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  1. Here we go - te rest of the box. Fluff to follow
  2. Really cool idea! looking forward to seeing more =)
  3. seems familiar =) nice to see im not the only one with that idea =)
  4. Well i guess i have to come by some time then =) Thanks alot for the invitation
  5. Thanks alot will so so - although my italien is really really bad:)
  6. The snow is a mix between: PVA glue, Woodlandscenics snow, Wodland Realistic Water and Secret Weapon crushed glass. applied as a paste then sprinkled with snow. Let it dry Base: this video with some minor tweaks
  7. Pleas excuse my English - it’s not my native language - but I’ll try my best=) ( probably a lot of spelling and their/there mistakes -.- ) (Update: at least the most glaring mistakes where corrected – sorry) Fluff: Say what do you fear fyreling? The sweet touch of steel? The pain of the gold being united with your body and soul? The teeth of the wild beasts? You should fear the cold, young one. The cold cuts not only flesh but your soul as well. The cold burns hotter than any fire could, leaving behind only a faint smile on the faces of those who escaped through
  8. Hi there from switzerland My name is nicolas, im 28 xears old and a accountant by trade. U got introduced to Warhammer by my little brother 12 years ago. He used to colelct and paint Sauraus. I really didnt like it then - it just didnt catch me. Painting? me? Never! 2014 after i returned from hollidays i started buying dwarves . and so it started. Im more of a painter then player since the community is quit small here, but i love it anyway. My wife plays with me ( Woodelves) and i got my own mancave by now. I like ot listen to different podcast and videos onlin
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