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  1. Forgive me if this has already been discussed but my search-fu hasnt turned anything up. On warhammer weekly it was mentioned that steam tanks lose behemoth if you run them as battleline but i cant find anything that says that. Does anyone have any concrete ruling on the 9 steam tank army?
  2. Well.../glances at death army, then the khorne army, then the bretonnian army, then the dwarf army, then the KO army, then the seraphon army, and the spiderfang army. I think nagash would be pleased and a lot of my models will be converted into skeletons and vampires.
  3. For khorne, juggerlord with ethereal amulet. Charge him into the ballistae and let them beat on him (if they're in combat with him, they HAVE to shoot him and with a 3+ ignore rend save it'll take a while). That will still leave you with enough points to run a 3 priest gore pilgrims with 300 points left over. Priests nuke the ballistae and then everyone camps objectives, replacing any losses with demons.
  4. I feel your pain, I have to drive 45min to any gaming store in my city and since i work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, on night shift i dont get to play much either. As for that DoK player, ever think about running a list specifically designed to kill him? Super star drake to tank the witches and snipe the hags or whatever your army can pull out. Personally I'm debating on if I can fit in some tzeentch flamers into my khorne army for the explicit purpose of killing buffers.
  5. God no. I hate megathreads. Impossible to find anything in there
  6. As do I, however the points are locked behind a paywall. Whether it be the ghb or azyr (which I've heard too many problems about to ever trust), a paywall is still a paywall. Small sample sizes lead to stupid mistakes and assumptions. Furthermore, there is a VAST difference between what people will throw on the table for a casual game and what they bring to a tournament completely aside from the fact that even the vaunted DoK and nagash will still lose horribly when piloted by a non competitive player. Even then, GW doesn't have a system in place to even gather that information. This isn't LoL where every mouse click and key bind is logged and available to see. This isn't magic where you have a submitted deck list every week. The only data they can get is what TOs provide. You assume people have the money and the desire to do so. Most places will charge at least 10USD for a standard infantry model just for painting and assembly to a bare bones tabletop standard. While I do outsource most of my painting (aside from standard infantry troops), it's not what most tournament players do. Also, you are forgetting the purpose of what the goal of faster balance updates are for. To shake up what's placing where. So, yeah people would be "forced" into buying entirely new armies to chase the meta. Wrong. I'm not competitive but I still play exclusively with points. It's the standard where I'm at and from what I've seen, it's the standard nearly everywhere.
  7. No its not. It takes at least 3 months to finalize a book and print it. So even if they did it every 6 months that means they'd only have 3 months worth of tournament data to go off of. Go back and look at the honest wargamer stats again. Count how many events there are and when they are. The sample size is just too small to make informed decisions from. And I sure as <explicative deleted> wont buy a new GHB every 6 months and rewrite my lists every other week. This isn't like magic where you buy a card and just slot it in. You gotta buy the models, build the models, and paint the models before you can put them on the table in a tournament. There's a lag time there and it'll just push non hyper competitive players away with the upkeep.
  8. Yeah...no. that jank is what makes sequitors busted.
  9. (American here so forgive me) 1) set $6,000,000 aside to live off of for the rest of my life 2) pay off all debts for myself, my family, and my close friends. 3) buy politicians/run for office to get nationalized healthcare and debt free college/trade school training 4) invest in helping the poor (rehabbing slums and not raising rent, solar panels/geothermal heating in low income areas, etc)
  10. The same thing they are doing now, adjusting points and warscrolls. The stats on honest wargamer (as compiled by LLV) is, to my knowledge, the most complete dataset we have. GW isn't like wizards in that they have thousands of events happening every week (Friday night magic) to gather data from. Odds are DoK will get massive points adjustments in the next GHB to the witches and hags, and from what I've gathered all that needs to happen to "fix" legions is simply removing the summonable keyword from the grimghast reapers.
  11. Couple questions: 1) What specifically is your trouble with nagash? Is it his magic? Is it that you cant kill him? 2) what's the rest of his list? 3) what models do you have at your disposal? I dont know if theres anything in maggotkin that can actually kill him (maybe spit roasting nagash with a couple of GUOs, idk) but you can basically feed him plague bearers and keep him out of the picture as far as melee goes.
  12. i usually do d3 pieces in each hexrant (that a word, i think its a word), and next game im going to try and set it up by rolling the old scatter dice set up the terrain 2d6" from the center along the line of the scatter dice
  13. named characters cant take artifacts... however, in AoS theres no way to differentiate between rider and mount (hence the combined wound profile) so it would protect both
  14. I doubt the contents of spire of dawn will be removed from matched play or anything like that. Yeah, the box was released in late 2010 BUT with the repack for AoS and the fact that all those sculpts were new at the time (going back to the cost of the design and moulds to make them, coupled with the fact that the cost of the set was a freaking steal), I think they still have some life in them (hell, khorne bloodletters were made in 2007 and still kicking). If your problem with playing is a lack of battle line options (I think you mentioned that), then for the time being I suggest just getting some stormcast liberators for that role and wait it out. I really do think that we'll see tyrion's dudes soon after the slannesh release
  15. Say what? Daughters, maggotkin, legions of nagash, nighthaunt (hexwraiths and spirit hosts), all use kits that are old. I'll lay $20 down that when we get the light aelves the Phoenixes will be in there. I dont think GW has recouped the cost on the moulds and design for them yet. The Phoenix guard might be replaced (like the dwarf slayers were). Same for the skycutter. They were released in 2013 so they are pretty new.
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