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Beast chaos army Mix chaos


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Hello I tell you how I want to organize the army. I love beastmen from always the only thing that in AOS are not very competitive and I would like to make a list that compensates for that. I present my list to 1000 points.


lord of change (300)

Doombull (120)

Ungors x10 (60)

Tzaangorsx10 (180)

Bullgors (180)

Brimnstone horrors x10 (40)

Jabberslythe (120)

1000 points.

In general lines, I want the vast majority of my army to have the appearance of a beastman (minotaur, goat men, birdman, ect ...) I would like to ask you for advice to reinforce my army up to 2000 points with ideas and combos that You see effective. Using chaos and monsters, I would not mind adding to the list other units as a slave to the dark or demons, as long as they are some effective combos. Thank you very much.

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A Cockatrice would be good for fast ranged mortal wounds. More bullgors and a ghorgon would be good especially if the Doom bull is your general. If you get more ungors or gors for battleline, a Bray shaman would be good to add even more mobility to them. 

I would definitely add more of the various gors because just 10 probably won't do much.

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