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From the depths of the jungle...


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Hi all


So, upon my return a new idea is fulminating in my mind, and I think it's going to be a pretty unique little force...


Amazons converted from witch elves with a stegadon borne cauldron of blood and magically animated kroxigor statues...

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Document found in the handcase of witch hunter Extreus, recovered from the wreck of the St Marina after its fated expedition to Lustria. water damage rends much of the document unreadable bar this short piece... 



... Hidden to the human eye. As we waited for our guide to return a great clamour caught our attention.  From our tree top hide we had no fear of being seen so peaked over to see what was passing. It was as we expected,  one of the larger beasts of war used by the man lizards except, this one contained not cold, scaly warriors but scantily clad, golden haired warrior women. I could barely contain the rest of my troupe who clamoured to the edge of the hide to gain a better view, their excited muttering and gasps of amazement barely disguised by the squaking of the jungle birds. I saw through the beautiful shell however to the depravity below..   At the head of the howda lay a great brass bowl filled with thick crimson liquid that I can only assume was blood. As I pondered this a rather large musketeer beside me lent a little too far in his eagerness and fell from the hide, screaming in terror as he fell. With the I felt the steely eyes of the.... (excerpt ends)




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