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Spontaneous AoS three way game 6 July


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So Ben (Flesh Eaters plus Soulblight), Craig (Bowlzee) (Khorne) and I (mortal Tzeentch) took on a 3-way battleplan from the General's Handbook at the South London Legion. The mission was to capture a central objective which only the general could pick up and carry. If your general died, then at best you could reduce it to a minor victory for an opponent by flooding the holding general with models. Fortunately we all had pretty tanky generals (Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon, Bloodthirster and Old Archaon). 

Deployment was in a choice of 6 areas around the corners and the middle of the long edges of the board. It worked really well overall - 3-way games are very dramatic and there's good banter/backstabbing when deciding who can attack next in the combat phase for example - both players have an incentive to sabotage the one who has temporarily taken the lead.



We used our SCGT lists. Ben took his Royal Menagerie formation (3 flappies), Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon, 10 Blood Knights, 10 Dire Wolves and 5 Hexwraiths. 

Craig brought a Khorne list with the Bloodthirster command ability for buffing the Bloodletter Bomb (20 Bloodletters, Bloodstoker, Bloodsecrator). Mighty Lord of Khorne, Juggies, Juggerlord, Blood Warriors and Blood Reavers made up the numbers. The idea was to charge - KHORNE.

I brought a hero heavy Fatesworn Warband, with Old Archaon as general, Juggerlord, both Slaanesh Lords and Disklord and the usual Slaves to Darkness units. The idea was to weather the storm with multiple ward saves and use Old Archaon as my beatstick (extra attacks on 6's to hit, +1 to wound on the charge - so Slayer of Kings on two 5+ wound rolls, random rerolls from the Disklord and pile in and attack twice).


Ben and Craig faced off against each other, while I was on one of the short table edges.  The mystical terrain was in one of my corners.

Craig would have won the painting prize.

IMG_4561.JPG corners....










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Battleround One

Craig won the roll and chose to go first (very Khorne like). He sent the Bloodthirster in at the front towards the objective, followed by Khorne dogs, the Mighty Lord of Khorne, Juggies and Blood Warriors. The Bloodreavers and Warshrine moved forward on the left flank against the Hexwraiths and Blood Knights.




Craig sent the Bloodletter Bomb into a unit of Chaos Warriors congregated by the Warshrine. They made it in easily and started chopping. Unfortunately Tzeentch's tricksy magic deflected many of the mortal wounds and only 2 Warriors died. My forces struck back and wiped out the Bloodletters with the Battleshock phase.

Ben went next. His flappies moved forward using their formation buff. The Ghoul King on ZD unleased his reroll wounds bubble. One of the flappies went for the Bloodthirster, while the others took on the dogs. The Breath attacks blasted the Bloodthirster and weakened him severely. The Terrorgheist then killed him. The Khorne Dogs did some damage to one of the Terrorgheists (4+ save is a big deal compared to 5+ previously), before being chopped down. His Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon belatedly picked up the artefact.




The Tzeentch forces ran forward (slowly). Unfortunately the Knights failed their charge as did the Disklord against some Direwolves (so many caniforms in this game!).





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Battleround 2

Craig won the initiative and went first, then Ben and last me. You really have to take into account that you could have up to 4 enemy turns against your between your turns.

Craig charged the core of his army into the flappies, who shielded his Ben's general (GKoZD) from attack.

The Mighty Lord of Khorne wielded his axe, striking many heavy blows upon the Terrorgheist. The magic imbued in the axe was deflected by the spells holding the great bat together. The Terrorgheist swallowed him in two bites.

The other Terrorgheist fared less well against a wall of red maniacs, but survived.


The Bloodreavers chopped down a pair of Hexwraiths. With the Bloodsecrator banner helf aloft, the Bloodreavers stood firm.


In Ben's turn, his cavalry moved up. HIs GKoZD moved backwards slightly. The Flappies aimed their great maws towards the Khorne units and blasted them into smithereens. One Terrorgheist died in a storm of axes.. 


The Hexwraiths fled and flew across the Bloodsecrator. The Blood Knights swept in and inflicted heavy casualties. 2 Knights fell in return. Still the Bloodreavers held.


The forces of Tzeentch closed in on Ben's GKoZD. A rain of javelins struck it. The Disklord failed a long-bomb charge to take on the Vampire Lord (as he has a 2+ save against non-flyers). Archaon closed in, but failed his charge.



The Knights, failed their Mystical scenery test.


Not caring for their propensity to die pitifully, Archaon sacrificed his marauder cavalry. They took three wounds off Ben's general - pathetic. The GKoZD feasted on their flesh.  


The Warshrine and Slaughterpriest hacked away at the second Terrorgheist and brought it low. The Chaos Warriors settled for chopping down the Bloodsecrator. The Terrorgheist failed to kill the Slaughterpriest, but damaged the Warshrine.





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Battleround 3

It was getting late by this stage. Nic won the decisive initiative roll, then Craig, then Ben. Archaon glowed with the power of buffs. The Chaos Knights failed their mystical test again!

Accompanied by the Juggerlord, Archaon swept into the Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon. The Slayer of Kings spun through the air and the daemon inside emerged tearing into the Dragon. I rolled the two fives necessary for the autokill. The objective lay exposed.  



The 1 wound remaining Terrorgheist crushed the Warshrine after the Slaughterpriest fluffed his attacks.

The Bloodreavers kept holding up the Knights, while the Hexwraiths did some damage to the Bloodsecrator.

Craig finally took down the Terrorgheist.

Ben brought in the Direwolves to help the Blood Knights. They finally mopped up the Bloodreavers. The Blood Knights easily skewered the Juggerlord with their lances.

Battleround 4 

I won the initiative and we stopped the game there - a minor victory for Tzeentch as Archaon could scoop up the objective but would be surrounded.

The Tzeentch army's slowness in getting out of the blocks (obviously part of the great cosmic plan) ended up helping them to snatch victory.

A really fun game - definitely illustrates the value of the General's Handbook for multiplayer games.

Thanks very much to Ben and Craig. Well played.

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So sorry I missed out guys, that looks like tremendous fun.  I'm looking forward to the General's Handbook, apparently there's a way to play threeway and fourway along with battleplans and stuff.  Must be mayhem!

I wonder if one could run a tournament with 3-way games?  That could be hilarious fun.

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11 hours ago, Tom Loyn said:

So sorry I missed out guys, that looks like tremendous fun.  I'm looking forward to the General's Handbook, apparently there's a way to play threeway and fourway along with battleplans and stuff.  Must be mayhem!

I wonder if one could run a tournament with 3-way games?  That could be hilarious fun.

This mission was straight out of the handbook :P It was enormous fun.

I love the idea of 4 way tournament. Fight for your Grand Alliance, culminating in lots of 4 way battles at the end! (Next SLL tournament!?)

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