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The Haunted Host

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My play group is beginning a Path to Glory campaign this weekend, and I am hearing the siren call of Death. I've made a post about the project on our Porchhammer blog, but also wanted to share it here. I'll link to the blog, but also put pictures here in my post so that I do not become that guy who is looking for blog hits. :) 


I also made a recent post on learning to fall in love with AoS, and I would like to take a moment to thank this lovely community for helping me to do so. This is one of the most vibrant, friendly, and insightful GW related communities on the web, and I would not be having so much fun with this project were it not for you guys.

Our campaign takes place in the Realm of Death, and I have painted up some scenery for the campaign along with some help from my wife. I was going for a spooky, Haunted landscape while using GW plastic kits,



And here is the warband, the Haunted Host of the Tower of Souls, led by Aristion, a vampire lord. Special thanks to Old Woden for the kit ash inspiration. I bet that his vampire has been one of the most inspirational conversions of late in the AoS community. I opted for a hooded head from the wood elf kit and Manfred's ghostly sword when making mine.







I have my doubts about how effective a warband this will be, but they were the models I was digging at the time, and for me this hobby is all about the aesthetics of my toys, so I went with it. More to come; my intention is to use the campaign as a way to motivate myself to painting a whole army a bit at a time, just as the GW corporate overlords intend!

All praise, brutal criticism, and hobby ideas are always welcome!


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i painted the boards using Duncan's techniques but a different color palette. They were sprayed black, then we did patches of Dark Reaper, Incubi Darkness, and Kantor Blue. The whole thing was then drybrushed with Sybarite Green. For the water, I did the typical Spirit Host scheme, using a base coat of Celestra Grey, a coat of Nihilak Oxide, and a dry brush of Ulthuan Grey. The stone work is a patchwork of Dark Reaper and Russ Grey, washed with Agrax, and drybrushed with Screaming Skull. Finally, we drybrushed Ulthuan Grey around all of the cracks.

Played two very quick games last night. The force is not as bad as I thought at all. My opponents all picked big powerful generals on monsters, but they can't get to any objectives. :)

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