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Greetings from the badlands of New Mexico!


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Howdy all,

  New to the forum, new to Fantasy, new to AoS.  Been a long time GW fan, started with Rogue Trader in the old days.  Never got into fantasy, always seemed too much to paint.  Now that AoS has dropped I have not touched my 40k stuff.

  I am 1/3 of the Rolling Bad podcast crew, we just started, so there is more yet to come.  Rolling bad will cover all the usual topics, but with a bend toward the Southwest US scene. 

  I have a blog and a youtube channel, mostly for hobby items.  I'm not expert enough in anything to offer authoritative opinions :)

  Anyhow, love the idea of this forum/meeting/gathering/community!  (Thanks Ben!!)


Bill (aka PhantomPhixer)  The Rolling Bad Podcast

My Blog  /  My Youtube

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