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Is there some way to summon chameleon skinks?


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12 hours ago, warhammernoob said:

is there somewhere else i can find that? games-workshop doesn't work on my computer for some reason


Get the app. It's free, shows all warscrolls and does get, rarely, updated! 

It's called 'Warhammer Age of Sigmar'

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Also an Engine of The Gods may summon any Seraphon unit on a result of 14-17 of its crazy Cosmic Engine.

This is not the same as the spell on the warscroll, it is just summon any Seraphon unit. So you can summon things which have no spell (like a Slann) or any legal number of models in a unit for which you have the summoning pool points available.

Of course you do need to roll that 14-17 result so it is far more chancy than normal summoning and probably not a thing to rely on unless you are building a list around it (Slann, multiple EoTG, Starseer for the re-rolls etc). It also has a fixed 8" range that you cannot modify with the usual tricks such as an Astrolith Bearer.

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