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Nurglings vs Blood Warriors



Had a couple of nice games today but did have one question arise that I wasn't sure the answer too.  In one combat I had my unit of Blood Warriors against a unit of Nurglings.  Both units inflict a bit of damage in each other, so at the end of the combat it triggers off: 


Disease-ridden Demise: At the end of the combat phase, roll a dice for each enemy unit that suffered any wounds inflicted by Nurglings in that phase but was not slain. On a roll of 5 or more the unit begins to succumb to the virulent maladies carried by the Nurglings and suffers D3 mortal wounds.

The question is, would it trigger off the Blood Warriors ability:


No Respite: If a model from this unit is slain in the combat phase, you can make a pile in move and then attack with the model before you remove it.

My gut feeling is yes as it's still the combat phase (I.e. It's not ended yet) but it does seem a bit naff and not really a reactionary move to being stabbed up

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