. Also glazed some purple onto the bark.

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