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  1. I've had to re-list this as the buyer ended up doing messing me around. Up until next wednesday morning.
  2. Hey guys, sadly due to real life and a few occuring I hadn't planned for I'm going to have to sell my Seraphon army. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Warhammer-Age-of-Sigmar-Seraphon-army/253350278898 Here is the auction, it's about 2200 points and it's going for whatever people bid for it.
  3. I mean it really does depend on the Battalion. I think those that are worth it relative to there point in troops..... are worth it. Not the most eloquent point I've ever made.
  4. At one point I had like... 7 different armies / warbands / guilds for 7 different game systems and that point I realised it's just not feasible. I only really had time to play, maybe 3 game systems at any one point. I've cut down to to 3 core systems (Horus Heresy, Age of Sigmar & Guildball) though I own all the relevant stuff to play my Horus Heresy World Eater force in 40k and I do quite often. I found 3 systems is the sweet spot of being able to dip in and out of them, being able to play all of them and get hobby work done on it all without anything getting left out.
  5. No, no I'm not. I'm having a total blast playing though Current plan is to fire mind bullets at my opponents models to win games. It's like I'm roleplaying a Slann, I should make a Slann outfit....
  6. Here's the thing about gaming, gamers and when I see people get physically/emotionally upset about it. Granted, I very nearly passed away in April has affected my general view of life and most probably as a direct result gaming. Here's the way I see it. Games results, just don't matter in the grand scheme of life. They just don't, unless you're playing for life changing events, (You win a house, you win a million) the results of games just don't matter in the big picture. I've played Guildball for a couple of years now. I'm now ranked <40 in the World and you know what, it makes NO difference. I don't get any life points when I die because I've won a few games. I don't lose any life points if I lose game. All that ultimately matters in games is the time you spend inside the game so bloody enjoy it. Laugh at your bad dice, have a giggle when your 1" out of a charge or your slann blows up in a dazzling firework show. Why? Because when you walk away from that game the only thing that will be different is the time on the clock when you started.
  7. I've only played for.... a week and a half I do apologize. Excited new Skink here!
  8. Stars? New Seraphon release? "Breathing intensifies"
  9. I liked the 3 small units, it meant bravery wasn't something I had to consider and they could go in different directions. I think for 100 points a unit they're really solid, they were rolling to charge at +4 due to the constellation and being able to march 14 is fantastic remenauver. At one point he commited 6 spirit hosts and a mournghul to one side and I used my speed to redeploy . I used Saurus with spears as - I prefer the unit look with spears and when I get around to using a block of 40 I'd want them to have spears and I like to play WYSIWYG
  10. So I had my first game with my Seraphon tonight. I used - Slann (General) - Command Trait - Arcane Might Oldblood on Carnosaur - Artefact - Coronal Shield Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur (Warblade & Shield)- Artefact - Blade of Realities Skink Starpriest 40 Skinks - Spitters & Clubs 20 Saurus - Celestite Spears 5 Saurus Knights - Celestite Spears 5 Saurus Knights - Celestite Spears 5 Saurus Knights - Celestite Spears Bastiladon - Lazer beam Batallion - Firelance Starhost. Played against my friends death army, he was using the ghosts and had a Wight, 2 Banshees, 2 Wraiths, 2 x 6 Spirit Hosts, 1 x 3 Spirit hosts, 2 Mournghuls. We rolled the Starstrike mission, I let him go first and turn 1 my Slann sent my Skinks off through his Master of Space and time battle trait. They got given Inspiring presence & Summon starlight and killed 3 Spirit hosts. Then a whole ton of ****** came through the ground and it all got mega involved! I ended up winning 10-5 on scenario as my friend commited heavily to each flank and I was dominating the middle of the table and the objectives all landed in the middle! I had a total blast of a game and can't wait to play the next.
  11. So I played my first game last night used the list I posted above, I won 10-5 on starstrike! I had SO much funn, very excited for the next! P.S - 2 Mournghuls are nastyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
  12. This is all way too cool, totally inspired to work on my own fluff.
  13. Hey guys! I'm a new player and just have 2 rules questions. 1) Carnosaur's Bloodroar - If a enemy unit takes a battleshock test within 8" I can roll for this ability. If for example a unit has Bravery of 8 and only loses one model, although they cannot fail the battleshock test is technically still made? If it is I can then roll for the Bloodroar. 2) Engine of Gods - Cosmic Engine 14-17 A Seraphon unit is called forth from Azyr to join your army. Set up all of its models within 8" of this model, and away from 9" of anyone else. I assume you have to pay for this unit via reinforcement points?
  14. Worth noting I didn't write the scar vet has the blade of realities (as I have a batalltion) my bad
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