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  1. Gotrek

    Nagash Counter?

    Couple questions: 1) What specifically is your trouble with nagash? Is it his magic? Is it that you cant kill him? 2) what's the rest of his list? 3) what models do you have at your disposal? I dont know if theres anything in maggotkin that can actually kill him (maybe spit roasting nagash with a couple of GUOs, idk) but you can basically feed him plague bearers and keep him out of the picture as far as melee goes.
  2. Gotrek

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    i usually do d3 pieces in each hexrant (that a word, i think its a word), and next game im going to try and set it up by rolling the old scatter dice set up the terrain 2d6" from the center along the line of the scatter dice
  3. Gotrek

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    named characters cant take artifacts... however, in AoS theres no way to differentiate between rider and mount (hence the combined wound profile) so it would protect both
  4. Gotrek

    Disheartened about the current stance on Elves

    I doubt the contents of spire of dawn will be removed from matched play or anything like that. Yeah, the box was released in late 2010 BUT with the repack for AoS and the fact that all those sculpts were new at the time (going back to the cost of the design and moulds to make them, coupled with the fact that the cost of the set was a freaking steal), I think they still have some life in them (hell, khorne bloodletters were made in 2007 and still kicking). If your problem with playing is a lack of battle line options (I think you mentioned that), then for the time being I suggest just getting some stormcast liberators for that role and wait it out. I really do think that we'll see tyrion's dudes soon after the slannesh release
  5. Gotrek

    Disheartened about the current stance on Elves

    Say what? Daughters, maggotkin, legions of nagash, nighthaunt (hexwraiths and spirit hosts), all use kits that are old. I'll lay $20 down that when we get the light aelves the Phoenixes will be in there. I dont think GW has recouped the cost on the moulds and design for them yet. The Phoenix guard might be replaced (like the dwarf slayers were). Same for the skycutter. They were released in 2013 so they are pretty new.
  6. Gotrek

    Disheartened about the current stance on Elves

    *gazes longingly at his 2 necrosphinxes, and 90 bretonnian knights scattered amongst the detritus of other models with no rules or points* No idea what you're talking about. In all seriousness though it does suck and I would definitely ask your local players about using your models as "counts as", but with slannesh coming out, this is the logical year to see the rest of the aelves show up.
  7. Edit: allow anyone who can unbind to dispel endless spells. That will cover BoK just fine. KO maybe not since their unbinder is almost useless on his own
  8. Gotrek

    How do Blades of Khorne deal with Hordes?

    I think the idea was using the aspiring deathbringers CA on reavers. With that, the secrator within 12", and dark feast battalion they have 5 attacks each.
  9. Gotrek

    How do Blades of Khorne deal with Hordes?

    I'd use either crushers or khorgis. The smaller footprint on them compared to our own hordes means we get less incoming attacks (meaning we take less damage and is more points efficient) plus using these models give us more damage out per square inch (meaning we pack more power in a smaller area compared to our hordes). However, if you are looking to go for a quick kill, probably go with bloodletters (the mortal wounds are unaffected by the dryads minus to hit now) or reavers with axes for the rend (means the skeletons are just getting deathless minions).
  10. Gotrek

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    1) The reaper fix is actually pretty easy, drop the summonable keyword from them & update any night haunt healing/resurrection abilities to specifically include them. Suddenly legions can't bring them back or heal them. 2) you stay the ****** away from my skeletons. Yeah they get a bucket load of attacks...that hit on 4s, wound on 4s, have no rend, and damage 1. Add in a 5+ save that vanishes if anything has rend (base 6+ shields make it 5+ but only against rend - attacks) and you will take them off the table by the handful. Granted, I haven't had any situations where I've had to bring back an entire 40 brick with a command point but they also dont kill anything either. The counter to them is MSU. Deny the skeletons the ability to leverage their bodies and they just fall apart. Literally.
  11. Gotrek

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    /sniff RIP necrosphinx. Sweet mother of God yes. And changing the meteor to not suck. He is paying for it by sticking out like a sore thumb unless hes accompanying a unit of blood knights/morghasts/etc. The extra inch and a half on DM and 2 horse attacks ain't worth not being able to bunker properly.
  12. Gotrek

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    Double turn is part of what makes the game exciting. Otherwise it's too easy to have a situation where the game is literally over in turn 1 or 2. Even without power creep involved (as in it's the newer army that's on the back foot). The threat/hope of a double keeps the game going until the end of round 3 at least. As for why you dont take the vampire with wings, because sometimes flying is a bad thing and vampires are kind of terrible at being assassins so you dont want them too far from your units. I dont like mounting my vampires on horses for similar reasons (harder to draw line of sight on a foot hero for the sniping spells/guns).
  13. Gotrek

    Breaking Down the Stardrake and Why it's Bad.

    Star drakes are going to be worth their weight in diamonds against the gloomspite gitz. Netters? Eat them. All those those other -1 to hit penalties? Tail slap and thundershield will do all the heavy lifting for you. All those little combo pieces they have running around? Drop stars on them. Oh the bad moon is helping your spells and hurting mine? Nah, I'll just nullify that, thanks for trying. No joke, I fear that dragon as much if not more than anything else in the army. Rain of stars is just crippling to me as a BoK and LoN player. Add in that its ****** indestructible it really hurts. I mean at least I can kill the celestant prime.
  14. Gotrek

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    Sequitors up Hag queen up Grimghast reapers up??? Paladins down Bloodletters down Murderhost down Vampire on foot down. I still thinks hes 20pts too high. Fight me. Star drake down??? Better GA / ghb allegiance artifacts
  15. Gotrek

    AoS 2 - Spiderfang Grots Discussion

    Pretty much. That and the helm of many eyes are the best choices. I just can't help but feel like the spiders were just bolted on to an otherwise moonclan book, at first glance it seems like they get all the cool toys.