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Everchosen help


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So I have 1720 pts of Everchosen; 3 units of Varanguard, Archaon, Gaunt Summoner. I have 280 pts left over and I have 2 ideas I can't choose between. I was thinking of Bel'akor because I already have the model and it fits fluff wise, even if he is not incredible his warscroll is okay and his Dark Manipulation or whatever can be pretty awesome and enfeeble foe is nice to have. And with 6 spells I could hopefully get Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield, Enfeeble Foe, and Fractal Mindstorm off, but I would be wasting two spells.

 My other thought was a Soul Grinder for some range and its just such a cool model. Possibly summon it with the Gaunt Summoner or Archaon for a deep strike.

I'd love some input here to help me decide haha 

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4 hours ago, Arkiham said:

Considered the battalion ?


It allows you to know what's happening with priority. And it works in terms of turn deciding.

Ah the overlords of chaos battalion? Yeah, that sounds pretty awesome. But I would be 60 points short of 2000. Should I try to put some maurauders in or take a triumph?

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