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Battalions or more troops?


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Just an observation from a newbie , playing blood bound.

the battalions look good , but does the strategy of more actual fighters work?

Same thing for slaughter priests , their buffs etc are great , but 100 points , plus the cost spot a battalion scroll etc , it adds up quickly.

Against an experienced opponent who know where your key characters pieces are can remove them with spells and shooting , they seem a liability.

are you playing into the hands of a snooty army when you bring buffing characters and wizards?

Any advice for a newb?


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Not all battalions are created equal. Personally i think gore pilgrims is mandatory. Yeah, your opponent can spike down your priests, but then they arent taking out your troops, which will invariably rack up a higher body count than the priest. It also gives you the ability to have 1 bloodsecrator who can cover nearly the entire field.

Murder host is popular because of the speed it lets you get across the table with. 120 points to avoid a round of shooting is cheaper than another brick of bloodletters.

I also am a big fan of brass stampede for the mortal wound output

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Pretty much what @Gotrek said.

Some batallions - unfortunately very few - are still viable at the increased GH2017 points costs - most have been relegated to open or narrative play.

I think the across the board  points increase was a bit lazy to be honest and hopefully the points will be a bit more specific in GH2018.

Gore pilgrims and Fatesworn are the only 2 I have run since GH2017. I will try Vanguard Wing and Skyborn Slayers for my Stormcast once they are up and running. Sylvaneth still have a couple of useable options and I think they are still auto-include for Skryre.

For now I think taking the extra unit is more benefit to most builds.

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