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  1. Because you enjoy them? Because its what you have painted? Because you arent looking to get a trophy? Why did people bring death armies in 2017? Why do people still show up with destruction lists? Theres a difference in wanting to be competitive and just wanting to make sure you bring an army capable of playing and ulgu says you dont get to play if you are a ranged force.
  2. Not all tournaments are adepticon, the LVO or the SCGT. What i mean by that is there are plenty of tournaments that arent where the warhammer elite duke it out. In these tournaments its perfectly reasonable for a new-ish player to show up and just test themselves. Play against new people instead of his/her 1 friend that split the starter with them. In this situation its certainly plausible that the player isnt up to speed on malign sorcery or forgeworld (maybe they looked at the cost of the models and just "nope'd" right on out of there without looking at the rules. Or maybe they didnt see anything attractive for their army). Now, i am all for using the realm rules. But i would VERY much like to see them included in the event pack because it can make a difference. If i know ulgu is on the table why would i bring KO? Or invest in artillery of any stripe? Forget "gunlines arent fun" ulgu just flat out says "if it has a ranged attack its dead points".
  3. Ive been on the receiving end of him. Several times. And yes, he is comparable to other stormcast heroes, I've compared him in one of my posts to the celestant on dracoth. They're very similar, except the arcanum is 20pts more and is a wizard. My pushback on the idea that he is a tax is that "tax" is generally a negative term. A penalty, a suboptimal choice (hence why good battleline units arent usually considered a tax while bad ones are. The stats on the good ones make them attractive enough to bring regardless). The arcanum is none of those. Hes a tax in the same way that the khorne lord on juggernaut is a tax to get skullcrushers. Juggerlord isnt a bad buy either and unlocks a pretty decent battleline (especially with brass stampede), as such i dont consider the juggerlord to be a tax.
  4. And deaths said healing only applies to summonable units. Whereas the Lord arcanum's ability applies to ANY stormcast model. This argument started over someone (apparently not the person I last responded to. At some point I stopped paying attention to that bit and I apologize for that) stating that the arcanum was a "tax " and that's why the sequiturs are so much better than liberators. I've been maintaining that the Lord arcanum is straight up value regardless of the circumstances. My position stands and I'll be honest with you. Give that ****** the vampire keyword and I'll take 2 for my legions army.
  5. You're delusional if you think the Lord arcanum is a bad buy. He's got the offense and defense to mix it up in melee with almost anything that's not a behemoth and is an incredibly versatile caster on top. All for a mere 240pts. I'm done trying to explain to you that the sky is blue, you can be as wrong as you want.
  6. You can still use it as a buffer. For example: i deal 3 damage to a squad of sequitors. 1 dies, you use the ability to bring him back and he dies again, but no one else in the unit takes damage.
  7. 1) "Instead of removing the slain model, heal 1 wound allocated to it". Technically not resurrection but close enough. Yes its limited in that it cant replenish units like deathly invocation, but its better in that it can affect any unit thats not himself. 2) depends on if you use the grenade as a "well hes gonna die anyway" or as a final blow. I had a vampire lord on zombie dragon get killed by this guy and an incantor popping their grenades while he was damaged from a fight with evocators. 3) like all wizards you have to make choices for what spell to cast. Yes hes a single caster. Most wizards are. 4) "depending on the points you are playing at" this applies to literally EVERY hero. For general purposes i am assuming a 2k game. And in that 2k game you are paying a whole 20 points more than a celestant on dracoth and getting a lot more out of him than the celestant. Again, hes just good. Not a tax.
  8. Gotrek

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Bring a second bloodsecrator and leapfrog them. One plants the banner, the other runs forward to plant the banner next turn.
  9. "Tax" move 12, 7 wounds, 3+ save, good melee profile, can resurrect models, can drop a grenade, arcane bolt does d3 damage instead of 1, and can heal models with its spell. 240 points. He's solid, wouldn't call him a tax.
  10. Gotrek

    Random thought for tournament comp

    I'd rather just be able to buy an extra artifact for 100pts
  11. That's part of the game. Mortal wound spam was a big deal for a long time and it warped the meta. Alpha strike armies were a big deal and they warped the meta. Like i said, we will not see the top 10 in most major events, i accept that. Those spots will always be for the armies that can pull meta warping skew builds off which we dont do anymore (/pours beer out for murderhost). But we wont be on the bottom table because of our faction. Khorne is strong enough and resilient enough to stay in the upper 50% of standings.
  12. By that logic nagash, arkhan, seraphon and tzeentch are the only ones who benefit from malign sorcery because they can take the artifacts AND cast more of the realm spells than anyone else. We. Still. Benefit. We have access to new toys. Just because other people also have access doesn't mean we don't benefit. You don't lose your car just because someone else can buy the same make/model or buy a faster car. It's not a zero sum game. We have new tools in our toolbox, sure everyone else has them too, but that doesn't mean they can use them as effectively as we can or bring as many of them to bear as we can.
  13. Bolded for emphasis. For summoning and why (I think) armies summon as they do: 1) in 1.0 we summoned via bloodtithe. Mechanic remains, more options available 2) seraphon summoned via magic (casting spells), now they summon via magic (sacrificing spell slots to gain summoning points). Mechanic tweaked but still the same. Engine of the gods table now useful. 3) summoned via magic and splitting. Now summons via magic and splitting. Mechanic tweaked, core is still the same. 4) sylvaneth. Mechanic unchanged except for alarielles nerf 5) flesh eater courts. Mechanic unchanged. 6) slannesh: summoning completely overhauled on this one so I will concede the point for this army. 7) nurgle & legions: written specifically for 2.0 so no changes. As you see, GW just expanded on the mechanics already present in the armies that summoned so it makes sense that we would continue to use blood tithe to summon. Honestly, it's a good solid upgrade. Too often have I had blood tithe just building up because there wasn't anything useful to do with it. My only complaint about blood tithe is that we can't bank any of it. We get 8 points and need to unbind a spell, we lose all 8. I hate that. I feel like it disincentivizes you from using it for any lower option on the table than the amount you currently have. The secondary table is very nice, it helps a lot with those blood tithe abilities that just aren't good for the situation on the table.
  14. Cause it's the punchiest and most durable unit we got (argument could be made for morghast archai with halberds but they don't have the healing VLoZD does).