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Basing for a Cabbage (L Monster Base)


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In something slightly different from the usual doom and gloom which we find ourselves under recently I have just finished painting, and magnetising, my Maw-Krusha. I am going to magnetise it to the base in order to make it easier to transport, using some really powerful magnets. However despite this I'm not sure how I actually want to do the base.

My standard basing technique is super simple. A coat of Stirland Battlemire to add some textures and underlying colour followed by a layer of Valhallen Blizzard which doesn't cover all of the "Mud". This gives the effect of a snow ontop of muddy ground to compliment the paint scheme I use for my army.

Upon completing my Maw-Krusha I'm reasonably happy with the colour graduation and final product however it is very white/blue. I'm worried that if I just do a snow base it will cause the model to just look like a blue white blob and detract from it. As a result I want to create a base which contrasts with the Maw-Krusha in order to emphasis the model and, through the colour clash, really highlight the model.

I am however having the Issue that I've never really done proper basing before. Prior to the Ironjawz I was a child/teenager when I last painted and my bases were brown paint. Though I have put more effort into the Waaagh! I have yet to do anything which wouldn't be considered simplistic. So I'm left with no real idea how to achieve the effect I want and have struggle to find any guides on the internet.


Currently I have the Shattered Dominion monster base kit which I intend to use as part of it, I also have some green grass tufts (from GW) which I'm going to include. What I want is to create a river through the centre of the base which the Maw-Krusha stands over, raising both sides of the base to add the depth. Then have the base be mostly greens/reds representing a kind of spring/summer setting while the back end, of the base/MK, has the river turned to ice and snow on the ground. The general theme being one, which is rather stolen, akin to the Beastclaw Raiders, the Waaagh! Is bringing the Winter/Snow with it and the MK is the front of winters sudden assault.

Problem is, as I said above, I have no Idea how to achieve this. So I turn to you guys in order to find tips, assists and ways in which I can achieve this. Either through modelling the base or even colour schemes to achieve the vibrant summer look. This can be as simple as how to put the raised bits on either side to more specific things such as what scenery would look good on the base.

I'll work out how to include the magnets, that's no problem. It's just I've put in the region of 60+ hours into painting him and the last thing I want is a ****** base to let him down.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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So you want a river to run through the middle of the base?  How deep do you want the river?

Off hand, there are 2 ways to go about doing this.  Either you can add onto the base and build up the sides of the river or you can recess the river into the base.  If you want to raise up the base to build your river then given your limited experience I suggest that you do something simple, easy, and cheap.  I would buy flat cork board (the stuff you can make a board to pin notes to) which is very cheap, easy to work with, and pretty sturdy once glued.  I would build up the core of the base using layers of cork.  Then, once you have the basic height and contours of the base I would apply a layer of spackle over it (if you are not in the US there may be a different name for this - but it is basically the putty used to repaid dry-wall).  Spackle putty is cheap and easy to use.  You can use your hands and a small bit of water to smooth it out.  This stuff will go over the cork and give you the shape and texture of ground.

From there you can add extra things, like glue a layer of sand/gravel into the river bed, and you should be good to go for painting.  If you want to really finish the effect of a river - you can consider adding scenic water to the river-bed once you are done painting/sealing.  That stuff dries clear and looks like water. 

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If you want to recess the river into the base, then I would do a google search for a tutorial on recessed bases.  They are a fair bit of work, but not really hard.  You can generally do them 2 ways, you can either recess the entire base, and then build your scenic elements into the recess, or you can cut just a portion of the base to recess (for example - just the area for the river).

The basics of this is that you will cut out the majority of the top of the base for a full recess or just a portion if you only want to recess part.  You will then get some plasticard and form a bottom to the base that contacts the edge (you can either glue the base down on top of this or cut it to perfectly fit inside the rim of the base - your choice).  Make sure that you glue the bottom to the base rim in such a way that it is tight and sealed - so that if you choose to use scenic water it will not escape (when it dries it will end up making your base almost fully solid).  Once you have constructed the recessed base then you build up your scenic elements within/on it.

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